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Is SENSA A Scam Or Does It Really Help You Lose Weight?

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I knew I had to write a post about SENSA the moment I saw their commercial. Have you seen it? It makes some pretty amazing claims. They say that just by sprinkling their product on your food you can lose over 30lbs without changing your diet and without exercising, Holy Crap! I gotta get sumadat!

Anyway, like most veterans of weight loss, I’m skeptical whenever a new snake oil comes along. Especially when they start throwing out these “Too good to be true” statements and man-0-man, that SENSA commercial was loaded with them. So I set about researching to see what I could dig up in the way of a SENSA review for you guys.

Here’s an explanation of how it works from the official website

The scientific principle behind SENSA® is remarkably simple. As you eat smell and taste receptors send messages to your brain which release hormones that tell your body it’s time to stop eating. This is a phenomenon we call Sensory Specific Satiety. By enhancing smell, SENSA® Tastants were designed to help speed up the process and trigger your “I feel full” signal, so you eat less and feel more satisfied. Because SENSA® works with your body’s natural impulses, rather than against them, there are no feelings of hunger or intense cravings.

…sounds reasonable and they back it up with the usual “Clinically Proven” claims.

And it may even possibly work for some people. I’ve seen a few comments from people who claimed to have had success. However, most look like astorturfing (fake comment spamming) and the ones that are possibly legit offer only anecdotal evidence. The VAST majority of comments on SENSA review sites are from people with complaints though.

No Magic Bullets Here

It’s nearly impossible to judge the effectiveness of a weigh loss product by the reviews alone simply because of the subjective natural of it. I mean there’s just no way of knowing if the user followed usage directions or how they ate and exercised while they were using it. I don’t see a lot of people singing the praises of this stuff though. At least not ones that appear to be legit.

Effectiveness aside, you need to be aware of the amazing number of people complaining about billing problems. They seem to be trying to pull some kind of re-billing scam and hitting people for a double shot of $89 after they sign up for the free trial.

Also, a lot of SENSA review sites are littered with comments about return issues. People are saying that when they try to return it, they are asked to return the unopened trial pack which of course they opened in order to try it. They are then subsequently being hit for the $89 at least once and sometimes twice. Just search Google for “SENSA complaints” and you’ll see what I mean.

Furthermore, it appears that Dr. Hirsch is being less than honest (big dink) about his clinical studies. ABC reported back in 2008 that the Endocrine Society, which Hirsh says reviewed and approved of his work, said they merely invited him to present his findings for debate. And they were “surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation.”

Apparently Dr. Hirsch has been pushing this stuff since 2004 when it went by the name “Sprinkle Thin”. He must’ve went and found a marketing company to get a less stupid sounding name and repackaged with a nice “clinically proven” B.S. bow on top. Ohhhh, these guys are soooo sneaky…

The main reason I felt compelled to write this SENSA review is that this product is more dangerous than the usual ripoffs. You see, right there in the commercial for this magic fairy dust, they state that you don’t have to change your eating or exercise habits. You know that was designed to play on peoples emotions. They’re telling you that what you are eating is okay and if you are obese, I’m sorry, but it’s not okay. The marketing for it is actually promoting counterproductive and even destructive behaviors!

I don’t normally like to write about products I haven’t tried myself, but with this one I had to. The negative feedback on this demonic dandruff is just too overwhelming and you should avoid it like the plague. If you do decide (possibly in a drunken stuper) that you simply must try this stuff for yourself, please please please proceed with caution and a credit card with ironclad consumer protection!

**UPDATE** Quite a few people were going on to give it a try so I added the Amazon link on the right. Please do yourself a favor order it through there or go to GNC so you avoid their billing headaches!

Spread the word,
Randy “The in-SENSA-tive clod” Lee

P.S. If anyone has a positive SENSA review, puh-leeze share it in the comments. I’d love to see a genuine one.

SENSA Trial Video

How many marketing tricks / emotional triggers can you spot in this 90 second clip?!?!

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  1. Goldie Hull ( Henson ) says:

    IT Does not work I took it for 6 mo. an never lost a pound

  2. Rob R says:

    All I can say is … used it for 6 months – LOST 35 LBS. did not notice any after taste, headaches, bloating, gas, etc. I just noticed that I was able to eat less and feel satisfied. Was it the Sensa? Was it my own willpower and desire? Not sure, but my feeling is it was a combination of the two. It CAN work but it isn’t going to melt the weight off you all by itself. You need to listen to your own body; when you start to feel full STOP EATING. The Sensa (may) help you start to feel full sooner – that’s when you need to stop!

    ps, I did purchase it through the site and I knew about the auto-billing but when I cancelled my repeat billing/shipping – online – the charges stopped and so did the shipments. So while I’m sure some of you have had the problems you wrote about, I had absolutely no problems at all with billing. Hope this reply is helpful to someone. Best of luck.

  3. JoeBear68 says:

    I was curious to this product. For several years, I was morbidly obese to the point of being extremely sick. As a veteran, I got help from the VA and started a program that has as of this comment , helped me lose 120lbs. There was nothing easy about it. It called for discipline and hard work. In my zeal to lose more weight, I thought that this product would enhance what I’ve successfully been doing so far. So when Sensa started to advertise their “FREE OFFER”, I decided to try it to see if it was all that it says it is. Well …… I’m here to tell anyone that is pondering using this product to save themselves a lot of disappointment AND aggrivation. Not only did this product NOT WORK, they stole $95 out of my bank account using the old flim-flam schpiel of reading the “fine print”! Fortunately, my bank halted any withdrawl by these con artists, and I am seriously considering Tort actions against these people. Save yourselves a lot of trouble, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My mom ended up in the hospital with weakness, delirium, unusual thirst, frequent urination, extremely high blood pressure, memory loss, extreme tiredness, difficulty breathing, appetite loss, headache, muscle cramps, etc. She has also been suffering from sinus problems, lung congestion, bad flank pain, constipation, change in smell and taste, etc.

    Tricalcium Phopshate (aka calcium phosphate, tribasic calcium phosphate) has symptoms of an OVERDOSE listed as WEIGHTLOSS, appetite loss, mood changes, nausea, vomiting, weakness and tiredness. It can even lead to coma. Look up hypercalcemia, hyperphospatemia and the different vitamins and minerals that this drug effects.

    PLEASE REPORT your symptoms to the FDA! They have a form on their website or you can fill out their medwatch report by hand and send it in. Just because it is a supplement does not mean that the FDA will not investigate the complaints.

