Dr. Joel Fuhrman is the GOMBS! – Randy made me write that – lol! I was watching our local PBS station this past weekend and to my surprise, I see Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the same Dr. that Joe Cross, director of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, consulted on his quest for better health and weight loss. Randy and I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (a documentary on achieving better health) just weeks ago. We were truly inspired by it and went on juice fasts of our own both ending with positive results.

So when I saw the very same Dr. Fuhrman on PBS that played a part in Joe Cross’s documentary, I parked my hummingbird butt for long enough to hear what he had to say…

eat to live gombs dietDr. Joel Fuhrman introduced himself as a family physician and the author of the popular book Eat to Live (I just received my copy in the mail yesterday!). He was appearing on PBS to reach out to people and inform them about his 3 Steps to Incredible Health. He describes his 3 steps to eating healthier and thus achieving better, even greater health, preventing disease and healing ailments. Its sounds too good to be true, but then I recalled the documentary…

A person’s diet can be the most important element in fighting certain diseases, specifically cancer.  It has become a bit of a trend, finding the right combination of superfoods to offset the harmful effects of the disease.  Nurses are finding themselves in the middle of this new medical trend, mainly because they work so closely with patients and have such influence on their specific diet.  Certain degrees, like a RN-BSN nursing degree are now covering this more closely, so that the next wave of medical professionals have a better grasp on the effectiveness of a good, healthy diet

This is exactly what Joe Cross did in his documentary – curing illness and achieving better health with a healthy diet. Under Dr. Fuhrman’s care, Joe went on a strict juice fast consisting of mostly vegetables and some fruit juice for 60 days, ultimately curing his illness of chronic urticaria. Dr. Fuhrman is highlighted in the documentary briefly explaining his basics for the best nutrition, but isn’t allowed to go into a lot of detail. It is only about a 90 minute documentary after all.

Anyway, I started to think; maybe this Dr. Fuhrman is the real deal. So, I gave him my full attention which frankly, not many get around this zoo. I’m glad I did.

He explained how foods have both micro and macro nutrients and the significance of both in relation to our diet.

Addressing food addictions  Dr. Fuhrman suggested that we not take certain foods from our diet, yet add healthy ones in. Over time, we can become more accustomed to the taste of healthier foods; even crave them leaving the unhealthy, junk food versions behind. – I really love this suggestion. It just makes good sense.

Then, he went on to assert how we need to make “the salad the main dish.” Basically, Dr. Fuhrman stresses the importance of eating many varieties of raw vegetables and fruits, why it is so important for our health, and even suggesting on how to go about it.

Next, he describes how some foods are superfoods, what’s special about eating them, and how they can prevent, even help to cure certain diseases. He said to remember the word “GOMBS” – not combs, lol.. It has stuck with me all week this word GOMBS… GOMBS isn’t a diet, but more like a rule of eating to follow founded by Dr. Fuhrman. He asserts it to be an anti-cancer way of eating.

So what is GOMBS? It’s as easy as eating:

G = Greens. Green vegetables contain many different nutrients and organisms that create a slippery coating on the inside of your blood vessels. Greens activate something called the Nrf2 mechanism that prevents plaque from sticking and speeds up the rate at which fat melts away – all this occurs inside our tiny blood vessels. Basically, think of eating greens as a way of cleaning out your blood vessels and coating them with protection.

O = Onions. When you cut an onion, you cry for good reason. The gas released actually creates disulfides and anti-cancer nutrients that are formed. A large study in Europe revealed that people who ate onions regularly showed a 60% – 70% reduction in all major cancers. Source -The Medical Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Think of preventing ovarian cancer or prostate cancer just by eating more onions… It’s a mind-boggling thought and a simple strategy to a growing problem.

M = Mushrooms. A Recent study published in the International Journal of Cancer showed that women who regularly consumed about 10 grams (that’s a small handful of sliced mushrooms, usually 1)  are 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. This study went even further to reveal that the group of women who ate this same amount of mushrooms daily along with regular consumption of greens or green tea were 89% less likely to develop breast cancer. This research is more than mind-boggling, it’s significant, remarkable, and extraordinary news that inspires and encourages the need to eat healthier foods – all from about 1 mushroom, wow.

B = Beans and Berries. Beans and berries have highly potent, concentrated levels of anti-cancer antioxidants. They promote healthy brain function as well.

S = Seeds. Raw seeds and nuts contain phytochemicals and good fats that work to reduce cholesterol, help our bodies better absorb important micronutrients, and decrease inflammation.

eat for health dr joel fuhrmanI like Dr. Fuhrman’s idea of GOMBS. It’s more than just an anti-cancer rule of eating – that sounds like I’m understating its significance doesn’t it? Eating greens, onions, mushrooms, berries, beans, and seeds offers many other nutritious qualities that will improve greatly the quality of our health. I like, too, that he doesn’t promote a “magic” product. He’s promoting eating healthy food. That doesn’t seem to be too hard now does it?

In fact, I just like this Dr. Fuhrman. I like the way he presents information. He’s so practical and makes what he’s saying sound like good common sense. He’s not pushy or over excited – those people turn me off instantly. He just seems to have an honest manner about him. When I finish his book, Eat to Live, I’ll let you all in on it. Then, I’ll look into his Eat for Health books next. I’m excited to read them all.

Over this past week, I’ve added GOMBS into our diet, and it wasn’t that hard at all: Randy adds ground flax to his oatmeal. The kids and I had fresh berries on out oatmeal pancakes. See my salad above for lunch? Arugula, onions, button mushrooms, dried cranberries, almonds, sunflower seeds… Easy GOMBS on a plate. 🙂

You can add mushrooms and onions to all kinds of dishes, seeds or nuts to cereal and salads, greens on sandwiches or on the side, even in soups! I’m making a kale soup tonight. Let us know how you eat GOMBS. Maybe you have a clever recipe that incorporates them all?

Until next time about more on Dr. Fuhrman,

PS. If you are familiar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, GOMBS, or any of his other eating principles, I’d appreciate your input. Thanks