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Juice Fast Recipes, Great Whether You’re Fasting Or Not

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Now that you’ve gone out and picked up the best juicer you can, it’s time to start experimenting with different juice fast recipes!

In an effort to make this list more compact and concise, I have listed the ingredients of each of these juice fast recipes in the order they should be juiced to get the most from your fruits and vegetables. Some foods are juicier than others and help to wash previous juiced foods through better.

Also, do juice fresh herbs mixed in with the ingredient listed above them. Doing so will help to keep their tiny, light weight leaves in the blades and under more pressure helping to squeeze out more juice. You can, also, pour a few tablespoons of water into your juicer after the last ingredient has gone thorough to help wash all the juice out. Fruits and vegetables not allowed in your juicer, such as avocados or bananas, should be mashed and added to a blender with the rest of your chosen juice recipe. And, I weighed everything with the peels or rinds on. Lastly, don’t forget to wash all your produce before juicing to make more savory juice fast recipes.

Have questions about juicing? Check out the frequently asked questions at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead / Reboot FAQs for more information on how much to juice, what to juice, and more…

Seasonings we like to add to our juice fast recipes so far: Fresh cracked black pepper, Hot Sauce, Taco Seasoning, Dill and tajin Clasico Seasoning – found in the produce section by garlic, dried tomatoes and such.

I would like to add, too, that not all recipes here are designed for juice fasting. If you are using these recipes to nourish a juice fast, choose the recipes that do not have fruit blended into them in a blender (this will make your stomach work harder to digest). Choose recipes that are made up of mostly vegetables with many containing dark leafy green vegetables – kale, collard, spinach and such. This is very important for cleansing and getting the most benefits from fasting. Also, I would recommend not adding any tabasco or other seasonings to your juice. Keep your juice as pure and as organic as you can. If you’re going to go through the process of juice fasting, it’s best to get as much from all your efforts as possible.

Lastly, I’m looking into the idea of mixing in gelatinous type foods into the juice along with good fats like chia seeds while fasting… If anyone has done this, feel free to chime in and let me know how it affected your fast. Thanks friends.

For everyone else not juice fasting and just wanting to enjoy fresh, good tasting juice – have at it!

Our Favorite Juice Fast Recipes

Fresh Garden – Tastes just like a fresh garden in your glass.
(Makes approximately 16 oz.)
Spinach – 3 oz. = good handful
Romaine Lettuce – 3 oz. = 3 very large outer leaves
Celery – 3 oz. = 1 and 1/2 large sticks
Carrots with tops removed– 8 oz. = 4 medium
Cucumber peeled – 8 oz. = 2 medium

Kickin Salsa Verde – Bored with juice? Need a wake up? Here you go! Warning – Itsa spicy!
(Makes approximately 28 oz.)
Green Pepper with stems removed– 8 oz. = 2 medium
Cilantro – 2 oz. = medium handful
Green Onion (white and green parts) – 2
Jalapeno – 1/2 inch slice
Tomato – 16 oz. = 3 super large
Mash 1/2 Avocado, put in blender, add some juice from recipe, blend till smooth and add to the rest of the mix.
Add 1 teaspoon taco seasoning to juice and a squeeze of lime wedge to the mix.

Sweet Starry Greens – This is smooth, sweet, with a light green taste.
(Makes approximately 16 oz.)
Spinach – 3 oz. = good handful
Star Fruit – 8 oz. = 2 fruits
Pineapple with most rind removed – 4 oz. = 1 inch slice
Cucumber peeled – 8 oz. = 2 medium

Veggie Tray – Tastes like your drinking down the whole veggie tray.
(Makes approximately 28 oz.)
Cauliflower – 12 oz. = about 1/3 head
Broccoli including stem – 12 oz. = about 1/3 head
Carrots with tops removed– 12 oz. = 6 medium
Celery – 12 oz. = 2 and 1/2 large sticks
Add 1/4 teaspoon dry or fresh chopped dill to the mix.

Hawaiian Sunrise – Gives you a burst of citrus with a Hawaiian Island twist. Our most favorite of the juice fast recipes.
(Makes approximately 28 oz.)
Grapefruit peeled – 24 oz. = 2 very large
Pineapple with most rind removed – 16 oz. = 2 inch slice
Orange peeled – 24 oz. = 6 medium

Sweet Robust Italiano – This is a smooth tasting with a hint of sweetness, like a fine red Italian dish.
(Makes 2 Liters) – Randy loves Italian food!
Spinach – 9 oz. = 3 good handfuls
Carrots with tops removed – 12 oz. = almost all of a 1 lb. bag
Bell Peppers with stems removed, 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 orange – 4oz each, 12 oz. total = 3 medium peppers
Italian Parsley – 2 oz. = medium handful
Celery – 1/2 of whole stalk split down the middle
Tomato – 22oz. = 3 super large tomatoes
Add 2 hearty shakes of hot sauce and 1 teaspoon of tajin Clasico Seasoningto the mix.

V-Gr8 (great)  – A heartier, more healthy version of V-8, another favorite juice fast recipes.
(Makes 26 oz.)
Spinach – 9 oz. = 3 good handfuls
Carrots with tops removed – 8 oz. = 2 large
Beet Root – 1 oz. = 1/8 of a large root
Green Onion – 1 (including green and white part)
Celery – 4 oz. = 1 1/2 sticks
Italian Parsley – 2 oz. = handful
Tomato – 16 oz. = 2 super large tomatoes
Add 1/2 teaspoon of tajin Clasico Seasoning to the mix.

Martian Martini – Nice mellow green taste.
(Makes 16 0z.)
Kale – 6oz. = 6 large leaves
Cucumber peeled – 8 oz. = 1 medium
Green Pepper with stem removed – 4 oz. = 1 medium
Celery – 2 large outer sticks
Ginger – about 1 inch square

Popeye’s Favorite – Tastes just like a seasoned spinach salad with all the fixings.
(Makes 26 oz.)
Spinach – 1 lb
Romaine – 12 oz. = about 12 large leaves
Tomato – 4 oz. = 1 small
Cucumber peeled – 4 oz = half of a medium
Carrots with tops removed – 4 oz. = 2 skinny carrots
Radish with tops removed – 2 oz. = 2 medium small
Celery – 4 oz. = 1 1/2 sticks
Add 1 teaspoon  tajin Clasico Seasoning and fresh cracked black pepper to taste.

Southern Garden – Doesn’t taste like collard greens, more like vegetable soup. This is a good recipe for using up a lot of extras.
(Makes 26 oz.)
Collard Greens – 4 oz. = 2 large leaves
Romaine Lettuce – 8 oz. = about 8 large leaves
Carrot with tops removed – 4 oz = 2 skinny
Cauliflower – 4 oz. = small handful
Egg Plant – 4 oz. = about a 2 inch slice of a large plant
Green, Red, Yellow Pepper with tops removed – 4 oz. each = 3 very small or 3 halves
Celery – 4 oz. = 1 1/2 sticks
Tomato – 4 oz. = 1 small
Add fresh ground black pepper to taste and one hearty shake of hot sauce to mix.

Bright Baby Carrot – Tastes just like fresh baby carrots pulled from the garden, bright beautiful orange, and my new fav. :)
(Makes 16 oz.)
Star Fruit – 8 oz. = 2 fruits
Orange Bell Pepper with stem removed – 6 to 8 oz. = 1 large
Carrots with tops removed – 8 oz. = 4 skinny carrots

Pretty in Pink Party Drink – Tastes like a strawberry banana smoothie!
(Makes 26 oz. Sorry about the name guys, but Randy didn’t right down the recipe, so I get to name it) :)
Strawberries – 1 16 oz. package with tops removed
After juicing strawberries, pour into blender with 1 cup of orange juice and 1 whole medium banana.
Blend to liquefy.

Green Apple – Tastes much like a creamy Granny Smith apple.
(Makes 26 oz.)
Kiwi peeled – 2 preferably still firm, not quiet to peak of ripeness – you’ll have more sour than sweet this way
Star Fruit not completely ripe – 8 oz. = 2 fruit
Egg Plant unpeeled- 8 0z. = about a 4 – 5 inch slice
Cucumber unpeeled – 4 oz. = 1 medium

Flamin Tiger – Bright orange and a little sweet with savory tomato heat – my newest fav!
(Makes 40 oz.)
Red Bell Pepper with top removed – 8 to 10 oz. = 1 extra large
Yellow Bell Pepper with top removed –  16 to 20 oz. = 2 extra large
Carrots with tops removed – 12 0z. = about 6 carrots
Tomato – 12 oz. = 1 large
Add about 5 shakes/twists of fresh cracked black pepper and 3 hefty shakes of hot sauce to the mix.

Orange Dreamsicle – Sweet, creamy, with a hint of orange.
(Makes 35 – 40 oz.)
Cantaloupe – 1/2 of fruit peeled and seeded
White Nectarines – 3 with pit removed
Pour into blender, add 1 Banana, 1 cup of orange juice, and liquefy.

Tasty Tangy Kale – The kale is toned down by the romaine and celery, while the tomatoes add tang and the carrots add a hint of sweet, ginger spices it up.
(Makes 28 oz.)
Kale – 6 oz. = 6 large leaves
Romaine – 6 oz. = 6 large leaves
Celery – 6 oz. = 2 large sticks
Carrots with tops removed – 8 oz. = about 3 large
Ginger – 1 piece comparable to the size of the tip of your thumb
Tomato – 12 0z. = 1 extra large

After Dinner Sweet Melon Mint – Creamy, sweet, minty melon.
(Makes 35 – 40 oz.)
Cucumber peeled – 8 oz. = 2 medium
Fresh Mint Leaves – 2 oz. = small handful
Pineapple mostly peeled – 12 oz = about 1/2 of medium pineapple
Egg Plant peeled – 8 oz. = about 1/2 of a large to medium sized plant
Honey Dew – 3 lbs = 1/2 of medium to large melon

Recipe for Christine’s Yummy Juice
3 handfuls of spinach (yes, spinach! I put it in almost everything I make because I worry I’m not getting enough calcium during this juice fast and spinach has lots of calcium. If I run out of spinach I use kale.)
1/2 cantaloupe
1/2 honey dew melon
1 mango
16 oz. strawberries

Lisa’s Sweet Potato & Apple
(Makes about 15 oz.)
1 large sweet potato, scrubbed, unpeeled, cut in three inch slices
2 apples
Add cinnamon to garnish – reminds me of fall!

Gabby’s Gespatchio – Its veg but can taste really sweet.
I just throw in handfuls so my measurements aren’t too precise but try:
1/4 bunch coriander
4/6 medium tomatoes
4/6 stalks celery
1/2 red onion
3/4 red pepper

Gabby’s Minty Citrus = Delicious! 
1/2 pink grapefruit (peeled)
2 oranges (peeled)
1 carrot
2 stalks of celery
1/2 bunch of mint!

Meredith’s Rise and Shine Juice
2 apples
2 medium carrots
6 oz spinach
2 celery stalks
1/2 lemon
inch of ginger
Juice and Enjoy!!

Topher’s Monkey Blood! 
“Monkey Blood” Serves four.
One Pineapple
Two small or one large beet
One lemon
(I used four bullets) but a blender would work just add all four bananas at once.
Put one banana in each bullet and pour in the juice
Blend until fine and well mixed, drink and enjoy!

My Miss Scarlett – Rich red, tangy, and doesn’t have a strong beet flavor. Another of my top favorites!
Beet – one 4 oz. = medium to large
Bell Pepper – 2 red, 1 green, all medium to large = about 24 oz. total
Roma Tomatoes – four 4 oz tomatoes = 16 oz. total

Sarah’s Green Juice – makes anywhere from 16 to 24 oz.
3 kale leafs
1 green apple
1/2 inch ginger
1/4 of lemon with skin
2 clerey stick
1/2 of cucumber – Enjoy!

Jamie’s Kale Smoothie
Someone asked if Kale is good in a blender……it’s amazing!! This is the shake I make:
handful of kale
handful of spinach
couple of chunks of pineapple
coconut milk pulp
1/2 banana
1 cup apple juice
Mix all together in blender, I use a bullet. YUMMY!!!!! Everyone I make this for loves it!!

Nicole’s Favorite Mean Green Juice
6 large kale leaves
1 celery stalk
1 large carrot
1 small garnet yam (aka orange sweet potato — peeled)
2 green apples
1/2 lemon (outer peel removed but most of the white pith intact)
1/2 cucumber (peeled)
Handful of blueberries
1 inch piece of ginger root

Tropical Kale – rich in nutrients from kale, but with a lighter, sweeter taste = smooth & green.
(makes about 20 oz.)
6 large kale leaves – I used 1/2 of a small bunch of kale
1 large green pepper with stem and seeds removed = 6-8 oz.
1 ex-large unpeeled cucumber close to 12 0z.
1 inch slice of pineapple with core and rind removed 

Cream Soda W/Out the Soda – tastes sweet and creamy, can’t quite explain it other than reminds me of cream soda.
(makes 24 – 26 oz.)
Romaine – 12 0z. or a whole heart
Orange Bell Pepper – medium or 6 to 8 0z.
Celery Heart (the inner most pieces) – 4 oz. or all the tiny light green to yellow parts
Large Cucumber – about 10 oz. peeled

Southern Brick House – Rich red juice with a bit of an after bite from the radish, like most of us here in the south. 😉
(Makes 24 – 26 oz.)
Baby Spinach – 3 extra large handfuls
Parsley – 1/2 whole bunch
Celery – 3 extra large stalks leave and all
Beet – 1 small to medium
Red Bell Pepper – 1 medium to large
Radish – 1 medium
Cucumber – 2 medium peeled

Yoda Juice – The force of nutrition, heavier in dark, rich green taste giving you a boost of energy, plus the color looks like YODA = awesome! Drink on ice..
(Makes 26 oz.)
Kale – 7 large leaves
Bok Choy – 6 large stalks with leaves
Carrots – 3 large
Celery – 3 large stalks leaves included
Tomato – 1 medium or 8 oz.
The Force will be with you friends…

Frozen Juice Cubes
I have juiced cantaloupe, honey dew, strawberries and other fruits, poured separately into ice cube trays, and froze. Dump a few frozen juice cubes into a glass and pour some fresh juiced lemon aid over them – easy peazy. You can do this with all kinds of different combinations for your juice fast recipes. The kids thought it was great!

We hope you enjoy our juice fast recipes, and I’ll be adding more as we discover new ones we like. I did a whole lot of juicing and Randy did and still is doing a whole lot of drinking… I have to laugh thinking about what I just wrote. What a change from 20 years ago… Randy drank just like this then too, maybe even more, but it sure in the hell wasn’t fruit and vegetable juice! Lol…

Here’s to drinking to your health, literally!
Skol and Nostrovia!
Randy and Amy

P.S. If you have any of your own juice fast recipes you’d like to share let us know and we’ll add them  to the list. Some of the best juice fast recipes were shared by visitors. Thanks guys!

P.S.S. Don’t forget to check out more great info at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead / FAQs! Good luck and better health to all!

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  1. Bobby says:

    Hi! is it possible to prepare and freeze in an air tight containers to store the most nutrients and be able to use later that day or even on another day?

  2. Amy says:

    Hey juicing friends!
    I just bought a NutriBullet at Target (got a better deal and two year warranty there), and am LOVING it! Super easy clean up, waay super easy, and takes up half the space of my juicer.. I may have to try using this lil bugger during my next juice fast!
    Rock on the smoothies!
    Amy 😀

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got my juicer planning on starting Saturday so I can be near a potty
      ((heard you might need to be near one))
      thanks for the recipes looking forward to trying them

  3. Anonymous says:

    just shopped for ingredients for your recipes…..enjoying the salsa verde right now!!! what a treat!! my wife and i read your story, and except for Northern MN Swede…..we are the people you described to the T. I started at 267. my wife lost the ten she needed in about a week. congratulations Randy on your success

    • randy says:

      Thanks man! We really like the Salsa Verde too. It makes a nice change of pace from the pure green and fruit juices. Here’s to your success as well!