    They are glorifying the OVERDOSE symptoms of a drug

  5. priscilla says:

    After the second time I used it my stomach bloated to the size of a beachball. Who could eat ? I was nauseated and am still suffering from the bloat. I had to take something to help me with the pressure in my stomach which then caused the runs for 6 hours. It’s going back.

  6. Kevin says:

    I lost 81 Lbs in 6 months and have successfully kept it off WITHOUT using Sensa. My diet plan was my own and I would like to share it with anyone who is interested in serious weight loss. It’s very simple, but it does require focus and discipline. I share this ONLY as hope that it helps someone out there. It worked for me, and I was overweight my entire life. I re-programmed my metabolism and trained my body by doing the following. Now, I can enjoy most foods – in moderation – and still maintain a good weight.

    First, some basics. Know that it is mind over matter that leads to your success. Your mind vs. your body. My body actually FOUGHT ME during this time, but I refused to give in. So here it goes…..

    Cut out ALL EXTRA FAT. Most foods have normal amounts of daily recommended allowance (DRA) of fat when consummed in reasonable portions (think 3 to 4 oz or an average restaurant portion). This means NO FRIED FOODS. NO TWINKIES. NO CANDY. NO BUTTER. Use only SKIM MILK. If you must indulge every now and then, then limit yourself to the 3 oz portion rule and then STOP.

    Next, cut out ALL EXTRA CARBS. This means Sugars, Breads, Pastries, Desserts, Cookies (my personal weakness!). Hwever, you can actually train your body, mind, and taste buds to do without it. Again, if you must, then LIMIT yourself to 3 oz Portion once a week. Start using Stevia or another natural form of sweetener for your tea or coffee. Yes, it taste a little bitter at first, but after about a week or so, you will get used to it.

    Learn to eat plenty of Fiber (Vegetables like Celery, Broccoli, etc.), I ate lots of Total Cereal (no sugar). Substitute grilled for fried – Chicken for example. Learn to like Salad with Vinaigrette dressing (not Thousand Island).

    In less than a month, you will actually LIKE these items and will not crave the old stuff. Here was my daily intake – and know that this was HARD FOR ME AT FIRST, but I was determined and IT WORKED. Wake up as early as you can and go walking or light jogging – what ever you can withstand for 35 to 45 min. Your body burns the most calaries when you first get up then at any other time in the day. After that I ate a bowl of Total Cereal with Skim Milk. Mid-morning, around 10am, I would eat half of a Grapefruit. At lunch, I ate a Grilled Chicken Salad with Vinaigrette dressing. At mid-afternoon, around 2pm, I ate the other half of my Grapefruit. At 6pm, I ate another salad or sometimes another bowl of Total Cereal. Yes, I was hungry for the first couple of days, but after about a week, my body adjusted and I became satisfied. At the end of one month, I had lost 20 Lbs. In week five and six I hit a plateau and started to get depressed. Then a friend told me to NOT GIVE UP. So I continued. In week eight, I couldn’t keep up with my own weight loss. I mean, I had to purchase smaller clothes! It was awesome. I had finally won. My body was burning the extra fat ON IT’S OWN because I was limiting the INTAKE and increasing the OUTAKE – with exercise. I had more energy. More sex drive. I even had increase in creative ideas that I implemented at work. And after I acheived my goal, I found that my body actually processed the food better. Even the occasional dessert. I had literally re-programmed my body and I believe anyone can do this also.

    I hope this helps someone out there. I tried gimmicks and diets to no avail. They made me bigger. The jokes hurt too. And what people didn’t know was that I was TRYING to do something about it. Well, THIS regiment worked for me and I didn’t use SENSA or any other aid. Hopefully it will work for you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sensa Weight Loss Let me start by saying that the Sensa web page is misleading. I signed up for a free trial that I thought was for a two month period, because they shipped me a two month supply. I only paid about 4 bucks for S/H. Now, one month later, they hit my bank account for $95.00. They claimed that the receipt that came with product stated that it was only a 30 day trial. I tried to call them to get my money back and spoke to a very rude associate, who cut me off in the middle of our conversation and put me on hold for 20 minutes. Finally, a supervisor came on the phone (also very rude), to tell me that there was nothing she could do about it. Now I have a question. The testimonials on their web page talk about weight loss in 10, 9, and 6 month time periods. How can anyone try this product for only 30 days and be able to determine whether or not it works for them? Also, if it is a 30 day trial why send a 60 day supply. I’ll tell you why, It’s a tactic to confuse the consumer, take their money, and then say read the fine print. In addition, my experience with the product was lackluster to say the least. In my opinion, this is just another weight loss gimmick to add to the hundreds out there that don’t work either. CONSUMERS BEWARE.

  8. Sally says:

    i dont reccomend sensa at all. my head started spinning in the first week and i often got diarreha.

  9. Tiffanie says:

    Well, I’m one of those duped into paying double for a product that doesn’t do what it claims! It certainly does change the taste of your food and it smells funny. I called Customer Care to get the charges reversed and he proceeds to tell me I authorized the charges when I signed up for the free trial. Please run away from Sensa…try Weight Watchers because it really works if you work it….I thought I could get something for nothing. Weight loss without the sweat and healthy eating, didn’t work!!

  10. I have two credit cards that allow me to create Virtual Credit Card Numbers that will bill back to my original credit card. I can set the expiration date, as well as set the dollar amount. These numbers come with expiration date as well as the three digit code. No one knows the difference until they attempt to use it again. Once you enter the credit card number, or give it out, it will verify immediately. That has saved me many headaches for double billing or unwanted billing.

  11. Fanny says:

    Loving the internet right now, for being able to quickly access this article and comments, prompting me NOT to try Sensa, just another modern day snake oil. (And doubly shameful of them to cheat folks out of their hard earned money as well). Whew! Pathetic to think I have so little willpower I can’t control my own portions or get on the treadmill myself. I can and will and will have success, and so can anyone else reading this or considering Sensa. Thanks again.

