eat less move more don't dietMove over 50 Shades of Grey, there’s a new book coming to kick your ass down the best seller charts! Ummm, okay well maybe not, but our new book is still pretty dang cool. We’re really excited to have it finished finally and are very happy with the way it turned out. Hyperink did an outstanding job editing and organizing everything into a nice bit of Internet literature.

With any new product, especially a book, everybody wants you to jump up and down and scream “Oh may gawd this is so awesome, you have to go buy it right now!”, but if you’ve read any of our blog you’ve probably noticed we’re not very “salesy”. Any time I try to write something promotional, it just ends up sounding really obvious so I’ll just tell you a little about what’s in the book, and you can go check it out if you want.

As I mention previously, we’ve always had the idea of writing a book tucked away in the back of our minds, but just like a lot of people with such ideas, we never could find the time to sit down and do it. We did however start posting on our little health blog here and as time went by we felt it was really starting to become a useful resource. We had quite a lot of people stop by and tell us that we had helped them in one way or another, which we thought was pretty awesome since that’s all we are trying to do.

Well, the next thing you know along comes Hyperink and they say, “Hey, you’ve got a lot of great information here. Why don’t we organize it into an actual book so it will be even more useful for people and sell it at a dirt cheap price, so it’s easy for everyone to get there hands on?” How cool is that? We get to finally publish a book, and it’s one that will help people!

What’s The Book About?

  • Great ways to get exercise in or out of the gym
  • How to permanently change to more sane eating habits
  • How Superfoods can make you feel better fast
  • How to avoid dieting insanity
  • Stepping it up to “juice fasting” for health and weight loss
  • And of course much more…

If you’re anything like we were (100+ pounds overweight, unhealthy and miserable) this book might help. Essentially, it’s the story of how we went from being on an incredibly unhealthy fast track to an early demise to a much more sane, healthy and happy lifestyle. We share the lessons we learned along the way that you can use to do it too. If you’ve been on our site before, then you already know this, but once upon a time I (Randy) was a very unhealthy person. I quit using drugs, quit drinking and even quit smoking, but then proceeded to balloon up to well over 300lbs and after a a very scary visit to the doctor, the message was clear – change or die!

Well, we have a large family to provide for and Amy is too stubborn to let me die young, so she became the “Food Nazi” and I became the exercise expert. We made a lot of mistakes along the way, but we learned from them and are happy to share our knowledge with anyone who asks for it. We devoured information and used it to create our own brand of healthy eating and activity to suit our family.

Amy became a master of making healthy food taste so good, you’d think it was unhealthy. And I, through a lot of trial and error, became quite adept at shaping bodies through exercise. Together we managed to peel 120lbs off my tubby butt! I went from being winded climbing a flight of stairs to running 5 and 10 miles daily! We agreed that 180lbs was too skinny for my 6′ 2″ frame, so we learned how to bulk up the right way. I went from 307 lbs “can’t do 3 push ups” down to 182 lbs and then back up to 217 lbs (11% body fat) and benching 300lbs!

I’m not bragging here, it’s just that we were so amazed at the results we got, once we figured out the right way to do it. Keep in mind too that we were a family of eight at the time and had to do all this on a single income that wasn’t very big, so no crazy expensive equipment, no gym memberships (until later on anyway) and no ridiculously priced diet food. Good sense and lots of information were our best weapons though and it work well.

We are not doctors or nutritionalists, we are just a couple of regular people who ran up against a far too common problem, found a way to beat it, and have helped numerous people do the same. If your situation is anything like ours was, “Eat Less, Move More, Don’t Diet” can definitely help you get on the right track.

Randy “Couldn’t sell oxygen at a submarine accident” Lee