  4. Russ says:

    tomorrow will be day 21 of juice fasting!!! lost 23 pounds so far. Feel great but am getting bored with the recipes i have. I really appreciate your list!!! It will help me to continue…60 more pounds to go. And I would like to tell people starting out that it does get easier. Thank you ALL GINGERED OUT

  5. Lorrie says:


    I have enjoyed this electronic column. I began a juice fast and am on the second day. Being a coffee drinker really kicked my butt the first day, today has been a bit better. Do you know of a combo that assists with this addiction to caffeine? If not, thought I’d just ask. What combinations do you favor for breakfast times, lunch and dinner times. I want to make sure and get what I need as far as nutritional values go, but being new, thought I’d ask you or your readers their faves that help them to get through the days. Thanks.


    • Amy says:

      Hi Lorrie,

      Thank you! This is a great thread with lots of good folks. They’ve helped so much in the way of good juicing. As far as my juicing preferences, you can check out my last juice fast here beginning with Day 2: http://www.health-actually.com/blog/amys-spring-reboot-juice-fast-blog-day-2-1/

      Day 1, for whatever reason is not loading, and Randy is working on it as of now. You should be able to find all other 9 days with my juice listings from there,I hope, lol… If you have any trouble, just let me know. I listed all the juices I drank, what kind, linked to the recipe, how much and when if that helps…

      Much good luck to you on your juicing journey,
      Cheers! :)

  6. Green Juice says:

    Great recipes Amy, I’m going to try them all, starting with kickin salsa verde :-)

  7. Nicole says:

    I’ve tried several variations of the original “Mean Green.” My favorite combination so far:
    6 large kale leaves
    1 celery stalk
    1 large carrot
    1 small garnet yam (aka orange sweet potato — peeled)
    2 green apples
    1/2 lemon (outer peel removed but most of the white pith intact)
    1/2 cucumber (peeled)
    Handful of blueberries
    1 inch piece of ginger root

    I just wanted to share my experience with my first week of juicing. I figured if juicing could cure Joe’s auto-immune disorder, it was worth testing to see if it would at least lessen my allergies. First and foremost, 99.9% of my allergies are airborne, with pollen and pet dander being my top two triggers. I’m not more than 10lbs overweight so I started replacing breakfast and lunch with juice and having a light dinner. Today is day 9 of this diet.

    We’re just starting the worst part of the Pacific Northwest allergy season for me when all the pine trees in the state start releasing their pollen and coating everything in yellow. Normally, I’d be heavily medicated, secluded in the house with air purifiers running 24/7 and still be sneezing non-stop going through a box of tissue/day. This weekend, I spent several hours working in the yard without taking any meds and I may have sneezed a dozen times all weekend.

    I started adding an ascorbic acid powder to my juice after doing some further reading on http://www.doctoryourself.com/ Today I think I’ve sneezed twice.

    I’ve only discovered one other factor that might be contributing to my improvement. I eat very little bread and pasta, so it’s not unusual for me to go days at at a time without having any wheat-based food. Last week Tuesday was the only night I made a dinner that involved wheat. Last Wednesday was the only day since I started juicing that my allergies have acted up. So it’s possible I have some kind of gluten intolerance that contributes to my nasal allergies. I need to test this more to see if it is truly a factor or if it was just a coincidence.

    Also for note: I do have a small gastric ulcer, so my most prominent concern with this diet was the acidity of the juice. The ulcer hasn’t flared up at all during this entire process.

    If you have allergies, I highly recommend trying at least a partial juice fast!

    • Amy says:

      WOW! Nicole this is great, thank you for sharing your story! I’m going to add your fav combination of the “Mean Green” too.
      Again, thank you so much, and keep us all posted on how things turn out for you.

  8. Jessica says:

    Hi Amy,

    Ive been lookin at your recipes because I am tryin to lose weight but I dont know which one would be good for a 17 year old of a weight of 140 cause I’ve been tryin everything but I really cant lose weight I go to Zumba and do some excersie and did my own diet but it ont work. I would love to lose at least 20 pounds and have a great body mostly when summer is comin :)

    P.s please try respondin back asap as you can :) am hopin to get a responds and lose some weight!!!! :DD

  9. Mil says:

    Hi Amy. I just finished my 3 day juice fast and i feel great. i thought of eating solids on the 4th day and back to the 3 day juice fast again, do it alternately. Is that okay?

    • Amy says:

      Hey good for you!
      You know, I have to admit to you, I’m no expert on juicing. I’m just an at home machine Mom searching for better health. With that in mind, and drawing back on all the material I’ve read and documentaries I’ve seen, and other juicing people I’ve followed, I really don’t see it being a problem as long as your foods that you eat on day four are light and easy to digest. I mean, you wouldn’t want to get your body settled into juicing and then interrupt it always with something heavy that takes a lot of work to breakdown. I’m not an expert in what is best for the body when it comes to digestion either, lol… All in all, you safest bet it to check with your doctor to make sure you’re doing your body a favor and not disrupting it – then you’d lose the whole point of juicing. Does anyone else out there in our juicing community have a more informed answer on this matter…maybe someone has done this before?
      Again, kudos to you for achieving your fast. Life is good being juicy isn’t it? 😀

  10. Amy says:

    Hello there to all my happy juicing friends. I just wanted to pop in and leave a link to Amy H.’s juice fasting journey.. I believe she’s in the middle of day 4 now.


    Anyway, she’s helped me through fasting and given valuable advise when it comes to getting through it. It may be beneficial to many of you out there as well…

    Thanks again Amy! And best of everything to everyone out there. Have a fabulous day all 😀

    • Amy H. says:

      Hey there! Thanks for cheering me thru this fast! I am finishing up day 4 now. This one has certainly been different experience. I feel like I have reached milestones quicker this time around – the hunger passes easier, the infamous white coated tongue came and went in about a day (can I get an amen!) and I just feel so much more at peace with the whole experience. I am down about 9.5 lbs and had some compliments on my skin today, which I consider just a perk, not the purpose for this fast.

      Thanks for visiting my little blog, too. I love how this experience has impacted my life in so many ways. I would have never anticipated the important lessons I am learning these days, and it absolutely fills my heart that I have been able to help you in some small way thru a little advise. Life is just awesome, isn’t it? You just never know what is waiting for you around each corner. How exciting is this!!!!
      To read today how you took my words about not deciding to end a fast in an emotional moment and used that to help you in more that one way in your life, well that just absolutely made my day!

      I have to tell you , I watched Hungry For Change last night, thanks to you posting the link on your blog. I love love loved it, can’t wait to watch it again.
      The quote mentioned in the film :
      ” I am, by calling, a dealer in words; and words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. ”
      Rudyard Kipling
      had a big effect on me. Words….. whether spoken or thought, effect everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Think about it – doesn’t it just take a few words sometimes to make or break your day? Whether read, spoken or internally muttered they can rock us to our core or lift us to the heavens above….. So as I sat there last night after the movie and took it all in, I had one thought – Choose my words wisely (whether spoken or kept internal) because you just never know what kind of effect they will have.

      I really look forward to hearing from you more often, as I check in with you . Have a great night, Miss Amy

      Amy H.

      • Amy says:

        Amy ~ you are awesome! And I’m so glad to make the day for you.

        LOVED Hungry For Change… LOVED it! Lol… It makes me all happy inside… I love this quote as well and feel it profound in life everywhere. I’m going to jump on board with you when it comes to choosing my words. I think well spoken words would compliment a healthy body with a healthy spirit. Well said Amy! You are quite an asset to the “juicy community” and should blog more often. I know you are so busy with family and nursing, but if you have extra time, share. You have some pretty cool stuff say girl. :)

        Much good luck through the rest of your juicing adventure and (BIG HUGS) to you! Cheers!

  11. Amylee says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for these recipes, I am in the process of gathering a ton of very overwhelming information before i begin my juice journey. I can’t wait! My plan is 2 meals of juice, as my family has recently been introducing whole foods into our life; my boys are 1 and 4 and are allergic to everything so I am hoping that we can all get healthy…and I can have the energy to play with them:)

    I was just going to start….is there a better way?
    Again thank you.

  12. Donna says:

    Hello everyone. I am in the works of starting the fast as of Saturday morning. I am right now doing the high fiber/protein smoothies to get my system ready. I am so excited and I am proud to say I am not doing this for any other reason other than to get healthy! I have been feeling tired and worn down, can’t seem to get out of my own way. Been to the doctor on and off since September for edema in my limbs and they can not seem to tell me why. So I asked if I could do this fast and got the ok, so here I go! Wish me luck, because I have to admit , although I love eating healthy, I was eating the wrong combinations with a dash of starches! Seems like it was so much easier to eat fast than healthy. I love all the support I see on here and will offer it back to everyone in exchange for the occasional lift me up! Wishing everyone the best…..and keep up the good work!

    • Amy says:

      Donna! YAY!
      I love it when people come out and say they are juicing for no other reason than to just get healthy, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside…sorry, I have “dork moments” now and then.. :)
      OH and couldn’t agree with you more about eating fast being easier. It is just too easy for me to not think or plan what I’m going to eat and just “feed the need.” It IS, however, becoming more like second nature to eat more healthy foods without thinking about…I think I’m forming some new and better habits = better for the whole family.

      I wish you the best of luck on beginning your fast tomorrow. There are a lot of great people here who have fasted before, some even for…well..how many days have you been fasting for now Gabby? Well over 100 I’m sure… Anyways, there are many people here who are in the know of things that can help out. Make sure to keep in touch, and we’ll all be here to cheer you on.

      Go Donna! Sorry, another “dork” moment…I can be such a nerd sometimes…
      Cheers! :)

      • Donna says:

        I have completed my 10 days and I feel great!!! I have to say it was hard there on the first few days and for no other reason than I was still cooking for my kids. I found though after a few days I was good and had no cravings. I have since watched Forks over Knives and have decided to move to a plant based diet, but I am gonna keep fish in mine. We can give up the beef and other meats but fish we love! I wanted to tell everyone that although it may seem hard if you really want to do it, all you have to do is put your mind to it, and anything is possible. I had so many people support me and and a few even bet against me, but I did it and so can everyone else. Best of luck to all!

        • Amy says:

          The “feel great” will last with the extra energy as well while continuing on with a nice plant based diet. I can vouch for that! OH, and we love fish too – not giving that up. 😉
          Good for you Donna and best of health for your future…

  13. Sadie says:

    This sounds amazing. But how do i start? One juice for each meal? Do i use the fasting recipes? my goal is to loose about 20lbs. and up my energy. I have two little ones and work 10hour days, i’m struggling in the evenings to keep up.. lol. any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sadie,
      so sorry it has taken me a few days to get back…life has me extremely busy right now..business, wedding planning, holidays, and birthdays coming up again :)

      I would recommend doing some reading and research on juicing before beginning anything. Please check out http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com and http://www.jointhereboot.com Both places have good information about juicing, what it can do for your health, and have many many nice helpful people commenting. You can also check out a few of my posts while fasting to get an idea of whats in store at http://www.health-actually.com/nutrition/juice-fast-day-8/ – this is a link to my final post during my last recent reboot. You’ll find how much juice I drank, what kind and the recipes, and should be linked up with other posts here as well. Lastly, just type in juice fast in our search box and a wealth of juice fast blogs should pop up for you to read including some from my husband and son as well. You’ll have 3 different perspectives and experiences to draw on there.

      And of course, you can post here for answers and support. I love this thread…people are positive, helpful, supportive and just all around cheery. I have to admit, out of all the comment threads, this one by far the happiest on our entire site. The people here are great and I’m soooo happy to be in connection with them. :)

      Let me know if I can help with anything else. Life has me going fast right now, but I always check in with my juicing friends.
      Good luck to you!

  14. yana says:

    I’m doing an absolute fast no water no food. I’ve done it for 4 days and lost 10 pounds. It a great way to lose weight but not the best. After I complete 15 days, I’m going to do a juice fast for 60 days. Wish me luck. Don’t worry I’m being monitored by a nutritionist (although she doesn’t totally agree she’s supporting me). Good luck on your endeavors.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Yana,

      I have to tell you, I’m very concerned with your fasting plans and want you to know with all due respect that I don’t agree with what you’re doing to lose weight. You seem like a nice person, so I hope you don’t feel like I’m attacking you. I’m only genuinely worried – I know you said not to worry, but… I’m a mother of 5 and Nana of soon to be 4. Worrying is like second nature to me. I want you to drink water and put healthy nutrients into your body! You’re starving yourself dear! I want you to be healthy…

  15. Amy says:

    I just want to let everyone out there know, in case you haven’t heard already, there is a FREE online viewing of the new food documentary from the makers of Food Matters called Hungry For Change available for the next 10 days. Joe Cross (maker of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead) is featured, as well as many, many others all hoping to inspire change…I’m very excited to add that the benefits and details of healthy juicing is highlighted!
    Check it out here: http://www.hungryforchange.tv/
    Keep on juicing folks :)

  16. Topher says:

    “Monkey Blood” Serves four.
    I felt like a mad scientist last night and came up with what I will call, “Monkey Blood”
    One Pineapple
    Two small or one large beet
    One lemon

    (I used four bullets) but a blender would work just add all four bananas at once.
    Put one banana in each bullet and pour in the juice
    Blend until fine and well mixed, drink
    and enjoy!

    • Amy says:

      Wow! Love the name too! I have a good feeling that this Monkey Blood concoction of yours would be fantastic frozen and served up in a dish like frozen yogurt! OoooooOOooo, I’m going to try it tomorrow after I get back from the grocery store – “Here kids, eat your frozen monkey blood.” LOL, my crazy bunch will LOVE it! Thank you :)

  17. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for these recipes! I started the Juice fast today and hope that it will be as beneficial to me as it has been to the many people who have recommended it to me. I’m 5″3 and 108 pounds, and, although I don’t want to loose too much, I would really like to slim down a bit!

  18. Britt says:

    What a wonderful site! I have been on the hunt for a place to hear feedback from others going through this process, as I am going for it alone. After much research I decided to go for a 30 day juice fast. I am currently on day three and feeling just fine. I was hungry the first day, but I haven’t been too hungry since. I am curious about the detox process. From everything that I read I expected to feel awful by now. I am doing all juice with a ton of water. I do a fruit/veggie mixture in the morning and green juices for the rest of the day. 64oz. total. I ‘ve had very unhealthy eating patterns for the past 25 years, so I expected to detox really badly. The only changes I have noticed are a few cold flashes and extreme thirst. Any idea what is going on?!? Did I just get lucky?! Haha.

    • randy says:

      Maybe your eating habits weren’t that bad after all??? Dunno, hard to say but count your blessings. I actually spent most of day three in bed I felt so awful.

      If it’s working for you great, but you might want to increase the amount of juice your taking in as you go along.

      If it ain’t broke don’t fix it and all, but if you start getting really hungry or tired I would take in more juice. During my fast I consumed waaaaaay more than 64oz per day and still lost weight quite readily.

      Good luck and let us know how it goes!

      – Randy

  19. Amanda says:

    OK! Going on day 6 and I have slipped a few times, but with extreme caution. I have lost 2lbs since the 12th and my energy level is better everyday! I have been out with several people this week at fast food places and I have opted for water everytime! Hope everyone is healthy!