  12. Anna Cohen says:

    I can’t be the only person for whom Sensa didn’t work?
    I was desperate/determined to loose weight for my son’s wedding. I’m 5″1″ and weighed 235lbs. I was/am zaftige. I have yo yo dieted all my life and have been at a standstill for the last 10 years… unable to loose no matter how little I eat or how much I exercise. I’m 67 and retired.
    I started Sensa in February 2010. I was actually thrilled to loose 1lb in the first month. However, I got a little worried. After a week of sprinkling my throat was scratchy and my ears and chin got red and itchy which signals to me that I have an allergy to something. I stopped sprinkling and I stopped itching and so was a little afraid to begin sprinkling again. I only weighed in once a week. I couldn’t stand the disappointment if I didn’t loose anything and that disappointment would undermine my commitment to continue. Even though I had been sprinkling for only four days and stopped because of a possible itchy reaction I lost one pound. I very cautiously and lightly began sprinkling my foods again. I was able to continue without any more adverse symptoms. I had stopped sprinkling and the weight came back. So I went back to sprinkling. By week four I was noticing that I was choosing to eat less, without being hungry. I have to admit I did not try any of the recipies; I was not in a space to learn all new recipies.

    OK, start of month three, I’m down 10 lbs Whoopdy Dooo!!! BUT I’m very distressed. I feel bloated, constipated and full of gas. I wake up every morning to a 21 gun salute! It’s ridiculous, and it’s embarrassing, even to my husband of 38years. I’m living in a miasma of noxious fumes, like a skunk. I’m in and out of the bathroom five or six times a day feeling hard pressure only to explode on the toilet, lots of sound and fury, but no cigars. NO ONE helped me with my digestive tract problems. It’s very tough trying to be polite but also ask for help in this situation. No one ever addressed this problem or helped me with it and it was serious for me. I also got bumped out of the community web site which no one could figure out why, but it helped me make up my mind to cancel my account .

    I went back to where I started 235. I was not able to loose even one ounce for my son’s wedding. The weight came back on right away and it’s stuck with me ever since.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks. I’m facing a wedding, too and thought about Sensa. I appreciate your candor and you let me know that what I feared was true! By the way, I bet your son was happy to have every ounce of you at his wedding!

    • kathi bayer says:

      I am same weight and close in age. Thought about Sensa but sounded too good to be true. I joined TOPS – lots of support and not a large cost.

  13. just me says:

    I recently had seen the commercial and thought to myself….wow, this looks great. I have done this many a time with alot of other diet gimmicks, mind you…so decided to check out the reviews first! As I sit here and read through the comments I noticed a couple of things…. 1. people are working out 2. or gaining back the weight and cravings after stopping the product. well, correct me if I am wrong, but if you work out 4-5 times a week you will knock off weight and if you do NOT teach YOURSELF how to eat properly then you will continue to gain the weight? this sounded like a good idea for the 15 minutes that I sat there watching the television and wishing that were me in hot pink bikini….then after reading these comments I realized I should keep my money in MY pocket and continue on with the process I am treading up hill with now….its hard work…but, I will be richer all the way around if I teach myself how to eat right, exercise on a daily basis and save my money for the new clothes I will eventually get myself into ….I once again was hoping for a quick and easy miracle cure, but this is not it. Thank you everyone for putting my head back on the right track and reminding me that I got here myself and I need to get myself out….it will take time, but I will get here. :)

  14. cheech65 says:

    I just finished trying Sensa and found it DOES change the taste of my food. It also has a scent to it you can smell around the food. It upset my stomach and caused constipation. I spoke to my primary care physician and he told me to change up my workout for more cardio. I already eat only whloe grains, fresh real fruit and no sugar.

    Losing weight is not easy people, how long did it take for you to gain the weight you have? It will take just as long to lose it! Get up away from the TV and get outside!

  15. Courtney says:

    i bought it and was very displeased, i called to get a refund and they said there was nothing they could do, what the **** is your “customer care hotline” for then. there idiots, don’t waste ur time with it.

  16. cindy says:

    Of course it is a scam! There is no “magic” substance that you can simply shake on your food and lose weight. The ONLY thing that works is diet and exercise…. DO NOT waste your money

  17. Des says:

    I just wanna say that I ordered the free trial and tried it for the first month. To my surprise I gained 5 more pounds and was snacking right after my meals. The feeling I got was like when I ate chinese food, full for about 25 minutes then starving and craving food. I was walking 4 miles a night and making sure to “shake” on everything. I def didn’t get the results that were promised. When I called to cancel and return the lady kept trying to convince me to try the month 2 because it has more stuff in it. Well that is odd because the packages read exactly the same from each month….and she couldn’t even tell me what the working agent was. TOTAL SCAM…I was very disappointed to say the least.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I bought Sensa through Costco. It is cheaper there and I didn’t have to worry about returns or anything.

  19. Gail says:

    Well I started Sensa when my mom purchased it for me. For breakfast I always drank a small caramel frappe’. I just could not start my day without one. Well, I noticed after about 1 month of Sensa, I did not want the frappe’ anymore. I didn’t know why, I figured I was on burnout, until I stopped the Sensa. I only stopped because I wanted to try something else. Well, I was back to a small caramel frappe’ in no time. You better believe I restarted the Sensa and now, no frappe and no desire. Oh yes, it does work in controlling cravings. My chocolate craving is gone also. So now I’ve decided to go full steam ahead and stick to it for the six month period. I used the please return to us coupon from Sensa for the 6 month program.

  20. Shon Marible says:

    I am glad I came across this. I just received my “free” two month trial of SENSA last week, and from the comments I’ve read, I am sending it back ASAP!!!

  21. kate says:

    How can you have a review about a product if you didn’t try it??? Who cares about if you tried the free trial and you got scammed? people want to know if it works!! I am starting today and if anyone wants to actually know what happens, you can reply and I will keep you updated! The point of sensa is to trigger the feeling of being full. I am using the sensa as a supplement to my already better diet and exercising 2 days a week. I hope it really helps me by triggering a full feeling. It is $40 a month, you can get it at costco for a better value! I will probably start a blog or something tonight, because I am tired of looking for reviews and finding people complaining about the free trial!!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Kate,

      I almost never comment on this thread, because there are many fueled words here, some outright uncalled for. But after reading yours, I felt compelled to do so. I’m Amy, by the way, Randy’s wife… He wrote this review on Sensa, and I do share his opinion. I tell you this in no way to start a feud or raise your blood pressure any further, yet more so to answer your question about why this review was written without even trying the product.

      I personally would not recommend to anyone to try Sensa just to avoid ingesting many un-needed chemicals. Eating healthy foods is important to Randy and I, so trying Sensa alone was not for us. I will say, though, the strong desire to write this review was to bring to light the marketing tactics of Sensa and hopefully in the end help people become more mindful of purchasing – I see here people are recommending Costco (I have seen it there as well and think it a good idea if one does decide to try it).

