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Best Juicer Review, Which Juice Extractor Is Right For You?

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Look for the best juicer… Whether you’re looking to lose weight, have more energy or just generally improve your health, drinking your own fresh fruit and vegetable juice is a powerful way to do it. We recently went all out and each did a juice fast. They were a lot of fun and really struck a chord with a lot of people wanting to reap the rewards of juicing.

One of the most frequent we get about it is “What is the best juicer?” We’ve answered that question countless times so I thought it would be helpful to post about it.

We’ve done quite a bit of testing along along with a ton of research and with surveyed actual users to find the best options. Also, we do a huge amount of juicing around here and on a tight budget we’ve become experts on getting the most out of your juicing efforts.

So with all that in mind, here’s what we recommend. Hopefully, it helps you decide on which is the best juicer for you.

Healthy Kitchen – Best Juicer Review

A good juicer will pay for itself in saved time and especially in reducing wasted produce so try not to skimp and get the best juicer you can. To help narrow your search, we broke them up into $250 – $500, $100 – $250, and sub $100 categories and listed the best for each. If you can afford the $500 + products, you’re going to do some awesome juicing, but most of don’t need that kind of power and will buy one from the categories below.

Breville BJE510XL

best juicer breville bje510xl

Breville BJE510XL $199.99

First up is the model Amy and I bought for ourselves and would highly recommend to most people. The [amzps id=”1″ text_link=”text”] works like a charm, is priced within most budgets and worth every penny. The 900 watt motor easily handles everything we throw at it, and the variable speed control makes it easy to get the most juice out of a variety of produce. Breville makes a high quality product that feels solid when you use it. You can tell that it’s going last for many years to come – no cheap-o crappy pieces that are going to break off in a couple months.

It does a great job at juicing , it’s incredibly simple to use, has a nice big 3 inch feeder, and when you’re done, clean up is about a snap. I honestly can’t think of a single thing to complain about with this machine and have recommended it to friends, family and visitors to our site. In our opinion this is the best juicer for you money!

Breville BJE510XL – $199.99

Breville BJE820XL

best juicer breville bje820xl

Breville BJE820XL $399.95

Next up is the “big dog” of the bunch, the [amzps id=”6″ text_link=”text”]. With the same variable speed control and 3 inch feeder, plus dual discs and a 1200 watt motor, this is hands down the best juicer on our list. It’s, also, the most expensive. Damn the money though, you could probably juice a pine tree with this thing if you wanted!

If you have some major juicing needs and the budget to afford it, go for it. This juicer is going to have you juicing like mad and no doubt will do an even better job than our number one recommendation. I just can’t give it that number one position, because it’s overkill for most people and likely not within their budget. I’ll be jealous of anyone who picks up this model though!

Breville BJE820XL $399.95

Breville BJE200XL

best juicer breville bje200xl

Breville BJE200XL $99.95

Okay, so Breville is the bomb when it comes to juicers, and you want one bad! The only problem is the first two are out of your price range… Well the [amzps id=”2″ text_link=”text”] may be just the ticket for you then.

It has a smaller 700 watt motor and lacks the variable speed control, but if you want a top quality juicer at a bargain price, then this is just the ticket. I know two people who decide on this model, and they both love them. You still get easy clean up, a nice big feeder, and decent power. So if you are looking to save a little or just don’t have a need for the bigger juicers, then this would be a great option for you.

Breville BJE200XL $99.95

Omega J8005

best juicer omega j8005

Omega J8005 $259.00

Here’s a different style and brand that is also well recommended. All the juicers are centrifugal (spinning) except the [amzps id=”4″ text_link=”text”] which is a masticating (grinding) model.

If you are looking to juice much finer leafy type veggies, especially wheat grass, you may want to consider one of these. It operates at a much slower speed and will do a better job getting the most juice out of the really soft produce.

I’m including this model to be thorough with your options, but unless you have a specific need, you might want to stick with one of the Brevilles. If you do need a slower speed model, though, this one was highly recommended.

Note: This model does more than just juicing. It can be used to make peanut butter, baby food, coffee, flour, etc…

Omega J8005 $259.00

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor

best juicer hamilton beach big mouth

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth $59.88

The [amzps id=”5″ text_link=”text”] isn’t the best juicer in the world, but it’s pretty darn good for the price. It’s not going to juice quite as well as the Breville juicers and probably won’t last as long, but at this price it’s practically a disposable unit. I included this model, because I’ve spoke with a lot of people who are interested in juicing, but are unsure if it is right for them. Understandably, they don’t want to risk a large investment in an expensive juicer, so I we included this model as an option for a trial run.

Just keep in mind that your juicing experience might not be quite as enjoyable. The smaller feed and lower watt motor will make for more work, and you will probably spend a bit more on produce.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor $59.88

Everyone has different needs and budgets, and the best juicer for you will depend greatly on your personal situation. These five listed are the best values I could find for each price range and will do the trick for the vast majority of people. Check them out, and decide which one will fit your needs.

Now if only I could find a pizza juicer,
Randy “The Best Juicer Geek” Lee

P.S. Drop a note in the comments if you see a sale on any of them, so we can be sure everyone gets the best deal on the best juicer!

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  1. GKjuicer says:

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but I found it helpful. A couple tips on buying juicers.