    • Amy says:

      Good for you! Those fast food places are especially tough…
      The energy boost is amazing isn’t it? Glad to hear from you Amanda and keep in touch.
      Cheers! :)

  20. claire says:

    i’m so glad you’re all here. re-watched fsnd last night. had been wanting to do a juice fast, watched it a few months back and couldn’t get started. sat. i had a gall bladder attack that put me in the hospital for the first time in my life. i’ve only had juice since then and came online to look up juice recipes. i thank you all for being here and i know i will come here alot for inspiration as the crisis recedes.

  21. Amanda says:

    Let the juicing begin! I convinced Hubby to let me do this. After spending $125 on equipment and produce, I am ready to begin! I am thinking about doing a video of my journey. Maybe not for show but my own reminder to me of where I was at and how not to get there again. My kids are on spring break this week so this is a good time to experiment with recipes for the whole family. Well I am off to make my first juice! :)

    • Amy says:

      Yay Amanda!
      Juice fasting can be tough at times and hard at getting used to – for sure! But, when done responsibly and consistently, it really does do wonders for your health. Like Janet says, it works.
      If you hit a tough moment, re-watching FSND really helps or you can check out Randy’s, Tony’s (our son) or my juice fast journals here on health actually.. Type juice fast in the search box and you’re sure to find them. And of course, check back here.. This is an awesome group of people willing to help and full of good, experienced advice.
      Much good luck to you,
      Cheers! :)

  22. Amanda says:

    I watched Fat Sick and Nearly dead and I cant get it out on my head (not that I want to). I want to start this diet, but I am having a hard time convincing my husband to buy a juicer. We have 4 kids and live on a tight budget. I look at this as an investment into my health. I am 5’4″ and weight 216lbs I have lost 10 lbs in the last two weeks in an unhealthy way. After watching Joe Cross I know this is the lifestyle I want to have. I am amazed at all of the support this board has. Everyone seems so nice and helpful. I will keep trying to find a way to get a juicer. Good luck everyone! Thanks for listening!

    • randy says:

      They don’t have to cost a lot. I would think it better to have a cheap one than nothing at all centrifugal juicers. If that is your only barrior to getting started then the HB model or even the low end Breville would get you started.

      Keep in mind though that the juicer is only the initial expense. Some of the better models will save you money over the long run by getting more juice from your produce.

      Good luck and let us know if you give it a shot!

      • Amanda says:

        Thanks! I sure will! I think I will sit my husband down tonight and make him watch the documentary. We spend so much money on Dr. bills for illness why not spend it on health? I also have a son with autism and he won’t eat well at all. I wonder what kind of change I could make in his health? Of course I would have to put in some additives to get him to like it.
        Thanks Randy!

        • Janet says:

          Oh,Amanda I agree 100% with Randy.Start small until you can spend more on a good juicer.It is better to get started that is for sure.
          I have a Breville and love it .They work really well and sure worth the money.

          This really works.I am working right now on getting off my Blood pressure meds.I have been on the juice fast 37 days and down 22 pds.I have slipped a couple of times and just getting back on.
          Find one at a Goodwill if you have to in order to start.I bet this would also help you son.Put apples and carrots in the juice and I bet he would like it a lot .Sneak some green like Kale in a few leaves at a time until he gets use to it.

          This site is also wonderful.Randy and Amy are wonderful.Matter of fact I get so much out of reading what everyone has to say.

          Best of luck and please let us know how you make out.


          • Susan says:

            I got my Breville Juicer “refurbished” all that means is someone returned it so they cleaned it up and reboxed it. It was only $70 and on Amazon often the shipping is free. It has worked great for over 2 years and is the exact model Joe uses in “Fat Sick And Nearly Dead” I have never done a true Juice fast but after watching FSND I am about to do a 7-10 day fast. Just to truly reset my system. Just do take a week prior to eat mostly plant based foods so your system will not go into shock. And it is a family investment. You are going to be on the road to being a healthier Wife and Mom. My hubby and almost 5 year old love fresh juices. Green and Fruit based. Invest in yourself. Good luck.

    • Andrea says:

      Look at thrift stores, ebay, or any local online “used” site..When I was poor I managed to find a Champion Juicer for FREE!!…It was about 35 years old and managed to last me one year. I loved it so much. And when it died I found a brand new juicer on an online used site, and paid about $175 less than if I bought it new. If you REALLY want to do this, you will find a way!! Good Luck.

  23. Caroline says:

    Hey everyone,
    I’m starting my fast today and hoping to feel healthier, lose some weight, and to reboot my system a bit. My husband and I are trying a 10 day fast, and maybe extending it, depending on how we feel. Right now I’m 80 pounds overweight and my husband is about 150 pounds over, we both have pretty bad food addictions. We’re hoping to use the fast as a way to gain control of our bodies and lives, as we’ve been spiraling out of control as of late.

    A question I have is, are there any natural things we can add to the juice so that we won’t need to use laxatives and other things like that?


    • Amy says:

      HI Caroline,

      To be honest, I only added prune juice and plenty of water – on my first fast. Drinking a couple of glasses of prune juice helped Randy as well. My second fast, I never needed anything to “help” things along. 😉

      I think juicing a variety of vegetables will help too.

      Fasting can potentially help you out in the way of food addictions. I learned so, so much about why I want to eat certain foods, more about the difference between hunger and cravings, and what causes those cravings in the first place. I hope it helps you.

      Much good luck to you! :)

  24. Janet says:

    Hi Gabby& Amy (everyone)
    Wow!!!! you are doing so awesome Gabby!!!
    I am on day 39 and I slipped a couple of time.I ate a salad.I am back on the juice again.I have 22 more pounds I want to get off.I am down 122 pounds and 22 of them is on the juice fast.
    Thanks everyone for writing into this site.The site is so wonderful.Helps me to know that I am NOT in this alone.I love reading how every one is doing.
    My husband Bill is 4 pounds from his goal.Huray!
    You men seem to do better than us girls.:=)
    Hugs to you all.
    Janet B

    • Amy says:

      Hugs back to you too Janet :)

    • Gabby says:

      Hi Janet

      Hugs back to you and thank you for your comment.

      I like you, love reading all the blogs from everyone and seeing the diverse comments and suggestions.

      I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t wanted to slip but I know that this is the best thing for my health and my image so I keep going. Although, I don’t know why I moved my own goal posts from 100 days to 110! – I may depending on how I feel and how much I have lost stick to the original 100 day goal.

      For the first time in my life I am actually looking forward to eating more salad and having more fruit and as another commitment to my body I have decided to eat a vegetarian diet until the Autumn where possible. ( just to help me a little bit more) – I also would like to lose another 2/3 stone before the end of the year but I want to do that by eating sensible foods and not being so extreme.

      But….WOW back at you, a loss of 100lbs, how have you managed to do that? – you must share your secrets.

      Have a good and healthy day Janet

      Gabby :)

  25. I’ve tried the V-Gr8 and it’s delicious and also fairly powerful stuff. Made a batch and took it to work as well. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in my blog. I’ve also been drinking Mean Green as my main sustenance for two weeks, and I’ve lost 16 pounds so far! Thanks for the great recipes, I’m sure going to try some more of them.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Michael,
      Glad to hear the juicing is going well for you! And thanks for the compliment too. I like the taste of V-8, so I was pretty determined to find something close. I went through a lot of veggies, lol, and had a couple epic disasters, so it’s good to know others like the juice and it’s not just me, lol… Ey yi yi, what a huge mess I made in the kitchen…

      I hopped on over to your blog, thanks for sharing your story! Others should hop on over and check it out too! I’m curious, are you fully juicing yet? Or, are you still incorporating a few meals? I ask, because my girlfriend is doing the same right now, trying to ease her body onto the juice..maybe into a full juice fast. She is trying to help her rheumatoid arthritis and blood pressure.

      How goes your battle with sleep apnea? Randy had trouble with it too, and juice fasting helped him out, though, I think he’s ready for another fast soon. 😉 Momma has been watching him, lol…

      Best of luck to you and pop back in again. I will try to keep up with you as well.
      Cheers :)

  26. Gabby says:

    A Good Morning to Amy , Randy and fellow site bloggers from sunny London.

    Thought I would check in with you all to say hi and see how you are all doing.

    Morning of day 60 for me and I still feel good and am going to keep going to my target goal.

    Have lost a total of 38lbs and dropped so many inches I can’t begin to tell you.

    Am still wearing all my old baggy clothes as I wan’t the “WoW” factor when I reveal to my work colleagues how much I will have eventually lost, although, I must admit, people are coming up to me each day now commenting on how “tiny” my face has become! :)

    I love reading the posts they keep me so motivated.

    Good Luck to you all and speak soon.

    Gabby xx

  27. Cindy says:


    I have a quick question. I noticed that some recipes have things peeled while others don’t. Is there a reason for that?

    I was wondering if there are peels you shouldn’t eat or is it personal preference? (aside from the fuzzy Kiwi of course :) ).

    Thank you,

    • Amy says:

      Good morning Cindy,
      I peeled most of the citrus because it’s a little easier on my juicer and I noticed that flavors from the rinds can merge into the juice. Also, some I peeled like cucumber or egg plant purely for cosmetic reasons. The dark pigments in the rind make for cloudier or brownish tint to the juice. And yes, the fuzzies from kiwi and pricklies from pineapple are not always so appealing. :)
      My goal, I guess, was to juice up some pretty, tasty, tempting recipes that would entice people to try them..you know, get them to jump on the veggie train and ditch the soda fizz, lol… So, if you leave on a few peels, no big deal, and you’ll get the extra nutrition found in them to boot.
      Have a happy Friday!

  28. Vyvienne says:

    Gr8 informative site & gr8 comments. I’ve started a 40 day juice feast for Lent. I did Jason Vales prog 9 – 16/1/12. I’ve decided 2 base my prog 4 Lent on that. The ingredients 4 my 2nd juice was 1 pear, 1 apple, 1 round of pineapple, 1 guava, 1 banana & 1 sharon fruit. With 1 level tsp spirulina, 1 level tsp wheatgrass, 1 level tsp chlorella, 1 scoop golden flaxseed & 1 acidopholus capsule. It was a bit thick & I probably should have de – seeded the guava, but it tasted gr8. If I repeat it, I will omit the flaxseed as I think that’s what made it so thick. I juice the fruits, put the juice in my blender + the supplements & blend. I had the brilliant idea of blending the fruit pulp & pouring it in2 the ice tray & freezing. I then + the fruit cubes 2 juices.

  29. Chris says:

    My juicer showed up today. We got the Breville in the $150 range and tried a little test run tonight. Worked well. So tomorrow I start my fast. I am shooting for 10 days but I am open to more. It’s just time I did something to feel better and lose some weight. I am 195 now and should be around 165. Wow, what would that feel like? I have been 195 for at least ten years. Thanks for the site! I will be using this for support and to keep up on yummy recipes. Wish me luck!.


    • Amy says:

      Good luck Chris!
      I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get back to everyone (our son made a surprise visit before leaving for Alaska Sunday, and now I’m behind on everything including Charlie’s birthday party planning = eeeek! lol)
      Anyway, I hope your fast is going well, and if you need anything, we’ll be here to cheer you on. There’s a lot of really good and helpful people on this page.

    • David says:

      Hi Chris, I started a juice fast on the 23rd, All is going well. If you are interested in sharing support I would be interested in connecting. I have similar goals.

    • Gabby says:

      Hey Chris

      Good Luck and stick with it….

      It really works :)

      • Amy says:

        Gabby girl!
        Hope all is going well with you :)

        • Gabby says:

          Hi Amy

          Yes left a message for you on Friday you probably didn’t see it in amongst all the other messages, I’m good thanks, now on day 63 and still going strong :)
          How are you all?


          • Amy says:

            We are well and busy, very busy. Glad to hear from you and that you are holding strong to your fast. I think of you often and am so happy that your fast is going well.
            Can’t wait to hear your final results!

  30. Lealea says:

    I dont have a juicer :(
    Could i use a blender instead??

    • Janet says:

      I bet if you go to a Goodwill or Salvation Army you could find one pretty cheap to start with until you can get a real good one.This way you could start.

    • I’ve had excellent experience using my Vitamix blender and straining pulp through a nut milk bag. A high speed blender like a Vitamix or Blendtec really pulverizes it so you can get a lot of juice out. I do have a juicer as well, but I hate cleaning it. lol

      • Amy says:

        Thanks for commenting Allison. A lot of people have asked about this on other pages. I’m going to let them in on your secret. :)

  31. Donte says:

    These are good juice recipes but some aren’t appropriate for juice fasting if you are trying to do a proper one. What I mean is that you need to strain your juices for a juice fast otherwise your intestines are processing too much fiber. Things like sweet potatoes and eggplant is too dense. Also, the way I’ve been schooled you don’t drink it if it doesn’t go through a strainer so granulated spices like pepper is a no go. I like the idea of mint though.

    Also, too much sugar during a juice fast is not a good thing.

    I do one 7 day juice fast per year. I don’t do it to loose weight but I wind up shedding a few pounds. I always gain that weight back. I don’t recommend juice fasting for weight loss. I recommend exercise, a healthy diet, and smart food consumption.

    Having said all that these recipes all sound delicious and some have given me some ideas. Also, there is no one way to juice fast.

    • Amy says:

      Ahh yes good information, though, my juicer does allow for egg plant and sweet potato..should I still not juice them and why? I’m curious. Are you recommending them to be bad for a juice fasting or the juicer itself?

      Also, some of the juice recipes and seasonings are designed to drink while not fasting, but for more enjoyment, hence the title “whether you’re juice fasting or not” 😉 I’m trying to entice my mother into juicing, lol… Maybe I should mark the recipes less suited for fasters…that may be a good idea…

      Thank you for commenting and adding your input.

      • Donte says:

        Sounds like you have one of those fancy press juicers and not the centrifuge like me. If you can get juice that goes through a strainer from a sweet potato then that’s awesome since you have way more mixing opportunities than me, making a lengthy juice fast a lot less monotonous. I tried to juice a manila mango last year and it just didn’t work out because ultimately it came out a dense mush that almost all got filtered out by the strainer.

        I’m on day 3 of a 7 day juice fast that I do every year. About an hour ago I was sniffing chipotle sauce in my refrigerator and thinking about burritos. It’s bad. I actually came back here to check out a few more of your recipes to see if I can come up with a new twist for tomorrow.

        I’ve been dong this for about 6 years now and every year I spend a lot of time during my juice fast researching juice fasts. As I said there are a number of schools of thought. What what I try to do is manage how many times I filter my juices with my bowel movements because you want to have at least one a day otherwise toxins are building up. At the same time the point is to give your large intestines a break so that your body can recommit those resources.

        Having said all that, sometimes I forget that juicing can also be fun and delicious. But honestly, after my annual juice fasts I’m so sick of cleaning that thing that it usually sits in a cupboard until next year 😉

        • Amy says:

          Thank you Donte, I really appreciate your input. This is good information…I didn’t think of “things” this way – lol…
          What do you think about blending certain fruits into already juiced drinks while fasting, like adding a banana into the blender with juiced fruits and spinach for instance. Is this “ok” during a juice fast? Randy and I have wondered this… We cannot juice bananas, they’re too sticky, but I think they have a lot of good nutrition… Anyway, what do you think? Is it ok to drink a whole blended fruit or veggie? Only once in a while of course…
          Thanks again for commenting, and if you come up with a juice that tasted like a burrito, you better share – it’s Randy’s Favorite! 😀
          Have a great weekend.