      As far as the scamming part on the free trial, a lot of people do care about this, and unfortunately its happening a lot. That may be why you are having a hard time finding a positive review. We actually get daily emails from hurting folks trying to stop the shipments….we can’t help them….we don’t ship or sell Sensa. It’s terrible. Many many others have come on the blog stating that Sensa did nothing for them…

      If you do decide to start a blog with daily or so posts, do feel free to link it into our comments so people can investigate your experience. We have as many as 1500 visitors daily on this post alone. Maybe it will help people… We do have several – not many but several – commentors reporting how Sensa worked for them.. But, they fall off and never come back. I wonder if they tired of the negative responses or if they stopped using Sensa……

      I do wish you the best of luck on your journey to better health. Not everything works the same for everybody, Randy and I both know this, so what did not work for us OR is not in our opinion even an option for us, may suit you better.
      I’ll be checking back with you in a few weeks… Hopefully, you and I can have a mutually beneficial conversation about this subject..I’d like some honest thoughts from someone willing to go the distance..
      Best of luck,

      • kate says:

        I appreciate your response! I know what you mean, people are concerned about the “scam” of a free trial they offer, but I wanted to see some proof it doesn’t work before I got a review. I saw too many review that it was a scam and that people were only going to try it for a couple weeks when it is a 6 month program! I got into sensa when I got some insider info and learned it is made of all FDA approved ingredients! (a first!) I think sensa is going to be the “it” thing and I want people to see some real results. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’d like it to be an informed one. So, here you go, the link to my blog: I would love to mutually benefit eachother so we should try to say in touch!

        • Amy says:

          Thank you for your quick response! Hopefully your personal experience will benefit others… Its good to have an exchange of ideas from all sides to keep the discussion real. I hope that, no matter what happens, you reach a healthier self. Best of luck to you :)

          • kate says:

            Hi Amy! It’s been over a year and a half since this post. I was definitely a Sensa fail, more so due to time and money, but also because I realized how silly it was to look for an easy fix. I have finally decided to make a lifestyle change to better myself forever. I have decided to do another blog(of course), mostly because I tried to do it the easy way before and I failed. Thank you to you and your husband for continuing to show your journey of health and fitness. This is a link to mine.

    • Kat says:

      Kate, please keep me posted on your results! :)



    • Anonymous says:

      How is Sensa working for you? I bought it a little over a week ago and so far my cravings have stopped, I am full faster and actually have lost 3 pounds in a little over a week. Just curious how it is going for you.

      • kate says:

        Today was my first day! Interesting so far, full details on my blog! :) Let’s just say so far, I have been surprised by how fast it works!

      • vell says:

        hi i just ordered my’s and i’m hopeing that it will help me i really need something to help me at night not want to eat late at night i have lost a few pound’s but would like to go down some more so i hope it work’s thanks

    • Margot says:

      Hi Kate,

      I agree with you 100%/ I am considering trying Sensa. Please let me know how your experince has been.

      I thank you.

      Margot – Florida

    • Sandy says:

      Kate, I wanted to know if you are seeing any results or can tell any diference in your appetite? Please respond.
      Thank you,

    • Val says:

      Hi Kate!

      Did this product work for you? My free trial is on the way and I’m hoping you had a positive experience.

      Thanks for any feedback.

    • Mrs. Henderson says:

      Kate pleas keep up the good work with the diet and exercise program are doing right now.As a former Sensa user I can honestly say it doesn’t work if anything it causes weight gain. Add more exercise but please save our money. It’s a scam.

  22. Jeanette says:

    It is another scam to work on our minds. It does nothing!

  23. Diane says:

    This did not work at all. Save your money, take a walk -if just around the block you will feel better, firm up and SAVE MONEY.

  24. Anonymous says:


    • Misha says:

      I sent the product back well within the time frame. I noticed 2 months later, they billed me $89. They claim they never received my package and won’t refund my money. FREE trial ? NOT !

  25. Dana says:

    I haven’t acutally tried Sensa, but was intrigued. I went to their website today to get more information. According to Sensa, they did a clinical trial which included 1436 people using the product and 100 not. Over the course of six months, the individuals in the Sensa group lost an average of 30.5 pounds. The individuals in the control group lost only an average of 2 pounds. I’ve been through college statistics, and thought those numbers didn’t sound right. It seems to me that the control group should have had the same number of people as the Sensa group. Since it did not, I did a little math to see what a control group of 1436 would have lost (on average) over the six months. If I did my calculations correctly, the control group would have lost 28.7 pounds. Since this number is so close to the Sensa group’s 30.5, I think I’ll pass on the Sensa.

    • kate says:

      The control group had fake sensa

    • Caroline says:

      Don’t confuse clinical “trial” with clinical study. Hirsch studied his own product within his own company. This is not the same as a clinical TRIAL – the gold standard in medical research which would be done independently!!

  26. miia culpa says:

    Sensa has been working for me here’s why: I have no idea if their claims for what it does are true or not, but the fact that I have to sprinkle everything I eat brought my eating habits into focus for me. It could be a placebo, doesn’t matter – – focusing on stopping when I’m actually full is working for me. I’ve lost just over 60 lbs since I started. It is NOT a fast loss by any means, it has taken me 8 months to lose those 60 lbs, but I have not changed what I’m eating (which is important to me, I don’t eat badly, but I don’t want to be restricted to rabbit food or feel that I can’t eat stuff I like or that god forbid I have to do math just to eat), just the quantities. I also excercise about 30 min 4 to 5 days a week. So does Sensa work? I still couldn’t say for sure, but the process (sprinkle everything/stop when full) is working for me. Regarding the billing/customer service: I haven’t had any problems thus far.

    • Anonymous says:

      if you have to drop $90 a month to have self control over your eating habits you’ve got some serious problems!!! jus sayin i mean c’mon you sound so ignorant and need to take some biology and chemistry classes to realize everything your sayin and they are claimin is absolutely bogus! FACT!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        This is a completely rude reply and should be removed. Everyone is different, the fact that you felt the need to post this says there is something seriousely wrong with you. jus sayin

    • Mrs. Henderson says:

      It’s a scam. Sorry.