    Good and pretty Awesome too: Breville 900 Watt Centrifugal. New to juicing? Get a Breville. Lighting fast with really dry pulp and pulp free juice. Will juice a blackberry probably (but don’t try). Will juice little children too, but not recommended. Because its so fast it sounds like a Jet Engine and all the juice will be aerated so you should drink right away to get any nutrients, like within 5 minutes or so. Again, for nutrients, do not leave juice out, refridgerate, or freeze. Otherwise you have healthy water that taste like Pineapple and Carrots. Still low calorie and better then a cheeseburger, soda or coffee. Also, not all nutrients are killed by oxidation.

    Best: Omega VRT330 ($329) or 350HD ($379) This machine has the best combination of all around juicing, speed, dry pulp, low or no nutrient killing oxidation, and an easy self-clean. Still pricey in my book, but the warranty is 15 years so Ultimately it may be worth it if you’re juice obsessed.

    Cancer Patients and Obsessed people only: The Champion Juicer and the Juice Factory Press together, The Gersen diet, which claims they can cure cancer recommends only this combination if you don’t have a Norwalk. There is a site that sells them together for about $600

    Insane: The Norwalk Juicer: If you’re rich. It’s the best of the best and the only one used by top hospitals and juicing programs. If you have to ask how much, then don’t bother. (Maybe $1,200)

    Small note on heat: The magic number is 148 degrees. All juicers and blenders only heat the food between 5 and 10 degrees, so heat is never an issue anyway.

    Good luck and remember; Whole Fruits and Vegetables are 400% better then juicing, so include that in your nutritional calculations as well.

    • GKjuicer says:

      sorry, the Norwalk is $2,500. Anything besides the Breville is just you being cheap. But that’s okay, you’re still losing weight :)

  2. Dan says:

    Is there a good use for the left over material? Do most just toss it in the garbage?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Dan,
      I save a lot of the extra, especially spinach shavings, and add to lasagnas and other dishes. Carrots I add to muffins and some mixed veggie shavings, I add into meat-loafs. Sounds crazy, but it tastes good. What I can’t use right away, I seal in a freezer bag and use for later. When I get too full in the freezer, or the shavings aren’t appropriate for using in cooking, I add to our compost bin. Almost nothing gets wasted. :)

  3. Alyssa says:

    What do you think of the jack lelane juicers? They are $90-something at Costco. Just curious what the differences are. I am borrowing one from my friend to try out juicing.

    • randy says:

      For the price, they’re okay I guess. The couple that I’ve check out seem to have plenty of power, but are a little more cumbersome to use. Most of all though they use too much plastic in places where they shouldn’t which results in a much lower quality machine. These things take a pretty good beating internally every time you use them and the Jack Lelane models have a reputation for breaking down. On the upside they do seem to have good customer service, but why bother with the hassle if you can get a Breville for $10 more.

  4. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Would you recommend the BJE200XL for someone like me who needs to be able to take something to work and be able to juice during my work day? It is also well within my budget.

    • randy says:

      I actually bought the BJE200XL for my parents for xmas this year and they love it, so yeah if you want a good juicer for about a hundred bucks it’s the best centrifugal model you’ll find in that range.

      I wouldn’t plan on juicing at work though unless you have a pretty unique setup. It’s noisy, messy and you’ll need somewhere to store a lot of produce. For the vast majority of people it’s logistically best to juice the night before and have it ready to take with you. It keeps pretty well for two or three days so it should be no problem.

  5. Peter says:

    Even better than juicing is using a professional home blender such as BLENDTEC Total Blender or VitaMix 5200 which provides juice with all the healthy fibre – giving you a wholefood alternative. Check them out on YouTube!

    • randy says:

      Yeah, it’s a bit different than juicing, but we do plenty that around here as well. I have a list of recommendations for some good blenders here. Another great addition to your healthy kitchen arsenal.

  6. lisa says:

    Hi, I want to buy a juicer, and have heard that it should be a masticating (might be spelled wrong) juicer as it gets more of the nutrients and something about not heating up as much..i don’t know. i am on a budget, but have breast cancer, and need to stay strong and improve my health.
    would anyone be able to comment of this? if it is really that much better to have the masticating type.

    • randy says:

      It really depends on what you’re looking to do with it. The masticating juicers do spin slower, but I don’t know how much of a heat difference. The juice from my centrifugal juicer always comes out pretty cool so I don’t think it’s much of a problem. Like I said about the Omega juicer above, the slower speed is good for getting more juice from green leafy veggies and can be used for other things like grinding coffee and making peanut butter.

      The juice from either type should be about the same with nutrients. You’ll spend a little more time juice with the masticating one, but you will probably get a little more juice from you produce in return. I don’t know what your budget is, but we’ve been quite happy with our Breville BJE510XL and haven’t regretted the purchase one bit.

      Hope that helps. Let us us know if you have any other questions…

      – Randy

  7. Deborah says:

    We also purchased the Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor, and love it. Clean up is a breeze. I would recommend it highly!

  8. Lorri says:

    When we first started juicing, we bought a cheap juicer from Walmart (probably $30 or $40), and that lasted us a good while juicing carrots and apples. It was just what we needed to know that we will continue juicing and finally invested in a Breville. If just starting out, I’d suggest this option!

    Thanks for all the info on the Breville’s!

    • randy says:

      Yeah, it’s a smart way to go if you’re not sure. It might not be the best juicer, but you can ease into it with a lower end model until you’re ready to commit. No sense in having a two or three hundred dollar appliance lying around gathering dust. We bought our Breville right away, but not everybody is as gung ho as us.

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