          • Cian says:

            Hey Amy,

            Im doing a juice fast too and just looking here to see what could combine some grapes i just bought with; but i saw you question about the banana, and no unfortunately you arent really supposed to use banana or anything like that as it thickens the juice, and the dextoxing motion you are goign through is diverted back to digesting that hidden banana!
            but when you come off the fast, or on your last few juices, you can normally add banana or avacado or smth similar to get your body back in the swing of digesting before you start eating properly again….

            Great website by the way, keep up the good work!

          • Amy says:

            OHHH that makes good sense! Thank you for answering this question Cian. I am going to be updating this page soon and will make note of this information for new comers. Thank you so much..this has been bugging me, lol :)

  32. Ed says:


    I just found your site and I am pleased that you have some really neat recipes. A ;ot of the juices I have been making are sometimes stomach churning but at least they clean me out. I started a combination of juicing and eating pure veggies Jan 27 and have dropped from 388 to 365. I would like to get down to my old (31 years ago) military weight of 230 and I feel that juicing is the way to go. My BP is already dropping from somewhere up in the sky but I think that it will be some more time before it gets to normal. Now if I can only find some place where I can get some exercise. I went to one place and they did everything they could to make me uncomfortable because of my size. I guess they don’t want to take the risk of me breaking their equipment.

    • Amy says:

      Heya Ed,

      You just never mind those um ….. at the gym! I won’t say it, I’ve nothing nice to say 😉 Not all gyms are created equal and sometimes you have to shop around. Since we’ve moved to FL, Randy has been to 3 different places with not much luck. He’s been working hard from home for now. You may have luck at a smaller, less popular gym with fewer people. Our favorite gym back in WI was a small SNAP Fitness. It was very small, and just starting up…they catered to their people in order to grow. Look for a place that “needs” customer support, and you may find just the right place for you.

      It just boggles my brain sometimes… The people who need the most help at the gym are the beginners or re-starters, not the already “know how” folks. But yet, those in the “know” or in a routine seem to get better service sometimes. I need to make a meeilieeeion dollars and open up my own gym – that would be awesome and we all would have the best time! LOL 😀

      Hang in there and good luck with the juicing. I hope you don’t have to choke down any of the above recipes! LOL

      • Ed says:

        Thank you for your support. Now on to the next big question.
        WHY is coffee and tea not allowed and what does it do or not do to any diet. If it is the caffeine that is the culprit then is decaf coffee OK? I am not crazy about decaf because of the processes they use to get the caffeine out of the bean but it is still coffee. Also drinking decaf coffee is like drinking beer without the alcohol. I have never gotten a decent answer to this question because most people asked just say “well caffeine is not good for you” and leave it at that.

        • Amy says:

          Hey Ed,

          Well, I’m not a nutritionist, so I’m going to give you the reason behind my personal experience and what my doc says: Caffeine works as a stimulant in the body. It gives us that nice “perk” in the morning along with our cup of Joe. Trouble with caffeine is that it’s a temporary boost with a mild crash to follow later (well, depending on how much you drink) which makes for an up down kind of day that can well – suck. Sorry, didn’t know how else to explain it.

          In addition to the up and down of the day that caffeine offers, it can also irritate or increase inflammation through out the body. Now, I know some folks say the opposite, and I do wonder this myself, because when I have a real head boomer, caffeine does the trick and calms the pain. BUT, when my back is inflamed, caffeine makes it much, much worse. I ultimately went with what my doc said (that it inflames the body with irritants and momentary bursts of energy) and agreed to limit my intake to help keep my inflammatory problems in check. I have seen a major difference.

          Sooooo, if folks are going to go through aaaallllll the preping, chopping, and juicing of vegetables, let alone the juice fasting in itself in an order to heal and refresh their health, it’s a good idea (I think) to leave off the caffiene. As far as decaff goes, I think the processing of the decaff itself may leave your un-leaded cup of Joe (which would suck anyway) filled with a few chemicals that your body may be working hard to get rid of. I would ditch the decaff idea (I thought of that one myself & and agree with you about the beer too, for sure).

          I hope this helps. I didn’t want to regurgitate something I looked up on google search you know? Everyone has an opinion, and most think they’re right, lol…. If anyone out there has a more specific answer, feel free to jump in here. I’d be curious to get some specifics myself.

          Good luck Ed,

          • anet says:

            I want to say Thank you so much for your help on this site.
            I love reading what everyone has to say.
            Love your juice recipes.(Thank You)
            I started my juice fast 18 days ago and it is going well.I have taken 16 pounds off up to today.:+)

          • Amy says:

            Janet – you are most welcome and thank you for reading!

            16 lbs in 18 days is quite an accomplishment. Yay for you! I hope you stick around to give input from what you’ve learned and any tips to help others as well.
            Glad you found us too Janet,
            Good luck on the rest of your fasting. :)

          • Janet says:

            One thing I have learned along the way so far is that we are in control of what we eat.
            We chose if we eat it or not.I am addicted to food and I am ok if I don’t take the first bite.:=) So far so good.If I take the first bite I eat the entire bag.:(
            This makes 112 total pounds I have lost.Yippie.I was a fat baby and born in the 40’s and people thought it was neat to have fat kids.
            16pds is on the juice fast and it has been the best thing I have ever done.Thanks again for being so caring and helpful.
            To everyone on the juice fast keep up the great work.One day at a times.
            We can do this.

          • Ed says:

            Thank you. That is the first decent answer I have ever had concerning coffee.
            By the way. Started juicing and solid green stuff on Jan 27 and now today Feb 17th (thats three weeks) I have lost 29 lbs. If this keeps up I will soon be able to fit into the old jeans I used to wear. Still got a long way to go.

          • Amy says:

            Awesome! And glad I could help justa little.. You have a good weekend Ed. :)

  33. Sal says:

    Hi All,

    As you mentioned in the last page that my diet was not a healthy plan.

    I going to start the above juice diet from Monday. I want to do it for 2 weeks.

    I jope i lose 15 lbs.

    i would be having 3 to 4 juices a day and some walking.

    Is that fine,now does it seem healthy.

    I like they way you respond to all post and help.

    I would like to hear your valuable advices and best wishes for my diet.


  34. Filipe says:

    Hi everyone!

    First of all I would like to congratulate Amy and everyone else for sharing your experience and recipes. This will definitely help me (and I sure know that will help a lot of people out there) in the days to come! I’ve been seeing a lot of food documentaries lately which I do recommend by the way. Food Inc, King Corn, Fat Head, Fast Food Nation and then I finally got to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and decided to give this a go. Just ordered my juicer and I can’t wait to start juicing. I do cook a lot at home and use quite a lot of vegetables so my diet is quite healthy but as you know, cooking takes alot of the good stuff away so my purpose for doing this will be just to reboot my organism and increase the intake of the micronutrients in my overall diet for this period and then on going and see the results. I will be going for a 2 week goal and hopefully I will be coming up with some new recipes to share with you guys as well. I’m quite surprised that no one mentioned watermelon in any recipe here! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Please keep the good work and keep posting.

    Love from Sydney, Australia


    • Amy says:

      Thank you very much Filipe. Your comment just made my morning a little brighter.
      We’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you and maybe a watermelon drink as well?
      Love back to Sydney from Florida.
      (Hugs) too :)

      • Janet says:

        Hi Amy
        Just checking in Day 25 today and I just weighed myself and I am down 19 pds.Whoo!!!!I am off all sugar meds and now working on getting off BP meds.My BP is 116/60 was really high especially when I was in the doctors office.200/100.It does run higher at night from the 116/60.Does anyone else find the same issue?
        I wish you all best of luck and do one day at a time.
        My weight lost has slowed down.I have to really work for each pd I get.:=) 21 pds to go.I have 116 off so far 19 on the juice fast.Best thing I have done for myself for sure.

        • Amy says:

          YAY Janet!!!! Such fantastic news and am soooo happy for you! I’m always telling people, yes, you’ll lose weight on a juice fast, but…more importantly you’ll be more healthy. You are the proof girl!
          Much good luck to you and hoping for that BP medication to go away for good. Amazing, truly amazing, and all done with food, in juice form of course, lol :)

  35. Sandie says:

    I will be starting the juice diet on my days off. How many days do people do it? Can I drink coffee? I can start to drink it with-out cream, but coffee! I work at night and I think that I will need it. Can you-all help me?
    P.S. Thanks for the recipes.

    • Amy says:

      Sandie – you are a java junkie?! LOL… :)

      I still love coffee myself, but… really try to cut back. And no, coffee is not allowed. 😉
      Your schedule will make it tricky at first, but after juicing responsibly for just a few days, you will actually have more energy than you did from coffee. Getting through the first days is ruff, but the rewards are worth it. Check out the links up above and read through the comments below to get you started and we’ll be here for any help you need. Good luck!

  36. Bridget says:

    My husband and I are starting our juice fast tomorrow. We are very excited about it! I am also very excited that I found this site, because I have been having difficulty finding good juicing recipes. Look forward to visiting this page during our journey!

  37. Jon says:

    So I am starting a 60 day juice fast tomorrow. I’m really glad i found this site. Wish me luck!


    • Amy says:

      Good luck Jon and keep in touch! Cheers!

      • Jon says:

        Hey, I’ve reached my first question. What happens when you crave salty!!! I haven’t broken down, but I know I’m gonna eventually want something salty. Any recipes that work for that kind of thing? I’m going down the list above, but if anyone’s going something, let me know! Thanks so much.


        • Filipe says:

          Jon, I think that if you eat a lot of different vegetables and fruits your salt requirements might be fullfiled since they all contain salt to some degree! If you want the extra kick I would probably recommend seaweed or peppers and alike to spice up things and maybe trick your taste buds! 😉
          If you don’t mind hot chillies, then that would be the way to go too! Good Luck


    • Jamie says:

      Good luck Jon!!! I’m on day 11….I can’t believe the changes so far!!! You are going to be amazed!!!

    • Janet says:

      Best of luck.Take one day at a time.That is what I am doing and it is working for me.
      I also glad that I found this site.

  38. Jamie says:

    Ahhhhh….Day 10. Thought this day would never come, but I feel so good I’m going to just keep on going. I feel amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

    My BP dropped from 150/97 to 113/73 in just 10 days. NO MEDS FOR ME!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
    My weight dropped 10 pounds!!

    My doctor who doesn’t really support juicing but supported me in my attempt, I think will be very surprised!! I can’t wait to see my new blood work!!!

    Yah to Juicing!!!!!

  39. Jamie says:

    Day 8….yesterday was the hardest day I have had so far. I wanted to eat something so bad. My blood pressure has now dropped from 150/97 to 124/64….amazing!! The weird thing is that I don’t seem to be losing weight. I had lost 7 pounds by day 3 but since then I haven’t dropped a pound. Any one have any ideas? I’m at a loss. I did this for health knowing a great side effect would be weight loss (I’m overweight by 55-60 pounds at the moment). I got lots of compliments lately on how good I look. That’s a nice side effect. Smile.


    • Amy says:

      Heya Jamie the awesome Mom :)
      Sounds like you’re juicing right along, even through the tough cravings – kudos to you!
      As far as the stubborn, stuck scale goes…maybe, give it a few days more and see what happens? I know when Randy and our oldest son were fasting, they both hit a few days (I think around day 6 or 7) where the scale just stopped dropping. Tony even gained a pound one day. He adjusted his juice to more greens and less fruit though – Tony was liking the fruit. 😉 Randy, on the other hand, kept on with his regular menu and the scale finally went down half a pound in a couple days. Anybody else have good input?

    • Nikki says:

      Its imortant to also incorporate a colon cleansing supplement or a laxative because you wont have regular bowel movements on a juice fast because you are not consuming solid foods. Things start to build up (if you know what mean) so it’s important to cleanse out the old stuff – you can try an all natual brand if you have a sensative stomach.

      • Amy says:

        Might be a good idea, but definitely go with something natural I think. I didn’t have any trouble, but Randy did at first and he added some prune juice and upped his water intake which worked great. Great point Nikki and thanks for mentioning it. :)

  40. Gabby says:

    Hi everyone,

    Haven’t been on for a while but just catching up with you all.

    For me I am now on day 33 of my juice fast and am feeling really good, I have lost a total of 23 lbs so far and the inches are falling off me!

    Only another 77 ish days to go :)

    Hope that you are all going strong. Keep it up


    • Amy says:

      Gabby! I’ve been wondering of you girl! So glad you checked in and are still having much success. Randy just said, “Day 33, that’s pretty impressive.” Impressive indeed!
      You keep checking in and you’ll have to let us in on any tips or lessons learned toward better juicing…you’re going to be an expert! 😀
      Big ((HUGS)) and have a wonderful day!

      • Gabby says:

        Hi Amy and Randy

        Good to hear from you both, I am very impressed with myself but just know this is so the best thing, the weight loss has slowed a little from the inital lb a day but I only want to lose another 28lbs until I go away in May, then when I am back I have family coming to stay in June, so want to do another 14 lbs then, that will be the least I have ever weighed and I am so excited.
        Had a bad night last night funnily enough, my tummy was gurgling all day and I felt really sick despite drinking 2 litres of water throughout the day, anyway I went to bed really early and I feel much better today.
        One thing I was going to ask you Amy was, I know that you cooked for Randy and your children throughout your fast but were you addicted to feeding everyone else and did your pallette improve? – I am coming up with all of these weird and wonderful recipes for my hubby and he is eating very well thank you very much and oddly I am so enjoying being around food. I think its a real kick for me to be around all the food that I used to (and probably still will to a degree) love and have the willpower and the strength to say NO!

        Lots of love to you both and I will drop in again in a couple of weeks Gabby :)

        • Amy says:

          Well Gabby,
          I have to admit, I did not in any way enjoy cooking much while fasting… Though, I only fasted for 10 days each fast. Maybe if I had fasted longer, I would have changed my mind? I do love to cook for the family, however, I like to “taste-test” while cooking, lol…. And, yes, my pallet did improve much. :)
          I am sooo glad to hear how well you are doing. You are an inspiration, and I hope others can benefit from your positive, encouraging, and enlightening comments here.
          You go girl! Love back from Amy & Randy too!

      • Janet says:

        I am down 122 pounds totally.22 on the juice fast.Today is day 38 for me.I ate a couple of salads along the way.
        My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000.We changed our life style to the Hallelujah acres which is 85% raw and 15 % cooked.He has had three biopsys and they can’t find anything at all.
        I saw the DVD that Joe put out Fat,Sick and nearly Dead and decided I had 40 pounds to go and thought I would give it a try and here we are.My husband Bill is 4 pounds to reach his goal.
        I know we can do this.Keep up the great job and take one day at a time.
        Hugs from PA

    • Janet says:

      Gabby you are doing so awesome.Keep it up .
      I also love everyones post on here and thank Amy and Randy for all they do.
      Know that it is appreciated.

  41. Jamie says:

    DAY 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last night I got a bit dizzy. I’ve been drinking my juice. Anyone have any suggestions? Other than that, feel great!! My mind is messing with me a little bit wanting to chew some food, and the SMELLS….did I mention the SMELLS??? It’s like my nose has woke up! I appreciate food so much more!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Jamie,
      Randy had this feeling two, but it was in the first couple of days. He bumped up his juice intake a little and I made sure he was getting plenty of good greens. It passed. Don’t know if one is related to the other though… good luck in the days to come!