  27. Anna says:

    The Sensa Costumer Service is TERRIBLE! I am writing this review here because you dont have the option on your webpage and I can imagine why… so hard to edit out negative comments. I all due respect I would like to tell all the new Sensa customers to be careful about using this product. I ended up paying S&H for my free trial and postage to sent it back and still got charged full price only later to be brushed off by the customer service representatives… I got robbed, be careful when you return the product to double check EVERYTHING and make sure you are not getting charges you should not be paying for!

  28. Dr.S says:

    If you really want the fastest, easiest most successful way to lose weight, read the new book; “The 10 Second Diet”. The word “diet” refers not just to the foods we eat, but also to the life we live. There are no special pills, potions, liquids or elixirs – this is the most down to earth, common sense technique and it works! It can not only reverse the obesity epidemic, but help restore civility and improve humanity.
    Here is a link to the website:

  29. Roxie says:

    It does reduce cravings…it’s not a miracle plan but if you have those ‘I’ve got to have it’ moments, it does seem to keep you from over eating. If you are looking for a drop weight / eat what and however much you want, this isn’t for you. I think it’s worth the investment (bought from Costco so it’s a lot cheaper and FREE shipping) I’ve lost 3 lbs in 4 weeks and didn’t change my lifestyle at all..just didn’t get those late night cravings or urges.

  30. Dee says:

    Can anyone explain to me in layman’s terms exactly HOW and WHY Sensa would work? ALL of the ingredients are inert and don’t have any effect on the brain, stomach or digestive system. PLACEBO, people, PLACEBO!

    • Roxie says:

      When I use it, it seems to take the ‘taste’ away? Like when you have a mild cold.. I actually sprinkle it on my tongue before I eat (don’t use as much) and the affect seems to happen faster. We’re all different, so I can’t imagine everyone will have the same result.

    • Keith says:

      From what I gather, it gives you the sensation of being “full”. The problem is that we naturally have that ability. Some tend to ignore it or their natural receptors have been damaged because of whatever bad foods have been consumed…almost like diabetes. Your sensitivity levels are impaired.

      The best way to lose weight is to change from bad foods to good foods, regular exercise and self education.

      • Alexa says:

        (Warning random rant with nothing to do with Sensa :P)
        Some of the obese women are probably like me, PCOS. Sometimes PCOS can cause insulin resistance (related to but not exactly diabetes). I know when it wasn’t in check that I would never feel full no matter what I ate I had a pretty much literal bottomless pit of a stomach. Only when on metformin for it did i ever feel full.
        Now that I’m pregnant I have a normal metabolism and I feel full SO easily, it’s crazy to think what some hormone imbalances and insulin resistance can do to people.

        • WeightlossChallenged says:

          It is interesting to see that people believe everyone will automatically lose weight with a healthy diet and exercise. NOT TRUE! I have been battling thyroid cancer and hypothyroidism for several years. The only way I lost weight after my 2nd child was working out for at least an hour 5 days a week and hardly eating anything, drinking lots of water & green tea. It took me over 6 months to lose 54lbs, but I did it. And it stayed off. Until I developed thyroid cancer. Now, I am on the appropriate medications, etc. Yet, I can’t lose weight even though I’m back to barely eating, etc. Working out like I’m training for a marathon isn’t even doing it! So, I’m seriously thinking of trying Sensa. Anything to help boost my metabolism and keep me from developing diabetes from being overweight. Personally, I have tried so many different things to lose weight and nothing has worked. So for people who bash us obese ones, you need to remember that not all of us stuff our faces with junk. I prefer steamed veggies as a snack over chocolate or sweets (actually not much of a chocolate fan anyway). I think Sensa is worth a try, though after reading reviews, I think I’ll get mine at the local GNC or Costco.

          • randy says:

            SENSA will not boost your metabolism, it reduces your appetite. If you are already eating practically nothing like you say. This garbage will do you no good at all.

  31. Alynrochelle says:

    SO I’ve been receiving comments by email for many months now. Today I went and bought Sensa from GNC, I had a coupon and a gold card for discounts. I will try it honestly for 3 weeks and see what happens. I am overweight and don’t workout consistently, but I would be nice to see if my eating habits “change”. And I do plan on walking more and drinking more water than I currently do. I’m not gonna knock it til I try it for myself. I’ll report back soon.

    • Dee says:

      Let me know how it goes. Personally, It doesnt work for me. I think its a “mind over matter” situation. There are

      no ingredients in it that would “stimulate, cut appetite” etc. that I see. I’m disappointed and guess I will keep


    • kate says:

      sensa is designed as a 6 month program! why would you ignore that??

  32. Dee says:

    It’s back to diet and excercise. Sensa does not work…and really, why would it? I should have known better. It is so so hard to loose weight and it would be awesome if something came along that would at least provide a little help in the battle but Sensa is not it. Im happy for the people that say it works or them,it doesnt look dangerous. I think its mind over matter so back to the drawing board.

  33. randy says:

    Hey guys, rather than taking a chance on this stuff, change your life for real. Check out Hungry for Change. It’s free to watch online for the next few days.

    We watched it and it’s really well done. Will probably watch it again tonight.

  34. Dee says:

    Its been 4 days now and I have been using sensa diligently. No difference yet. I seem to feel fuller but have not lost weight. Will finish the month….keep u posted. (Still no side effects).

  35. Dee says:

    WOW! Either you think Sensa works or not….no in between (I’m in between!). I ordered Sensa from Costco online. No memberships or contracts. Just month 1. I started it on 03/21/2012. Today I was eating an Arby’s sandwich and found I couldnt finish it. It’s kinda weird. Im not sure its because I’m more aware of what I’m eating because I sprinkle Sensa on the food or it works. I just really question how such “inert” ingredients can make me feel full. Kinda sounds like “mind over matter”. 2 days in and I dont have that craving for food like I did. My boyfriend saw me sprinkle and wanted to try it and he says the same thing…..bizaare. Guess I will watch the scale and go from there. Oh and by the way, no after effects at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, even if it is “mind over matter”, you’re getting what you want from the product, right? For a lot of people, I think this product might actually be a good thing because it helps people feel enabled to lose the weight. I mean, think of it…you feel in control of your portions consumed and it might lead to healthier steps next!

      This isn’t a miracle cure/solution by any means but it may give a boost to those who feel like they are unable to make a lifestyle change.