      • Lindsey says:

        Headache, body aches, and even a sore throat and mucousy tongue are all symptoms of detox. I am on day 5 of my cleanse and had all these symptoms…even dizziness like you explain, but they are mostly gone and the few that persist are very minimal. Whats happening is your body is directly absorbing the nutrients from the juice (which is why you juice the veggies vs. just eating them, in solid form your body has to digest the solids to get the nutrients) and pushing the toxins that are in your body into your bloodstream and they eventually are cycled out of your body. Every source I have read on juicing references to these symptoms lasting from 3-5 days and improving after, as it takes this long for the toxins to cycle through and exit your body. Also try increasing your water intake, this will help the toxins cycle through your body faster and is good do whenever you feel dizzy or have a headache. I’m sure your over this stage as you didn’t comment on this again in your most recent post, but just wanted to let you know that not only is what you experienced common, it is a sign that the cleanse is working,

  42. Amy says:

    Good morning to every one out there! I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I hope your juice fasting is going well and treating you right.

    First off, for those of you who don’t know, I’ve updated the page with a few new recipes last week courtesy a few fellow juice fasters that are very quite flavorful and tasty. THANK YOU juicy friends!

    Also, I’ve added a link to the rebooter’s FAQs page for those of you new to juice fasting and wondering where to start. http://www.facebook.com/FatSickandNearlyDead?sk=app_201143516562748 It’s a pretty good page with a lot of great info.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say how thankful and grateful both Randy and I are to have so many positive and helpful people commenting here. It’s made our juice fasting experiences so much more doable and enjoyable and we’ve learned so much more with your input and advise.

    I told Randy last night, I am absolutely hooked and will be a 4 times a year rebooter from now on. For 1, it just sets me back straight and makes me feel so good. 2nd, I just love all of you guys… You’re all a great bunch of people to be “in the juice” with. I feel so fortunate. :)

    Thank you again to all of you for your kind and motivating comments and for sharing your experience here. And many thanks to Joe Cross and the many folks over at Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead for all that’s too much to write here, lol… You guys have done a lot!

    Here’s to good juice and cheers to all,

  43. debrah says:

    Hi Amy-thank you for all the helpful tips. I am day 1 of my juice cleansing and feeling optimistic, looking to live a healthier life plus losing a few lbs doesn’t hurt :-) Wish me luck!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Debrah!
      You’ve begun and it’s day 1! (I’ve been reading Dr. Suess again, lol…) Much good luck to you!
      Be sure to read through some of the comments here..there are a many more tips and tricks found through out by fellow juice fasters, all good people, and all very helpful.
      We’ll be here if you need anything,
      Again, good luck to you! :)

  44. cash says:

    Alright, I am half way through my 1st day of the juice fast. I am feeling ok, hungry thats the most of it. I made a juice for breakfast and for lunch, now that i’m at work i feel like i need some more nourishment im very hungry. Should i be preparing more juice then a breakfast and lunch juice? I can’t wait to get home and make another one for dinner! My wife says she is feeling nauseaous and headache, i know headache is normal but how bout nausea?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Cash,
      I sent juice snacks for Randy at work. He had to sip on them in-between meals or he felt too hungry. And yes, nausea is a normal withdrawal. Natural peppermint tea, caffeine free of course, helps and so does adding a little ginger to juice. We have a few juice recipes with ginger in them. Don’t forget to drink water in-between too! It makes a huge difference. Good luck and hope your wife feels better :)

    • Jamie says:

      Yes, I can say from experience nausea is normal at first, but it sounds like you aren’t getting enough nutrients. Most people drink 5-6 times a day when on this fast. I am excited for you both! I am on day 4…..can’t wait till I can say 54…..smile.

      • Amy says:

        You know what I like most about juice fasting? Even though a couple days of withdrawals, people are still up beat, looking forward to better things, encouraging, and smiling…it’s nice 😀

  45. Jamie says:

    I found a trick to the banana juicing…..freeze them first.

  46. Jamie says:

    Good morning and Aloha! I saw my doctor first thing Friday morning and she took all my blood work and will see me through this juice fast. I am going to try 10 days and if I do well I will try 30 then 60. I had backed off from various foods for a week or so before. Today is day 3 of my juice fast. I feel fine. I have had a couple of little headaches but nothing major. I am 47, a widowed mom of 4 and death scares me. I want to live to see my kids grow, marry and have their own children. I don’t want them to be without a mom and dad. My mom just died of cancer too at age 61 and my Aunt had breast cancer. I’m overweight 5’1″ and 187 pounds as of Friday. I am doing this for my health but the weight loss is an added bonus.

    Today is day 3 and I feel good. I had some shooting nerves throughout my body day 1, drove me nuts. I think my body is feeling things it hasn’t for awhile. It’s waking up. Day 2 it wasn’t as bad. Today is Day 3 and we will see. Anyone else experience this? I am down 6 pounds, CRAZY!!! I didn’t expect that mainly because when I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead they were men and men always seem to lose more and faster than women. Nice surprise. I am making sure to drink my water and I walk 1 1/2 miles per day to Leslie Sansones at home video. Surprisingly don’t feel hungry and don’t feel deprived though I must admit, my daughter made adobo last night and I love adobo. It didn’t make me go off the fast but it made me think for a moment, “Could I follow this through?” This is day by day. Here’s to good health!! I want to see my numbers go down significantly the next time I see the doc.

    • Amy says:

      Jamie, if I could see you I would give you the biggest bear hug EVER! You are awesome and I love what your doing for your children……ROCK ON MOM! You can do it!

      • Jamie says:

        Thanks Amy!!! I needed that!!

        • Amy says:

          Happy to cheer for you!
          My Mom was unfortuantely made a widow in her middle 30’s… Its tough with kids in tow. But, she did what you’re doing – making sure to be there for the children. She could have went the other way, you know… My Grandma set her straight though and our Mom busted her but and took charge… We always felt safe as kids, because we new Ma could handle whatever came her way and would be there. I admire her for that still today. I can guarentee what your doing now will stick with your kids in more ways than you know…
          I’m gonna be watching for updates from you Jamie!
          And yes, here’s to good health. Cheers!

          • Jamie says:

            Yes, I was a widow at 39. I spent a lot of years feeling sorry for myself. I was with my husband 24 years and very in love. I finally woke up!!!! I will keep you updated. Thanks again for the LIFT!!!!

  47. cash says:

    I am starting my fast on Monday as i originally stated..my wife has also committed to do it as well. She does often get headaches, i know from reading that the 1st few days headaches is a common side effect to juicing. Are you allowed to take an aspirin during the juice fast?

    • Amy says:

      The people over at jointhereboot.com want you to avoid taking aspirin and such, you know, to keep your body on a purer path, but they also recommend slowly working your way up to the fast to avoid strong withdrawals… To be honest, both Randy and I had to take pain relief on day two of our fasts – my second fast I had to take none (I was better prepared). I do not think our fasts were less effective from doing so though. I didn’t notice any difference comparing my first and second fast. I would say none is probably best, but if it’s just to get through a day or two, it shouldn’t hurt much. Good luck tomorrow to you and your wife Cash. :)

  48. Molly Katherine says:

    Ok, so I’m going to start a juice fast diet, I get horrible headaches and am hoping this stops some of them, but when I was looking up juice fasting some sites say you only have juice and another said that you eat something for dinner. Which one do you do? I don’t want to be finishing this diet and all of a sudden I find out that I did it wrong (it happened once before). And if you eat something for dinner what do you eat?

  49. Will says:

    You have a great list here and this is definitely going to help me with my fast. I started today and it was rough, there was a bbq at work. :( So like many of the other individuals who have posted on here I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and decided to do a 10-15 day detox. Having fund with the different recipes and what not but it is expensive, it’s not only easier to eat poorly but cheaper too, sad really. Thanks for all of the great information and I will keep yall updated.


  50. meredith payton says:

    this is my rise and shine juice!
    2 apples
    2 medium carrots
    6 oz spinach
    2 celery stalks
    1/2 lemon
    inch of ginger
    juice and enjoy!!

  51. Jamie says:

    Someone asked if Kale is good in a blender……it’s amazing!! This is the shake I make:
    handful of kale
    handful of spinach
    couple of chunks of pineapple
    coconut milk pulp
    1/2 banana
    1 cup apple juice

    Mix all together in blender, I use a bullet. YUMMY!!!!! Everyone I make this for loves it!!

  52. Wanda Ray says:

    Hello, I would like to know if you have an app. cost, per person, on what you spend a week on this fast? Consider your average number of drinks per day, recipes, etc. I am SERIOUSLY considering this but not sure I can afford it. Thank you! P.S. Loved reading all the comments and love the info!!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Wanda,
      Sorry it has taken me a bit to get back. I wanted to tally up my receipts and have been busy with the blog, getting ready for our grandson’s birthday party tomorrow, and life :) I spent on average $10. 72 per day. I shopped half organic half non organic. I bought all kinds of vegetables and fruits including berries and herbs which can be expensive sometimes. All kale I bought organic. Mostly, I shopped from Costco, our local farmer’s market, and the organic market. You could get this price down a bit more by watching deals and not buying special herbs or berries… I drank ruffly 4 10 to 12 ounce glasses of green juice a day, and smaller maybe 4 to 6 ounce glasses in between for snacks.. I’m pretty active and drink a lot of juice soo… hmmm…Remember too that you won’t be spending money on food for yourself while fasting, so be sure to subtract that from your budget. I hope this helps.. Anyone else have more specific information/numbers?

  53. Cash says:

    Just to add to my 1st question..is it ok to blend these things instead of using a juicer?

    • Amy says:

      I’m not sure how kale will taste blended up….hmmm anyone? Plus, I think you will be able to condense more nutrients into juice and into your belly vs. if you threw veggies into a blender and blended them all. Randy and I do blend foods in that we cannot run through our juicer, though, like bananas and avocados.. :)

      • Todd says:

        I agree with Amy, I think bending would be a mistake. The amount of nutrition needed is much easier to obtain from juice. If you’re going to eat the solids then you might as well skip juicing and enjoy the veggies as they are. Buying the juicer is really worth the money. Mine only cost $60.00 from Walmart (Hamilton Beach Big Mouth). A little over two weeks ago I was at 236 lbs. Today I’m at 218 and dropping. I stopped full time juicing at 14 days, that was last Saturday. I juice for breakfast and lunch, then eat a salad (sometimes with meat mixed in) for dinner. I’ve got 3 converts at the office after they have seen my health improve as the weight dropped off.

        • Cash says:

          Hey thanks Todd!!! I just watched fat sick and dying with my wife last night and we bought the juicer last night. I do also have a partner at the office who is going to do a 21 day juice fast with me. I am starting on Monday because my parents are coming into town and having a bar b que, so not a good time to start my fast. I am absolutely determnined to do this though and i’m excited about it. I will be coming on to receive inspiration from your blogs! Wish me luck!

      • Jamie says:

        Kale blended is amazing, see the recipe I listed below.

  54. Cash says:

    I am going to start my fast tomorrow. I am young and have been experiencing pain in my chest and also my muscles. I know it’s time for a change in lifestyle and hearing all your words are quite inspiring. After my fast may you give me some suggestions as to what type of foods are good to eat while not juicing or during moderate juicing?

    • Amy says:

      Heya Cash,

      I was just writing about what I’ve been eating post juice fast, lol…lots of vegetables, greens, some fruits. Hope to have a post up tonight or tomorrow morning. For now, I will quick tell you that I’ve been eating a mostly plant based diet with very little dairy and simple carbs. I like this food pyramid at http://www.drfuhrman.com/library/are-you-a-nutritarian.aspx

      I have to tell you, I’ve been feeling great and have actually lost another half pound since ending my juice fast. I eat A LOT of food and am pretty darn full all the time. I’m liking it much…

      Randy was in his middle 30’s and having chest pains..horrifying cholesterol and all.. It’s scary. You can make a change with the food you eat, absolutely you can!
      Good luck to you and your health…

  55. Robert Schulze says:


    I would like to start my juice fast; however, I can not find an answer to a couple of questions… How many times do you eat/ juice a day? and how much do you eat/ juice per serving? I’m 5’9″, currently weigh 254 lbs, and like to lift weights.

    • sarah kaur says:

      hello. my husband and i have been doing the juice diet for about 22 days now. i would recommend to watch the fat sick and dying video on you tube and you can learn how to do the diet. we just juice 3 kale leafs, 1 green apple, 1/2 inch ginger, 1/4 of lemon with skin, 2 clerey stick, 1/2 of cucumber. and it should make about 16 to 24 oz. and that is our brekfast and dinner and for lunch we eat below 200 calorie food or soup and you can as much salad as you want as long as your dressing is low calorie. my husband lost 25lbs in 22 days and i lost 9 lbs. good luck and i hope you can find the info on the video to help your kick start your system and your diet.

      • Amy says:

        Hey Sarah,
        Is it ok if I add your green juice to the list? Looks like a good recipe! 😀

      • Robert Schulze says:

        Thank you… I watched the video and I thought it was awesome. I went and bought my juicer the next day… Never thought of you tube for this, Thanks again and good luck.

    • randy says:

      Don’t worry about how much or how often to juice. Just drink more when you’re hungry. As long as you get most of your juice (like 90%) from vegetables you don’t have anything to worry about. You will be hungry at first, but the quality of the calories you consume are so high that your appetite will naturally level off after a while. You will lose weight on a juice fast, but the real main purpose is to get yourself back into good health and to retrain your brain and break some bad habits. In a lot of the comments we get, you see that weight loss is the focus which is great, but read through our journal about it and you’ll see the focus is much more on how we feel. To me that’s much more important since once I start feeling better, everything else just falls into place.

      • Robert Schulze says:

        Thanks… Yes, I agree. After all the yo,yo dieting I have done over the years, it is truly about getting your health and mind back on track. I’ve done it before. I’m strong willed, just fall off the wagon once in a while. Thanks again.

    • Todd says:

      Robert, I drink my juice through the day. When I get some hunger pains I will either drink a little juice or grab some nuts. The nuts help because they are protein and they take longer to digest. This helps span the time between the hunger pains. Their is an advantage to drinking the juice and eating the nuts all through the day in that your digestive system keeps running. This burns calories too and raises your metabolism, again burning more calories. Good luck Robert, for me the juice fast has been well worth it as I continue to drop weight.

      • Robert Schulze says:

        Thanks for the reply Todd. As a weight lifter and trying to be an all natural bodybuilder, I always keep a bag of natural raw almonds with me at work and in my truck…Since I’ve seen the Fat Sick and nearly dead Video along with the Fork over knifes video, I realized my own mistakes by believing in the “Body Builders Hand Book” of Protein. I just made my first drink and was pretty impressed. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. Thanks again for the information.

  56. Matthew Nguyen says:

    Wow! These recipes look great! 😀
    Hi Amy! I’ve been watching quite a few food documentaries on Netflix, such as Food Inc. and Forks Over Knives. I’d like to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.. but these have motivated me to try out a juice fast!
    I’m 19. I weigh about 173. Currently on my 6th day of P90X.. It’s really tough, 😛 but fun. Also, I figure that drinking some of these smoothies will be a great workout recovery drink.
    Hmm.. only problem is buying ingredients to make a lot of smoothies. Money is sort of an issue..
    Somewhat a poor college student. Haha

    • Amy says:

      Hey Matt!
      Ahh the poor starving student days…been there! Defiantly watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, keep up with your work outs, and when you can squeeze it into your budget juice a few drinks to supplement your diet. They do may a great after work out drink. Also, you will benefit from non-organic veggies as well. Organics is best, but can get pricey. Watch for Farmer’s Markets in your area too. Good luck with the P90X and school!

  57. Anne says:

    So excited to begin this new phase of my life. Have tried ALL the other ways to get healthy and as you all know, once you stop it all comes back. The weight, the lethargy, and the depression. My husband and I watched the video by Joe Cross and I was so impressed. I’ve read the recipes above for the different juices and it makes me look at juicing differently. We have juiced carrots off and on for years and different fruits and veggies, but never to this extent. I’m trying to talk my two grown sons and my husband into doing this with me. My only concern is the effects (side effects) at work. Thanks so much for the positive attitude and help. Keep up the good work!