      I wish you the best of luck Dee and I hope you get what you were hoping for out of Sensa. I’m starting my first day today and hope that it helps me with my current weight loss plan :-)

  36. Marty says:

    I awoke this morning listening to the infomercial about Sensa. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the name so I listened with some interest. I have IBS and am very careful to check things out before I put anything into my system. I’m also a believer that weight comes off the opposite of how it was put on….short of medical situatons. Thank you for the information you have provided and the pain I’m sure I would have suffered had I tried this product.

  37. RB says:

    I keep reading that this product works like a laxitive- with cramps, too.

    As if I want to use something like that!

    • sue says:

      I don’t know who you have been talking to or what you have been reading, but it doesn’t work as a laxitive. It signals the brain to stop eating and gives you a sensation of not being hungry all day long. I’ve lost 10 lbs in 7 weeks and feel great. Not thinking about food all day long, eating better foods and smaller portions. Easy to pass up the desserts now I’ve been using Sensa.

      • Marty says:

        Sue, there is an old saying “mind over matter” from my generation and just reading your comment reminded me. I’m 65 years old and been around the diet block a few times. Your statement ” Not thinking about food all day long, eating better foods and smaller portions.” is why you have lost the 10 pounds with the help of BELIEVING in the product Sensa. To write a response to RB’s statement that it doesn’t work like a laxitive is to say you are all knowing. Since we are all individuals with our own chemistry, some things react differently due to that chemistry. Have you not seen “SIDE AFFECTS” warnings about differing drugs? While a drug may be helpful to some it is dangerous for others. If another person tried Sensa with a laxitive result, for them it is a laxitive. But, I believe that you would still have lost some weight without Sensa if you continue to eat beter foods and smaller portions.

        • Dee says:

          Non of the ingredients in Sensa are a drug. I do agree with possible “mind over matter” and if thats what is happening its kind of scary! Then again, if it works, with the obesity problem it’s a lot safer than prescribed drugs or surgery. (Even if some people think it’s laxative!)

        • Kris says:

          @Sue, good for you I know exactly what you mean. I am a mother of 2 and since I had my youngest son I work out amost every day and I am actually GAINING WEIGHT. Very frusterating, I cannot and refuse to use those caffeine products so I think I am going ot give Sensa a try! To Marty If believing in this product will work then I’m all for it! Whatever works ….

          • Pat says:

            Most people will gain weight from working out, especially if this is a new program for them. Reason being is that you are transforming your body. Muscle weighs more than fat, therfore more muscle more weight, but is is a good gain. Muscles are what use calories, so the more muscle you have the more you can eat with out puttin on FAT. Weight is not always what you should be looking at. Whats more important is how you feel in your clothes and how you feel in general.

      • Dee says:

        I had the same results,not thinking about food. Thats a first for me! No laxative effects either. I’m still really curious how it seems to work tho and WHY it would work. I bet I’ve inhaled or ingested any and all these ingredients and they never affected me like Sensa.

    • jo says:

      it does work, you do not feel hungry when you sprinkle on your food, but you still have to watch what you eat.I have no more craving for bread and sweets, its great.

      • kk says:

        well can u help me using it bcuz i still want sweets and i feel hungry after eating like few hours later email me plz i dont wanna give up on it just yet mzkk

  38. Just Sayin' says:

    I have been using Sensa, and the only thing I got from it was heartburn. Luckily, I have read reviews and knew to call to cancel before I got charged for the next month. Well I have to spend more money on postage to send back the unused shakers. If I do not mail them back, they will not cancel my order, which I didn’t place. This makes me so angry, how on earth can a place like this get away with stealing people’s money on a daily basis? Trust me, if you haven’t tried this product and are curious about it, all it is is a big scam and some fat person is sitting back shoveling in money as we fall for their gimics!

  39. Jessi Stayedo says:

    Sensa has Aspartame in it. Aspartame is what is sugar sub and it is very bad for you. Watch the videos on YouTube about Aspartame. Sensa users have been know to have lost there sight for a short period of time. Aspartame never went through the FDA and it is in everything you feed your kids that are Sugar free. It Causes a wide range of illnesses. Even diabetes, Bone, cancers, crones, IBS and so on.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Aspartame never went through the FDA …”

      ” FDA officials describing aspartame as ‘one of the most thoroughly tested and studied food additives the agency has ever approved’ and its safety as ‘clear cut'” . Henkel, John (November–December 1999). “Sugar Substitutes: Americans Opt for Sweetness and Lite”. FDA Consumer.

      12 seconds of research on Google blasted your statement away. You sound exactly like the company which sells SENSA-making unverified claims.

      • nutritionist says:

        nevertheless, it was pulled from the shelves until the depression when they let the product come back out because of bad economic times. In clinical studies, it causes bleeding on the brain. no other natural sugar will do that, regardless of the ammount. Ever notice a subtle headache if you haven’t had the artificial sweetner in a while?

        • Brneyedgrrl says:

          As a “nutritionist”, one would think you’d have your facts straight. I have used Equal, which is aspartame, for about 30 years, since it came out. It was NEVER “taken off the shelves” because I have purchased it regularly for 30 years. The crazies who say aspartame is dangerous have not looked into the studies. These studies are done on rats and the amount of aspartame fed to them is equal to approximately 500X the proportionate amount a human would eat. Of course it would cause “bleeding on the brain!” That amount of any chemical would cause “bleeding on the brain.” This is a safe sweetener that has been on the market continuously since the late 70s/early 80s.

      • Chris says:

        You are wrong. Do yourself a favor and read some more about the dangers of aspartame, saccharin, neotame, sucralose…all the poisons that the FDA big shots have “approved” as safe. I don’t know what you read but it had to be from the FDA. That crap will kill you.

        • Christine says:

          Dear Chris,

          While I am inclined to say that aspartame is not beneficial towards your health, I find your comments to be overly negative. No chemical in great amounts will be good for you but at the end of the day, the answer is moderation.

          My parents, both doctors for 30+ years, use Equal sweetener on a daily basis. In a society where we obsess over all the horrible things being put in our bodies, I have to say that it is just that: an obsession. Most articles and studies you find online are not actually reliable. When the information is published in a medical journal, a reputable source, then take the information seriously.

          Lastly, please don’t be so quick to put others down. Our information is constantly changing as new things are being discovered. I will note that most medical journals have actually stated there is no proof linking aspartame with problems such as cancer or hair loss. I will add that using a barbecue has been linked to causing cancer and yet it gets a lot less attention. Therefore, please consider that your information is likely to be the result of sensationalist journalism :-/

    • Dee says:

      Does aspartame have another name? Because its not listed in the ingredients. How do you know its in there?

    • jo says:

      it does not contain Aspartame, read the label before you comment

      • Chris says:

        “Maltodextrin, which is made from corn starch is the principal ingredient in Sensa and it is added to many different foods including artificial sweeteners such as Splenda.”
        It doesn’t use Splenda (poison) it uses an ingredient that they use to make Splenda.

  40. Priscilla says:

    I ordered this and it didn’t work. After 30 days I was charged 89.95 for a 30 day supply. I called the company and got the worst customer service. They blamed me for the charge because I didn’t cancel my order in time. I had no knowledge that I was enrolled in such an expensive trial. I thought I pay 4.95 for the shipping but that is not the case. Then I posted on their FB page and was once again blamed, then my post was deleted and I was blocked once again proving the great customer service. I have to wait 6-8 weeks for a refund granted that I return the product at my expense with a tracking # within 7 days Hmmm tell me that’s not a scam. Lastly after reading some reviews I realized the severe cramps I had which never happened before must have been cause by this product.


    • jo says:

      it only works if you stop eating junk and fatty foods, you have to change your eating habits, this is not a miracle drug, it just stops you from overeating.

  41. Brenda says:

    This is a scam and total rip off! It’s not until after you have placed your order that they disclose to you that if you don’t return it in 30 days, they will start charging your credit card. In order to return the product you must obtain a code number from them and then send it back via UPS so you have a tracking number. The “Free” Trial offer cost me $15.00. ($4.95 to have them ship it to me and $9.95 to return it) I called Customer Service and they will not refund postage.

    This stuff burned my tongue and certain foods tasted strange for weeks.

    If you really want to try this stuff, buy it a Costco. At least they will take it back if it doesn’t work.

    But I would advise you to stay away!!

  42. whatever says:

    it say in the sensa ads that NO change is necessary but for most it is u need to eat heather food and exercise more.

  43. d. racquer says:

    I have been on SENSA for 2 weeks now and I can tell you that it does make a difference, I have lost 5 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I noticed on the second day that I was getting fuller a lot faster than normal. I injured my back 2 years ago and have not been able to move around a lot until now, so between that and stress eating because of that and lets not forget pain meds making my digestive system slow I packed on nearly 50 lbs during the 2 years. Before I even got my SENSA I made the decision to start swimming which is a low impact exercise I could do and eat all fresh foods, no processed foods, and I was already a vegetarian and drank nothing but water but it didn’t seem to matter because I still ate like I was preparing for hibernation, but with the SENSA when I sprinkle it on I actually feel full quick, it was pretty impressive, I even tried to eat some after I felt that “I’m full stop eating feeling” because it was so good, and I paid for it with feeling like I had just ate a thanksgiving meal. For proof to anyone still not convienced… I have been sick for over a week not being able to smell and having loads of congestion, and I gained a pound back because I was eating more than I had been… I couldn’t smell or taste the tastantes I think. If it didn’t work for you, then I guess I would have to say maybe you are just not ready to lose the weight, just like people who quit smoking they have to be ready in order for it to work, I think it may apply to losing weight as well.

  44. sandy says:

    I tried Sensa last year, however; I did not work for me. I ate as usual and did not exercise. I called the company and the representative was very pleasant and expressed sorrow about it not working for me. He stated that I might need an additional amount of time for the product to work and gave me a discount and a longer period to try the product. I continued for 1 more month and it did not work. I called for my refund and it was promptly placed back on my account. I finally realized (for me) that I would have to change my habits and exercise. I started exercising in November and have since lost 21 lbs with diet and exercise.

    • sandy says:

      sorry for the misspelling in the first sentence.

    • Christine says:

      Good for you Sandy!!!

      Diet and exercise is always the way to go!! In all honesty, I only see Sensa as a way to make people feel empowered (aka put them in a position where they realize THEY control what goes in their body) so that they are able to make the necessary adjustments.

      Congratulations on your weight loss and keep up the good work :-)

  45. Skinny&lovinit says:

    Hello to all,I am using Sensa and I have lost 32 pounds in six months,I didnt excercise and I didnt change my eating habits!
    I used it every meal and it worked for me.You people trying to use God to make a point about losing weight you are wrong.God loves everybody,skinny plump and etc etc.If you are the one that needs to throw him around maybe you need to pray more!

  46. Consumer says:

    If it sounds to good to be true… usually is! Remember that, But it is your choice.

  47. Nancy says:

    I’ve been using Sensa for 2 months and it does make a difference…..and I have not changed my eating and/or excercise habits…..very happy…..dont like dealing with Sensa direct – but you can get this product at Costco for better pricing and online with Costco if they don’t have all 6 months in the store.

  48. Katherine says:

    I’ve been on it for a month and lost 8 lbs. I also started moderate exercise 3 times per week and drink more water. But it has absolutely helped with portion control. I don’t know how exactly it does it, but my brain realizes I’m full faster. 12 more lbs to go and I’ll be happy. I ordered from Amazon so I’m not on the automatic replenishment. I understand if people are skeptical, but for me, it’s definitely working so far just for the portion control alone

  49. Michelle says:

    I don’t know about you but, I’m not usualy overeating because I’m hungry. That’s why it’s called OVEReating! I gain weight because:
    1. I eat when I’m not hungry, usually emotional eating or boredom.
    2. When I do eat I eat badly.
    3. Not working out enough.

    Save your $ and log your appropraite calorie quota per day and sweat for at least 30 minutes per day 4x per week.

    When you find a pill to fix that, then I’ll buy it

    • cookie cutter says:

      Good one. That’s all there is to it folks. I will add that everyone wants the “magic” either it be weight loss, wrinkle loss or making money there is no magic potion. Hard work, determination and willpower is what will take you further in the long run.

    • me says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    There is a sucker born every minute! Hello people! Use your brain!!!!

  51. K says:

    I want to know what the lasting results are. If these people kept eating whatever they want and used Sensa…then stopped using it. Or do you want to use it for the rest of your life? Change your habits. If Sensa pushes you in that direction, great, but that’s YOU doing the work, not the product. Don’t confuse the two.