    • Amy says:

      To help with those side effects, start weening yourself into it a week or two before – ease of of caffiene and processed foods. Then start on a Friday (if you have weekends off). Withdrawals if you have any, will begin by the time you get home and you’ll have the weekend to manage them. Good luck! :)

  58. Gabby says:

    Hi guys

    Just thought I would see how you are all doing??

    Day 15 for me today and I weighed myself this morning and I am down 15 lbs!! – I have never known anything like it.

    I am finding it difficult in the mornings as I am up at 4.30am to go to work but by 10.00 I am in the swing of the day and I have no intention still of lapsing!


    • Amy says:

      Morning Gabby!
      Kudos to you! Tried your recipes and they’re great! But, had to tone the onion down a bit in the gespatchio – ever since my 3rd pregnancy, onions make me crave chocolate, lol :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh dear lol

        Sorry about that, I love the onion, I like things with a kick to them, makes me feel like I have eaten something!

        I have carrot, ginger and fennell today :)

    • Todd says:

      Day 11 for me Gabby. Down 11.8 lbs. Will go until day 14 and then move to a modified version of the fast (juice for breakfast/lunch and a light meal (mostly salad) for dinner). Increasing exercise too. I’m with you on the feeling better thing. Not only do my pants fit better (and I don’t have the bloated feeling after juicing) but my energy levels are very good. Just a moment ago I arrived at the office and another individual who was most likley around 270lbs was huffing and puffing just to walk at my pace. He got onto the elevator with me and was still breathing heavy through his mouth. I thank God that I don’t do that anymore, and won’t ever again. Three flights of stairs and I’m no longer out of breath. Amazing what just 11.8lbs can do. I’m looking forward to finishing off my first goal of 220lbs, then onto 200lbs and finally 180lbs. The more I drop the younger I am feeling. I, like you will not give up on dropping the weight, nor the better eating habits once off the full fast.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Todd

        Good on you! – I am so glad that other people are experiencing such amazing results too.
        I know what you mean about the stairs, I am 7 floors up and walk up them three times a day when I am feeling really fit and healthy, my breathing improves, my joints move more freely and like you just feel younger and younger ( I will soon hit my teens at this rate!)
        Yes, I have made a pact with myself that no matter how much I drop to stick to the liquids only for 100 days, followed by a 15 day reboot eating salads then its up to me, ( the bit that I am most dreading) still I know I can do it and this last 17 days has flown by and the way the years seem to fly by too it will be here really soon.
        Good luck for the next few days Todd.


  59. Debra says:

    Hi, I am new to this I would really like more info how this works and how we should utilize it…also can these juices be made a couple of days in advance and refrigerated? Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Debra,

      I think the best place for you to start is to watch the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. That’s where Randy and I began. You can find it on Netflix or rent it.
      Also check out Randy’s review of the movie at: http://www.health-actually.com/reviews/fat-sick-and-nearly-dead-review/

      You can make the juice in advance as well, and keep it for up to 2 days in the refrigerator, but it’s best to drink it as soon as you make it since nutrients will die after over time.
      Hope this helps you out and good luck :)

  60. Todd says:

    Day 7 Amy. I made it this far, but with a setback. Actually the setback isn’t that bad and is my own fault. I had an old scale which was showing my start weight at 228 lbs at the start of my fast. As of day 6 I was at 220.5 on that scale. Last night I decided to purchase a new digital scale….that’s when I found out just how inaccurate my old dial scale was. I stepped on the new scale and it read 228.6! Step on the old scale and it again dialed to 220.5. The new scale is undoubtably more accurate. However after reading about scales, the will read an incorrect weight but rarely do they have a big variance between lbs, meaning my beginning weight was more likely 236 and not the 228 I thought I was. I’ve decided to go another 4 days beyond the 10 and see where I’m at on the 21st. I’ll be going out with some friends on the 21st but will eat very light (a salad or something along those lines) and then get back on the juice until I can get to 200 lbs. the hardest part right now is TV commercials (food) and the smell from the Texas BBQ place up the street. Still, 8 lbs in 6 days (haven’t weighed in this morning) is pretty good. My aunt wrote to me last night about her loss of 2 lbs last week. Four times the weight loss, not tired, rarely hungry, I’ll take the juice route. I see you’re making great progress on your fast, great! Keep it up and thanks for your support to all of us trying to improve our health


    • Amy says:

      Good Saturday morning Todd!

      Wow, that is a big bummer, but, it’s not with out a silver lining.. I mean, you’ve still lost weight, right? So you have a little bit more to go than thought before, but it’s not that much. You’re doing so well now, I’m sure you’ll lose that surprise weight in no time. I’m absolutely sure of it. It’s all in how you look at it, and you’ve got a great attitude. Good on you Todd. :)

      Keep in touch and thanks for the encouragement,

  61. Hilda says:

    Hi, Thanks so much for sharing your recipes, I am so looking forward to trying some of them!! It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience doing this so I must ask since I just started my juice fast 6 days ago. Do you know if constipation is normal during the juice fast or is there a juice receipt remedy?

  62. Jen says:

    Just a note, after I saw your comment about concern for calcium during your fast so you were using lots of spinach. Spinach has calcium oxalates. So while it has calcium in it, the oxalates prevent your body from reabsorbing calcium and it can actually lead to a calcium deficiency..so while it is super healthy it should be used in moderation. I haven’t read ALL the comments here, so I hope I’m not being redundant :). I’ve been doing the everything in moderation during my fast and pretty much juicing everything under the sun. I had no idea I could juice eggplant…I’ll pick some up!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Jen,
      That’s good input and advise.
      Enjoy your juicing,

      • Janet says:

        Hi everyone .I hope your juicing is going well.Today is 22 for me and I have a ways to go to get where I want to be.This site is totally awesome.Thanks to all of you.I feel like I am not in this alone.:=)

        I buy my veggie by the case at a small produce store in Pa .Lots of farmers in our area.
        It is cheaper that way for sure.I asked if they would sell it to me by the case and they said yes.:=)
        It doesn’t hurt to ask.What is the worst that can happen they can say on and then I would try somewhere else.I would even ask if I were you guy at Cosco’s and Giant and places like that.Hope this helps some.
        Hugs to all of you.I am so happy that all of you are doing something to get healthy.
        Looking forward to hear how all of you are doing.Your walk speaks loud guy.Keep up the good work.
        Randy & Amy thanks again for all your help.

        • Amy says:

          Good idea Janet! Maybe I will talk to my guys at Costco…like you say, doesn’t hurt to ask :)
          Hugs right back and have a great weekend!

          • Janet says:

            Amy thanks
            Hugs back at ya and you have an awesome weekend to.Off to the gym in the morning.:=P
            The weather in Pa was awesome today.

  63. Amy says:

    Beginning day 6 this morning of my first juice fast.
    It has been a struggle but I have managed to stay on track! My original goal was 3 days, which I changed to 10 at the end of day 3. I have never done anything this extreme and challenging, which is difficult – but there are moments that it is so rewarding.
    I’m experiencing sustained energy, I’m sleeping well, and moments of pride and peace that I haven’t experienced in years. (not to mention the 13 lbs I’ve lost) So, thanks for the recipe suggestions, and to anybody out there considering a juice fast just try it! Take it day by day – and the biggest commitment I’m made to myself was do not break my fast in an emotional moment!!!!
    If you do indeed decide you need to stop, set a time of day, don’t do it when you make the decision – I bet you’ll change your mind

    • Amy says:

      Hi Amy,
      That is really good advise, and I hadn’t thought of this before. There are a lot of highs and lows during a juice fast – especially during a first fast ever, I sooo agree! Making the decision to not end a fast in an emotional moment is smart – very smart. I like this and am going to pass it along when relavent. I just love learning new ways in life…
      Thank you and much good luck to you during your fast! :)

  64. Gabby says:

    Hi everyone

    I am on day 9 of my 90 day fast!!!!

    I have done similar before so I know how great I will feel if I keep it off this time, I also have every intention of sticking to the full 90 days ( the longest one I did was for 160 days!!)

    Anyway I have just found this site and I am really enjoying reading all of your comments, they are so supportive knowing that other people are at the same stage as I am.

    Good luck to you all.

    • Amy says:

      Gabby that’s amazing! Make sure you stick around to give advise and all your experienced input! Good luck to you too! 😀

      • Gabby says:

        Thanks Amy.

        I will make sure that I do. I know that I can breeze the fast its the other side of it that I slip up on each time, I panic about what to eat, keep changing my mind from one thing to another and before I know it Im scoffing on absolutely everything! – still NOT THIS TIME. I am more determined than ever to keep it off.

        I have old pictures on my phone of me before I put my weight back on which is really helpful so each time I feel a pang on hunger I look at it and remember that was me and will be again. I have also made a collage of pictures I put together of all my “bad” favourite foods, and all the new healthy foods that I should be eating for my health, along with pictures of clothes that I want to get back into, I found that is really motivational.

        One more tip (if you are at home that is) that I have found works, is when you have the urge to eat something, go and have a lovely long bath and a glass of water ( I drink sparkling), very relaxing and it does kill the hunger cravings for me.

        Have to say I know from experience that the first two weeks are hell. Get over those and you will forget all about the hunger and those empty stomach feelings, you will almost have to remind yourself to have a juice as you will have oodles of energy and will have broken the eating cycle!

        Good luck


        • Gabby says:

          Day 10 and 10lbs down – feeling good and ready for my next day day chunk!

          Happy juicing.

          Oh btw try parsley in the Gespatchio instead of the corriander for a variation. can also try adding a chilli pepper for some heat if you like strong flavours. :)

          • Amy says:

            Well good morning to a lighter Miss Gabby!
            You are sounding mighty happy, good for you!
            I will try the parsely as well..I’m heading out shopping soon to pick up more goodies. Thanks for the tip and have a marvelous rest of the day. :)

        • Gabby says:

          Thanks Amy

          Good luck with your shopping.

          Try some basil too with that juice :)

          Let me know what you think.

          I had a Minty Citrus juice today for lunch – YUMMMMMY

  65. Marcus says:

    Thanks for posting all those recipes!

    I’m on Day 3 of my first juice fast right now and I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t had any withdrawals at all so far, aside from very low energy last night. I crave a lot of foods but I’m not having any trouble keeping to the fast.

    The one thing I AM having trouble with is that I haven’t actually found a juice I like all that much yet. One of the reasons I’m doing this is that I don’t like vegetables. Fruits I’m fine with, but veggies…no. It’s actually easier for me to drink them than to eat them but I still don’t like it. So I’m struggling with that. I love the idea of adding hot sauce and spices to the juice though. That never occurred to me, so thanks!

    • Amy says:

      You’re most welcome Marcus!
      I hope it helps some. Randy had a terrible time getting used to the green juice too, a few added flavors here and their really helped the transition you know?
      Good luck to you on your fast!
      Cheers :)

      • Amy says:

        PS. Have you heard of The Juicing Bible? It has a lot of good recipes you may find tasty, just sayin 😉

        • Marcus says:

          I’ve heard of The Juicing Bible but I’ve not read it yet. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out!

          I just discovered today that although I don’t like cucumber, the juice (when mixed with other things) doesn’t bother me that much. Which is a relief because I’ve had a lot of trouble with some of the other green vegetables.

    • Gabby says:


      One of my favourite juices is a gespatchio. its veg but can taste really sweet.

      I just throw in handfuls so my measurements aren’t too precise but try:

      1/4 bunch corriander
      4/6 medium tomatos
      4/6 stalks celery
      1/2 red onion
      3/4 red pepper

      Have a go, I’m having it for lunch and its gorgeous!

      • Amy says:

        I’m going to try this one too! Hey Gabby, is it ok to add this recipe to the list with your name? Other’s could find it more easily then…

        • Gabby says:

          Sure, I forget where I found it from but it has served me well. For an added kick I will sometimes add a chilli pepper to the mix!!

  66. Todd says:

    Just a quick note Amy – hope you’re doing well on your fast. I’m into day 4 and feeling great. Had a minor headache yesterday morning but by 10am it was gone. I find making my daily juice (breakfast/lunch) the night before works well. I just keep the juice iced at the office and drink it through the day. I’m amazed at how veggies in fruit juice doesn’t kill the good flavor, but actually adds to it. I’ve dropped 6 1/2 Lbs so far – amazing. Air popped popcorn and nuts work well for me for fillers if I get a little hungry. My aunt is considering the fast and I’ve invited her to my house for a full weekend to get her started, after I complete my 10 days. I do use some Vanilla portein to help with the flavor and take care any concerns of exercise from walking my dogs in the evening. Advice to everyone thinking of doing this fast – write down your recipes as you make your juice. If you like the juice, file the recipe away, if not, toss it! Remembering to write down a good juice is sometimes impossible with a hectic schedule. Thanks again Amy for the blog and recipes. This is the only diet that has ever shown this much potential and kept me feeling good at the same time.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Todd,
      You’re just full of all kinds of good news and input today, thank you! Sounds like you have a good handle on what works for you, and I do hope your Aunt takes your offer. I think that would be awesome!

      I’m onto day 2 of my fast, and so far so good – no headaches or anything, a little hungry, but the juice seems to be satisfying me better this time. Thanks.

      Cheers to you :)

  67. Michelle Price says:

    I am looking for a way to revamp my health. I am 5’10” and 290 lbs and 37 years old.

    Do you prepare all your juice for work in the morning? And how much juice do you take with you in a day? Also, I am a college student and mostly eat like one, how many days until all the ‘withdrawal’ symptoms go away or how long until you feel well enough to reenter society? Also, can you go on juicing permanently or semi-permanently as a lifestyle change or is that not recommended? And how long can you go just juicing?

    Can I just juice with no workout? I don’t workout now.

    Also I saw that your husband mentioned high protein juices what are those?

    If you would rather refer me to a book rather than answer all these questions that is fine.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Michelle,
      Lol, I can answer some of your questions, but have to tell you I’m not a nutritionist and recommend to all doing some research of their own. More knowledge is never a bad thing, as you must know currently being a student. :)

      I work from home, so it’s much easier for me. I do juice Randy’s juice the night before – he leaves for work at 5:30 am. Juice is the most nutrient dense immediately after juicing, but will last in the fridge for two days.
      How much juice to take with you is a relative to you question. I would plan on a large glass for each meal and maybe a glass for snacks in-between too – calorie tracking is not recommended. It’s wise to begin on a weekend, if you have weekends off, to learn what your hunger will demand and to deal with withdrawal symptoms. You’re withdrawal symptoms are, also, unique to you, but I can tell you that most people report feeling great by day 4.
      Juicing permanently? That’s for a smart nutritionist to say, but I would say it’s not necessary. How long to fast? Some people do 5, 10, 30, 60, 90, 100 days… Eating lots of raw green leafy vegetables, other fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds and berries are important for good health I think anyway. And Randy and I do still drink fresh juice while not fasting. I am on day two of my second fast with so far, knock on wood, no withdrawals..yet 😉
      Yes you can juice without working out. You can work your way up to working out. :)
      High protein juices are fresh juices that we’ve added protein powder too. We add wheat grass powder, goji berry powder (I like), and other organic, super food powders.

      Check out jointhereboot.com, and browse the entire site too for more info and you can even take a quiz that will help you decide what type of fast is right for you.
      I hope this helps and good luck.

  68. Lainisha says:

    To day is my first day im doing a 10 day fasting natrual juices only i took down some recipes lets see how it goes.

    • Amy says:

      Today is my first day as well, second juice fast though. Cheers!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank YOU so much good luck to you as well its always good to communicate with people who’s doing the same thing it inspire us to keep going because sometimes it gets a lil rocky an I am doing 10 days I watch everyone at home eat when I’m at work I get second thoughts like OK maybe if I just eat this No one will no lol but I realize I will only be cheating mg self I have will power an I will stick it out; )

    • Janet says:

      LainishaLLainisha lots of luck on your journey.Let us know how your doing.
      Good L

  69. Laurence says:

    These all look great I am starting a juice Fast this weekend for weight loss help. Question what are “star fruit”?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Laurence,
      Starfruits are a start shaped fruit that grow all over the place here in FL and many other southern states. I find them always at the farmer’s market. Check google images for a pic. If you don’t have starfruits available where you live, you could try substituting them with kiwi. Make sure to peel and rinse the kiwi too, so you don’t have those fine little fuzzies tickling your throat. 😉

  70. Mariel says:

    I’ve just found your blog today, and love it!! I bough a juicer over the holiday with the intention of adding fruit and veggie juice to my normal diet to increase my consumption of good stuff, but keep reading tons about juice fasts and am considering doing one. However, I’m also training for my first half marathon which is at the end of this month and am wondering whether it would be a good idea to do a juice fast while I’m training. Thoughts?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Mariel,
      Thank you so much for the compliment, we appreciate it so much :)

      As for you doing a juice fast before your marathon, hmmm…good question. I would have to say that really depends on you and your circumstances. If you already eat a good diet of mostly raw vegetables and some fruits, drink plenty of water, and such, a juice fast (maybe a short one like 5 days) could benefit you greatly. What I mean is that your body may not not freak out as much as others, because you’d already be in pretty good health – people with poorer diets tend to experience headaches and other ailments in the beginning days. I’d hate for you to miss out on ANY training days, because you’re sitting with a booming headache on juice fast day 2 or something like that.

      I must say honestly, though, I had my best, most energetic workout on day 8 of my last juice fast and I could have gone longer but the kids helped end it, lol… I had tons of energy, tons. But…I also know that you will be burning a huge amount of energy while training and don’t want you to be burnt out with a lack of calories – you’d have to watch your juice content and make sure you’re juicing plenty of hearty vegetables with lots of good stuff like kale, spinach, and collards, and such….

      So, you’ll have to be the best judge of things here. Unless by chance another marathon runner/reader comes along here and has more first hand knowledge. Randy will be home later and I’ll mention it to him as well, he runs too. Maybe, he will have something to add…

      Much good luck to you and making your big run!

      • Mariel says:

        Thanks for the support and tips! I was mostly worried about not having enough calories to keep up through my workouts, especially since I’m still trying to build up those last few miles. I think I’ll take Randy’s advice, below, and try it out after my race. I like the idea of adding protein, too, which would help since I would like to try to continue to work out and since weight loss isn’t really my primary goal.

        Thanks so much, all!!

    • randy says:

      The official reboot site says to keep exercise to a minimum while on a juice fast, but I ran during mine. Just short 5k’s to keep from getting too out of condition, but that’s about it. We have had at least one other person come on and say that they worked out pretty hard on their fast, but I think they are the exception.

      I would say you should wait till after your marathon simply because you wouldn’t want to waste all that effort in training and then miss your race or do poorly because something unexpected happens. You know your body, but if it were me I would wait and experiment after the race.

      – Randy

      • Todd says:

        I read that adding in protein mix can help the flavor and provides the protein needed to build muscle if light exercise is desired. Though I agree with Amy that waiting until after a marathon would be best, like you, I do some exercise (walking my 3 labs around the block for 30 minutes each night) is fine. I would expect a slightly slower weight loss because muscle mass may increase while fat decreases.

  71. Jessica says:

    Hello Amy and Randy,

    I love all the wonderful recipes you have provided. I began my Juicefast today and plan on continuing it for the next five days. I have never detoxed my body and wanted to lose weight as well. My husband and I are trying to conceive as well so what better time to get healthy. I think the hardest part for me will be that glass of wine with dinner or beer during the football game. But it really is mind over matter so if I want it (the healthy lifestyle and weight loss) then I will make sure it happens. I did want to know if I am still able to take the prenatal vitamins the doctor wanted me to take in case I did get pregnant or if I was supposed to be completely free of anything other than the fruits and vegetables? I will continue to check in and read all the wonderful stories people have. Thanks again!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Jessica,
      Good luck to you on your fast and the baby making to boot – we all just love babies here!
      As far as taking the prenatal vitamins while fasting, I don’t think it would hurt (I know your body will need plenty of folic acid and other nutrients to protect your unborn baby against birth defects), however, I would call your doctor in the morning right away to ask and also to let him/her know that you are on a juice fast. Getting a doctor’s or midwife’s input will be best served on this question for sure. We all want the best for those little ones!

      Oh, and do make sure to juice a plenty variety of vegetables with ALOT of dark leafy greens like kale, collards, and spinach. A good tip to follow that one of our readers added was to think of greens as your main dish and carrots, bell peppers, and fruits as your seasonings – helps to make sure you’re getting much good nutrition. Drink smaller quantities of fruit juices too. 😉

      Here’s to a happy and healthier New Year!

  72. Jesse says:

    I am beginning the juice fast this coming friday and am trying to get my ducks in line. I have a pretty busy schedule and I think I am going to have to juice the night before in order to make it work. My question is, will my juice loose nutrients over night? If so, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Jesse,
      We did juice the night before for Randy’s fast – he had to take his to work in a cooler too.
      Your juice will lose some nutrients as time goes by, but it won’t lose all by morning. Randy tells me that he read on the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead website that fresh juice will last in your refrigerator for up to two days with the most nutrients, after that not so much.
      As for what you can do to prevent this – not much. Just make sure to drink your juice as soon as you can, and you’ll be alright.
      Good luck to you on your fast, I may begin one as well come this Friday..
      Cheers to you and happy new year,

  73. Todd says:

    I’m on my way. After trying many diets and increasing exercise I found I could only lose weight if I dropped my food intake to 900~1200 calories a day. This caused considerable energy loss and I was eventually listed as malnourished! Amazing at 200+ Lbs. One heart attack in 2004 and continued high blood presure meds and cholesteral meds and I’m sick of it all. I’m at 232 Lbs now and just ordered my juicer. At 5′ 9.5″ I should be in the 180 range. I’m shooting for the 10 day fast and if all goes well, extending that. Watching he movie on Netflix now. Thanks for everything you’ve posted. I’m determined. Nothing else has worked so it’s time to go radical. Once the juicer is here I’ll take a day off from work and go through the 2~3 day part hoping to return to work feeling better and on the rise on the 4th day on. Hoping for the best!

    • Amy says:

      Oh much good luck to you Todd! I do hope it all works out for you…
      I’m considering a fast as well after the holiday season and after my son heads back to post – he’s currently home on leave and I’m enjoying feeding him as much good home cooked comfort food as possible 😉
      I may eat fresh raw veggies along with drinking my juice this time though, we’ll see how I feel.
      You be sure and keep me posted on your fast ok? If I do one, I will post here and there about it too..
      Good luck to you and here’s to a fresh and healthy, happy new year!

      • Todd says:

        That’s great Amy, today I am on my way and rebooting my system. Watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is my inspiration. Awesome documentary. I didn’t have breakfast this morning but started with my first fruit juice lunch. Dinner was a veggie juice and I was really surprised at the taste of the juice. I expected something horrible, but it was actually good. I wouldn’t say fantastic, but I believe the results of drinking it will be fantastic. Like Joe in the documentary, I’m sick of taking high blood presure, blood thinners, and high cholesteral medications. I hope to get off of all of them and keep my weekly meat intake to 2 to 3 times per week as Joe stated in the documentary he has done. I hope to visit my Cardioligist this spring for my semiannual heart checkup and for her to be surprised and pleased. Since my heart attack at age 43 I’ve done very well with my checkups. At my last checkup my Cartioligist said she saw absolutely no build up in my arteries and the lower left artery that had clogged was just as clear as it was after the stent was put in. That’s all good, but the goal is to get off all the medications that are keeping my heart healthy by making my entire body healthy. Just as we’ve learned that processed foods are not good for us I also believe that medications are not good for us. Look at how many of them have such bad side effects. If our eating habits can restore our health where medications are no longer needed, then why not use that tool?

        I have started a note on my FB page so my sisters and friends can read about my progress. Both my sisters are heavy and I’m hoping to show them a new way of living. My aunt is 4’7″ and well over 200Lbs. Her ankles swell up and she has to use a walker to get around. Her doctors have told her that all her medical problems are because of her excessive weight. I hope to be an example for her too.

        Thank you to you and your son for his service to our country. I am a military brat and spent 4 years in the USAF. I hope his visit was good and that he will return home soon.

        Please do post if you decide to try the diet. I’m not completely on juices. I’ve included air popped popcorn (no microwave or oil popped) and nuts in my diet to help me through at least 10 days. However if the weight startes to drop like with so many, then I’ll stay on the diet hopefully long enough to reach my goal weight of 180Lbs, or a loss of 50Lbs (wow, I can’t even imagine being 50Lbs lighter).

        Thanks, Todd

        • Amy says:

          Good morning Todd,

          I am going to begin my fast tomorrow morning, so I’m shopping and doing the rest of my preparation today. Randy and the kids are on my side, so I’ll have lots of support. I’m hoping for a smoother fast than my last one. I will post my experience beginning Tues. morning.

          Wow, you are making great strides in turning your health around. I hope this doesn’t sound condescending or out of place, but I have to tell you that I’m really proud of what your doing and wish more people took charge of their health like you. My stepfather had a heart attack 4 years ago this Mother’s Day. He had quadrupel by-pass surgery and then left the hospital with a cigarette in his hand. :( My Mom has been battling with him ever since to try to at least eat better, but…. No luck. He is very sick again now, still smoking, and still eating whatever he likes… It can be tough on family you know?

          Anyway, I wish you the best and don’t ever give up. You just may rub off on your sisters and Aunt after a while… 😉
          Keep spreading the word and do keep in touch,

          • Amy says:

            PS. Thanks for your kind words for our son. I appreciate them much. He had a great visit home and was sad to go, but duty calls right?

          • Todd says:

            Thanks Amy. Yes I know how hard it can be on the family. My mother passed away 6 months before retirement. Went into the hospital with a broken leg, came out horizontal. Smoking and drinking contributed to congestive heart failure and two strokes while in the hospital. My father passed away 2 years after retirement from ALS. I want to be around to spend every last dime of my retirement and enjoy that part of my life. Thank you for the kind words. I hope my sisters and aunt catch on. Sorry to hear about your father. I would think he’d want to be around for his kids and grand kids, but change is difficult. Good luck on your fast and hang in there with it.


          • Amy says:

            Thanks Todd, I appreciate that. You and I, we think alike, and yes, change can be very difficult for some..
            I’m hangin in there on day 1, feeding the baby here. I have a good feeling about this fast…at least right now I do, lol…
            Thanks again,
            Bottoms up! :)

  74. Dan says:

    Thanks for posting these recipes! These are the best out there. I started my juice diet two days ago. I’ve been drinking juice for two meals a day and then having a light protein-based “keto-friendly” dinner. I made big batches of the Martian Martini and a batch of the Bright Baby Carrot and they’re both great!

    • Amy says:

      You are most welcome Dan :)
      Martian Martini is one of our favorites, Baby Carrot mine. I hope all works out well for you…
      Merry Dayz,

  75. Pam says:

    Don’t worry about calories. Just drink juice & you will feel tons better. And 10 days of just juicing isn’t going to kill anyone:) Although on day 1 & 2 you will feel like it, due to the intense headaches, but persevere as this juicing thing has saved my life. I am at month 2 of eating a raw diet (fruit, veggies, seed, nuts & legumes–I juice 2 times a day & the rest is eating the 5 items mentioned) and have lost a total of 36lbs. I feel great & I keep losing. I just had major surgery this past Monday the 19th & am feeling so great due to the juicing & raw foods lifestyle. Kudos to Amy & Randy for their lifesaving juice recipes. They are the best recipes out there!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks so much Pam, and I hope you had a very merry Christmas!
      I’m considering another juice fast myself after the holidays, or maybe a fast with raw veggies on the side… I’m feeling a bit worn down actually – so so busy with children and parties and baking and such :) I need to get back into a healthier swing of things like you!
      Glad to hear your surgery went well and your feeling great. You are an inspiration to us all girl!
      Thank you again for such kind words. I appreciate them so much,
      ((HUGS)) Amy :)

  76. Kay says:

    The recipes sound wonderful, but I don’t see any nutrient or calorie information listed. Even though the diet doesn’t focus on calories, it would still be helpful. And the nutrient information is especially need.


    • Amy says:

      Hi Kay,
      Oh thank you. Yes, calorie counting is not recommended and I agree that nutrient information would be very helpful. One day maybe, I will sit down and figure it all out. I was more concerned at the time in helping with some recipes… The children, you know, they set the demand on my time and come first 😉
      Merry Christmas,

    • Filipe says:

      Hi everyone!

      First of all I would like to congratulate Amy and everyone else for sharing your experience and recipes. This will definitely help me (and I sure know that will help a lot of people out there) in the days to come! I’ve been seeing a lot of food documentaries lately which I do recommend by the way. Food Inc, King Corn, Fat Head, Fast Food Nation and then I finally got to Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and decided to give this a go. Just ordered my juicer and I can’t wait to start juicing. I do cook a lot at home and use quite a lot of vegetables so my diet is quite healthy but as you know, cooking takes alot of the good stuff away so my purpose for doing this will be just to reboot my organism and increase the intake of the micronutrients in my overall diet for this period and then on going and see the results. I will be going for a 2 week goal and hopefully I will be coming up with some new recipes to share with you guys as well. I’m quite surprised that no one mentioned watermelon in any recipe here! Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Please keep the good work and keep posting.

      Love from Sydney, Australia


  77. Isaac H says:

    This is my second day and I feel like vomiting when I see or smell celery.
    The first drink I made was a mix of CELERY =(, lettuce, carrots, and other mixed greens. I had a headache at the end of my day. I hope this gets better or maybe I should try the After Dinner Sweet Melon Mint and Christine’s Yummy Recipe.

    • randy says:

      I don’t know about you, but before I started my first juice fast I wasn’t real keen on anything green so getting used to the juices was a challenge. After a while though the gagging actually turned to craving and it was pretty easy my the end.

      By day three I had such a wicked headache I was in bed all day. It happens to a lot of people… caffeine withdraws, detoxing, whatever the cause it seems to happen a lot. Mint tea helps and don’t let too much time go by in between “meals”.

      Good luck! Let us know how you do…

  78. Sarah says:


    I’m starting a 30 day juice fast on Thursday the 1st of December. I have gained A LOT of weight and I watched a documentary about the juice fast and that’s the first time I had ever heard of it. Sounds like a good idea to me! I don’t eat a lot of meat to begin with so that shouldn’t be a problem. However, the problem is that I have absolutely NO support. I’m a single mom and I work all the time. I thought about starting a video blog so I can see my progress, but what would you suggest???

    • Amy says:

      Hi Sarah,

      Committing to a juice fast with “NO” support, as you say, will be extremely difficult – especially considering that you’re a single mom and working all the time. You will have to juice all of your vegetables the night before to get you through the entire next day, assuming you’re not going to have time to be juicing… Plus, I know how it goes with kids, cooking, and not having a lot of time. It will not be easy at all for you…

      Let me suggest this: If you have the weekend off, start on Friday, Dec. 2nd. This will allow you to get through the toughest days (usually day 2 and 3) while you’re at home. How old are your children/child? Do you have a friend that can help at all with them if they are very little? You could experience a terrible headache the fist couple days… You can reduce caffeine withdrawal and other symptoms by gradually weaning off of heavy, fatty, starchy foods and caffeine before you begin the fast, but…sounds like you won’t have time to do that if you begin fasting this Thursday.

      If you work all weekend long, as I did before I met Randy, it really won’t matter what day you start (I worked 7 days a week). Sooo I suggest then that you pick the easiest work days to fall on days 2 and 3 of your fast. Also, I strongly suggest you consider committing to a 5 or 10 day juice fast first vs 30 days. Once you have completed a shorter fast, then you can commit yourself to an extended fast. Our oldest son, Tony, started out with a 10 day fast which went so well for him, he committed to another 10 days. His last day is tomorrow and so far he has lost almost 30 lbs.

      Lastly, I would tell your co-workers your plans. A lot of my co-workers became some of my biggest supporters, maybe you will find support you didn’t know you had. I think a video blog is a good idea too, any kind of blog or journal – whatever you feel comfortable with. All will help much with self-support.

      Let me know what you decide to do, and I will email you every single day of your fast to check in on you, help, and offer any support I can. I’ve been there you know, with the kids, and working, and going to school… It’s a lot to take on alone.. Adding a juice fast, you’re going to NEED support chicky!

      • Sarah says:

        I quit smoking and drinking anything with caffeine about 2 weeks ago. Directly after I watched that documentary I got excited and wanted to set my fasting date far enough out so that I could conquer those two VERY tough addictions first. If I can stop them, I can tackle this diet! I am very strong willed but inside I’m a little nervous. Tomorrow is D-Day. I have an old juicer which I’m going to try out today to see how well it works, if not I’m going to get a new one when I go to the store to stock up on my fruits and veggies!

        My Son is 4. He is my best friend. Ever since I’ve started this health kick he hasn’t lost out on his McDonald’s, Mommy just hasn’t joined him. I think that my Mom would be glad to help with him, BUT some good news is that on the weekends, he goes to his dads. So the first couple hard days of this, he won’t have to suffer too! If you would like to email me personally through this, I would be so appreciative!!! I might even send you my before and afters. haha!

        • Amy says:

          It sounds like you are VERY determined Sarah! Good for you and I’m so glad you gave up the cigs. I used to smoke too and it just is well…that’s another subject 😉
          I think you’ve a good plan so far, and I am going to email you every day to cheer you on and help – for sure! I’m going to talk with Randy today too to see what we can do with the site to help support you further. I will email you a test email to make sure I get through to you, and then we’ll chat lots about what you want to do. YAY for YOU! 😀

  79. patience says:

    i just started my juice fast today and iam so excited.

  80. Maria says:

    Hey Amy and Randy,

    thanks so much for all the fabulous articles on your blog! I think I read all of them in the past week while doing a 10 day juice fast. Luckily my husband is in on it, so I dont have to cook for him 😉

    Since I still have somef weight to loose, I modified the juice fast now to be able to sustain it a bit longer and added plain veggie soups in the evenings. One of my problems is, that I can’t take it to eat/drink the same drink/dish over and over again. I tried to mix up the flavors quite a bit, but towards the end of the juice fast, I was so sick of drinking juice that I could not even finish my 3 “meal” juices and even one day of only water and tea, because I felt sick to my stomach just thinking about juice. Did you experience anything like that? Any remedies may be?

    Also, I would be very interested in how Randy lost so much weight! Did you follow an exercise program? What were the biggest changes in your diet? etc… I would love to hear more about that! Great job by the way, that is a huge accomplishment!!!

    Thanks again for all the helpful information!


    • randy says:

      Thanks Maria, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! I was talking with Amy last night about your comment and realized I’ve never written about how exactly we managed to peel all that weight off me. I think I’ll have to get that done in the next couple days.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks for your kind words and you are most welcome! You asked if we ever got sick of drinking the juice and possible remedies? I have to admit, by day 3 I was juice-logged and sick of it myself. Randy made me a smoothie with strawberries, orange juice, and blackberries and then threw it in a blender with a banana. It cured me and every time I got “sick” of juice it worked.

      Good luck with your continued fasting and check back with us. You’ve got Randy busy working on a new post to share. 😉 Amy

      • Maria says:

        Thank you so much for your quick reply guys! I am looking forward to Randy’s post and I will definitely try the smoothie, thanks Amy!

        Right now, I switched to a modified diet, including veggie soup (home made, more or less just a bunch of veggies boiled in water and some seasoning), fresh fruit and juices. My weight loss has slowed down, but 2.2 pounds in 4 days is not that bad either and it gives me a bit of a break. Next week I plan on juicing again and then back to a bit more flexible diet… we will see how it goes…

        Thanks again for all the great resources you guys provide here!


  81. Pam says:

    thanks so much for your inspiration & awesome recipes. I’m into day 3 of the juice fast & wouldn’t be able to stick with this, if not for your wonderful, flavorful juices.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Pam and you are most welcome. Day 3 was a real bugger for me, I hope it goes better for you. Feel free to check back with us and let us know how your fast went. I love hearing other people’s stories. Much good luck to you – Go Pam! I’m having a cheer leader moment there I guess 😉

      • Pam says:

        Hey! just an update. I completed a 15 day juice fast & lost 17 1/2 lbs. Which is incredible for me. I took a few days off & feel terrible, so I think I’m going back to juicing & veg/fruit only for a while since I have so much weight to lose. Its amazing how your taste buds change during that time. I was actually never hungry. Sometimes I wanted chocolate, but I think it was more in my head, than I really needed it. Thanks again for your website & the recipes. They were a real life saver for me!

        • Amy says:

          Pam, that IS incredible and I’m sooo happy for you. GOOD FOR YOU! Oh my gosh, 15 days, wow… I did a 10 day fast, and it was tough, but look at you girl. And now you’re going back to it? – Fantastic!

          Our oldest son is strongly considering a juice fast, and I am going to tell him about you. I think he is worried about being hungry… Everyone is different of course, but, maybe it will be the same for him as it was for you. I guess there’s only one way for him to find out. 😀

          Thank you so much for the update and make sure to pop back in again and let us know how things are going for you. Oh, and you are most welcome for the recipes and such. We love sharing our thoughts with all of your guys. :)

          Have a marvelous day – you deserve it!
          ((Hugs)) Amy

          • Pam says:

            Hey Amy! Just an update. After my initial juice fast, I have continued to juice 2x per day (I feel really terrible if I don’t juice!) plus eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & beans. I have lost a total of 34 lbs. in 2 months. That is unprecedented by me! I always lose at a snails pace. I love my new lifestyle & have so much energy. Thanks once again for your wonderful recipes & inspiration to get & stay healthy! Blessings to you & your family for the holiday season. Peace, Pam

          • Amy says:

            That’s really great Pam! I’m so glad this is working for you.
            I felt better while on my juice fast with having more energy than ever too. I’m actually considering doing another fast after the holidays are over. I’m feeling a bit drained these days with the bust season :)
            Have you heard of Dr. Fuhrman and his GOMBS theory? I wrote a post about him a while back: http://www.health-actually.com/reviews/gombs-dr-joel-fuhrmans-anti-cancer-diet/
            Check it out and see what you think. His recommendations mirror a lot of what you are eating now. It’s really interesting…
            Kudos and congrats again to all your hard work and success. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season – enjoy it to the fullest with all your extra renewed energy! 😀
            Keep in touch,
            (HUGS) Amy

  82. Thank you so much – both of you. It’s so humbling and wonderful to see people such as yourselves putting forth this great effort for no other reason than to help others. I am truly grateful for your time on my behalf! Yes – I’ll keep going on more veggies – and push thru the stomach aches! Prune juice is a good idea too. Do you guys wonder about the protein content – if we’re getting enough doing this? I know the veggies have protein, but I wonder if it’s enough. I guess that’s why some people gain the weight back after the juicing is done – the body thinks it’s in starvation mode so when you start eating it just holds onto the food? Are there some veggies/fruits that are higher in the protein? Did you guys add any protein powder to any of your juices? I’m thinking not, since you said you stuck to it strictly…

    • Amy says:

      Goodmorning Melanie,
      I think as long as you juice plenty of dark green leafy veggies, you should be ok on protein during the juice fast. I gained muscle mass on my fast, so I’m guessing I had enough nutrients including protein. We juiced tons of kale and spinach (good protein sources) along with some collards and broccoli. I mixed in a lot of green peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and….cauliflower.. cucumbers…to bulk up the juice – kale and spinach doesn’t give a whole lot of juice. I know a few of our readers mixed wheat grass powder into their juice (another good source) and whey protein powder too. We still have not. Altogether, I’m sure your protein content would be enough, because on the juice fast you’re actually taking in 2-3-4 more times the vegetables than you could eat.
      I didn’t gain back more than two pounds after my juice fast, but I only lost 5….so it could be different for some folks. And as far as holding onto the food, well umm….let’s just say that my digestion works as well as the baby’s now, so I don’t think I hold onto anything anymore, lol…. sorry if TMI.
      If you decide to add extra sources of protein like wheat grass or whey protein, let us know. We can give you a discount code for you to use at the place we buy our wheat grass from. They make quality stuff…
      Good luck!

  83. Wow! I love your blog – the comments, graphics, all of it. I’m very much like you guys and many of your readers… saw both movies on Netflix, loved them, bought a juicer, loving it. Just curious though – how do you determine how MUCH juice to drink in a day? I’m wondering if I’m getting too many calories, or not enough… etc. I did 4 days juicing a month ago, and had stomach cramps by day 4 – I had to quit. I think I was probably doing too many sugary foods (carrots and apples) and not enough pure greens. I didn’t get a feel for how much Joe drank a day… just that he did his “Mean Green Juice” – I guess once per day, then other juices as he wanted (fresh apple or orange juice)? Thanks so much for your information!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Melanie,

      Thanks so much for your kind words. We’re not real fancy or concerned with being poetic..lol.. We do strive to keep it real though. Sometimes Randy gets a little too real, and I have to slap a PG-13 on a post…I strike his R rated comments altogether, lol… Ahh, it adds to his charms.

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy the site and our readers. I have to compliment our readers too. We’ve learned so much from their input, and we’re so glad to have them. They are a really cool group of people.

      As far as the juicing and how much question: Randy and I did not track calories while juice fasting. We did, however, drink only one or two mostly fruity juices a day with the rest being mostly green juices – kale, cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine, green peppers etc… We did not limit our juice intake either. We drank according to hunger I guess. I few days I know I was “juice-logged.”

      Watching FSAND, I did not pick up on a recommended amount of juice either. I do think that both Joe and Phil drank mostly vegetable juice though. We went back and re-watched it a few times to clarify this question for ourselves. I would suggest that you drink mostly vegetable juices consisting of many dark leafy greens with the addition of many colored vegetables to compliment them. Keep the fruit juice down, and drink according to how your body feels. If you want to lose weight and it stalls or goes up a little, drink a little less. If your getting stomach cramps again, you could try more water (maybe it’s digestion?) or changing the juice up like you said. I think you’ll have to experiment with your juice diet, to find what best suits you.

      I hope this helps some, You could count juice calories and find out your BMI and recommended calorie count, but I think that’s actually kind of discouraged. Plus, it sounds like a bit of a pain to me. Randy will be home from work soon, and I’m sure he’ll probably say the same. I’ll ask him though…If he has any other suggestions, I’m sure he won’t hesitate to get his 2 cents in :)

      I can’t believe I got through this reply with a crazy toddler in my lap! I do hope Randy hurrys up home! lol..
      Thanks again for such a nice compliment, and I’m glad to have met you. Be sure to keep in touch with us.
      Amy :)

    • randy says:

      Amy pretty much sums it up. You can track your calories if you want, but when you’re on the juice fast I say just drink when you’re hungry. As long as you stick to 80 or 90 percent vegetable juice it’s kinda hard to go over on calories. Keep in mind too that the juice fast is best for creating new habits, breaking old ones and pumping your body full of nutrients. The weight loss is a nice bonus, but overall health and a new lifestyle should be the main goals.

      I had some stomach cramps as well, but like Amy said adding in some more water (and prune juice) helped a lot. Or maybe like you said, it was just too many apples or carrots. Give it another shot and mix it up with a rainbow of veggies and a few fruits and you’ll do great.

      I’m really glad you like the site so much. We put a lot of work into and it’s nice to hear that it’s appreciated. More than anything, the feedback from people like you is what keeps us motivated to keep working!

  84. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the great recipes! Can’t wait to try them. My husband & I watched Fat Sick & Nearly Dead the other night and have committed to trying the juice fast for 10 days. I’m in the same boat as Amy, I have 2 kids I still need to cook for & prepare snacks for, etc. If I was still single, I’d clean out the fridge & cupboards to remove all temptation, but that’s not an option these days. Still gonna give it a try…Do you guys have any advice on where to get fruit & veggies in bulk. I’m thinking Costco might be a good option?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Lisa,

      I’m not sure, but I have found mostly fruit in bulk or at least better prices at Costco. They don’t have much for fresh vegetables at our Costco here. I’ve been shopping at the Farmer’s Market and our local produce markets mostly. Check into a Farmer’s Market or other produce market close to you.Prices should be very good, since many veggies are in season now.

      Glad to read you’re giving it a go. Fasting isn’t easy when you’re the primary cook, shopper, etc.. Do yourself a big favor and prepare as much as possible. Read through Randy’s blog about his fast and keep track with mine to see what you could be in for. I started on a Friday, so Randy would be home with me on days 2 and 3 (generally the worst of days). If you can, try to wean off caffeine a head of time too, that helped me a lot!

      My oven is beeping at me, lol.. I’m making dinner as I write to you… and all the while drinking my juice, lol! Tonight isn’t too bad… I will get some reprieve soon when I leave to go to my 1st graders open house night in an hour… Good luck!

      • Amy says:

        Randy just tells me that our neighbors swear they get some great deals at Costco on veggies and fruit, so def giv them a try!

  85. Rick M says:

    Good morning!
    I am enjoying this blog, and Randy’s updates. I want to offer you guys encouragement and thank you for the recipes. I’m using a fitness program now that incorporates food/lifestyle change with exercise, but I’m on the cusp of starting the juice reboot. I believe it’s what I need to clean things out and really start fresh. I already feel better, changing my eating habits and working out daily. One thing I have learned is to question everything that I eat.
    I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix, and another documentary called Foodmatters that really accentuated what Joe was talking about. I recommend it as well.

    • Randy Lee says:

      Right on Rick! You got hit it right on the head. It’s not that you can’t eat the “bad” stuff occasionally, but I think too many people don’t question what they are putting in their mouth. A lot of times what they are lead to believe is good for them isn’t really all that great.

      Thanks for the encouragement and you keep up the good work too!

  86. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for the recipes. They are helpful and encouraging. I am going to do it !

    • Amy says:

      Thank you and good luck Cynthia!
      It was a hard first couple of days for Randy, but now he’s really feeling great. I’m actually considering fasting myself… I don’t really need to lose much weight, but I would like to increase my energy. I’m just not sure if I can do it being a stay at home mom, feeding the baby all day, cooking all the meals… I’m about 80% sure I am going to do it. If Randy keeps having better and better results, I think I’ll will.
      I hope it goes well for you. And make sure to go back and read the last few days of Randy’s blog. He made a few mistakes you can prevent. 😉
      Again good luck! Amy
      ps. Make sure to blend the avocado in a blender with a little bit of juice from your recipe, and then add it to the mix – same with bananas and other fruits or vegetables not allowed in your juicer. I forgot to add that point in and am updating right now. :)

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