  52. Brenda says:

    I was billed for Sensa and my thirty day trial for Sensa started before I even received the shipment. I called and told them that I had just received my product and had yet to start. They told me they delayed my thirty days into March. After forgetting to take the product, I decided to cancel on February 21, and they told me February 15 was my deadline, but I was receiving the discount of $49.00 and they said what I had got extended was my next shipment for March. Ugghhhh – I have two full packets that I am throwing it in the trash. I didn’t like the taste and also had other issues. When you sign up, they need to email you when your deadline is approaching so you can make a decision whether or not to cancel, or to have more shipments delivered. TOTALLY DECEPTIVE.

  53. Julie says:

    My husband bought some, i told him to be very careful!! He has been using it and has lost 7lbs so far, so I have started using it as well. I hope it keeps up for him!!

  54. kirby says:

    Sensa has all the halmarks of a scam. Anyone who knows anything about health will tell you the ONLY way to get real results is diet and excersize. The is no magic fix for poor diet and too little excercise that will make you healthy no matter how unhealthy your lifestyle. On top of that most of the complaints you find all across the web from people unhappy with negative reviews os Sensa say the same thing. “People who gave it a negative review didn’t even try it.” There is an abvious attack campaign against negative reviews being staged by this company. It is evident on this site where there are multiple reviews very similar to what can be found on, a feeble and transparent attempt by Sensa to give the appearance of a “fair review”, ending calling Sensa “glorious success”.

    It appears to me like a common “gst as many people to buy it before the lawsuits begin as possible” scam so common with products which don’t require FDA approval these days. That’s why many of the positive reviews bash negative reviewers for not trying it. Obviously I’m not claiming every such review is planted, but it is certainly is telling that many positive reviews even here sound remarkably similar to the total garbage at which is an obvious staged site given that the whois info is hidden, it’s critical of negative reviews as if their personal and it uses the word “glorious” to describe the product. I have never seen a legitimate product use these tactics. In fact, they are exactly the same as every other BS diet product out there right now.

    • sue says:

      Sorry to disappoint you Kirby, but I’m on Sensa and am very pleased with the results. I don’t work for Sensa, I don’t have any stock in Sensa, and no relatives work for Sensa. The product simpley keeps you satisfied all day long, takes away cravings, and allows me to make better choices for my meals, I don’t snack during the day or evenings anymore. I can pass up junk food, cakes, pies, cookies and not feel the least bit deprived. I know good eating habits and excercise play a key role in weight loss, but if all you think about is food all day long and what your going to eat it’s difficult to drop the pounds. I have friends that can eat half a sandwich and say they are full, I could eat half a large pizza and still eat more. Some people have a disconnect between their stomach and brain. For some reason the brain never gets the full/satisfied message and you eat all day long.
      I found with Sensa, I have a feeling of fullness all day long even before I start eating. I eat less now. It probably won’t work on everyone, but don’t slam the people that are getting results from this product. It’s working for me!

  55. Mari says:

    Sensa is the worst scam ever. I am extremely open minded and will try things honestly and to the letter. Well sensa did not work for me. You can get the same “full effects” by eating an apple or drinking a glass of water before meals.

    • Dragonfly440 says:

      “demonic dandruff” LOLOLOL Love it… Hey
      Mari… you should write a diet book! (hmm…maybe I will!!) The “Granny Smith” diet…one apple before each meal!! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!! By the time you eat an apple, you’re jaws are too tired to chew more food! PERFECT!!!

  56. shannon says:

    I have been using Sensa for 3 days. Last night was the first time that I could not finish my normal size plate of food. I left half of it on my plate. I was raised to clean my plate, but last night I could not do it. The thought of dessert was too much for me to think about. I don’t know if this is a fluke or what… Today, I only wanted to eat half of my tuna sandwhich, but I forced my self to eat the other half because I hate to waste food. I may be one of those people that this product will work on. All I can say is try it out, if it doesn’t make you fill fuller, then I suggest you return the product. I haven’t weighed myself yet, so I will post another response in a week to see if any pounds are coming off. The cystals seems to enhance the taste of my foods and this is helping me think that I am full, or at least this is what I think is happening. Good luck to all.

  57. Sally says:

    I am curious are you bad mouthers actually following the plan or following what is eaten on tv? Seems some have lost weight and other’s have just pure chit to say! At least when you post, put you are following the plan and not eating your bad habits!

    • randy says:

      What plan would that be? The commercials and other ads clearly state that you don’t need to change what you eat nor begin an exercise program for it to work. In the “small print” Hirsch does recommend that you choose healthy meals and get some exercise, but they are not required.

      As you can tell from my article, I have a rather low opinion of SENSA, but I’m wondering why you’re gripping at the people here for not saying whether they changed their bad habits when the SENSA marketing states in no uncertain terms that you won’t have to.

  58. Britt says:

    This product is SHIT! It did not work for me so I called them to send it back. the customer service is the worst I have ever come in contact with! I sat on hold for an hour just to hear some attitude and get hung up on! worst experience ever! DO NOT TRY THIS PRODUCT!

    • Phil says:

      I completely agree. I used SENSA for 60 days. Did not lose one single pound. Did not gain any weight but did not lose any either. It’s a bullshit product and I’m sure the purpose of it is that by using it you will just convince yourself to eat less. There are NO magical ingredients in SENSA that made me eat less. SENSA is a scam similar to what Coral Calcium was back in its day. Simply put, SENSA sucks.

  59. I was at the gym working out as I watched an hour-long infomercial on Sensa.

    The informercial showed people eating huge plates of food, and even McDonald’s! Just sprinkle it on, and that’s it! The informercial claimed you didn’t have to change any of your awful habits.

    Well, guess what? It’s a bunch of bologna. Sorry folks, if you want to be healthier, leaner, more muscular and attractive, then get your fat butt to the gym and sweat. Stop eating crap.

    It’s really just that simple.

  60. Mandie says:

    It contains Silica. Isn’t that the stuff they put in little baggies in packages that say “do not eat” ?

    • Bootboot says:

      Silica is not dangerous. Those packets, however, have a tiny bit of uranium added to the silica. Silica absorbs water, and the uranium turns blue when exposed to moisture. Tells you when the silica has been exposed to enough moisture that it is probably ineffective. Nothing wrong with eating silica. You probably don’t want to eat uranium.

  61. nessia winn says:


  62. Jeanne says:

    I’ve been using Sensa for 4 days now and I have lost 2 lbs. I do not crave sweets in the afternoon like I usually do. I drink lots of water throughout the day and eat 3 simple meals, 1 snack and exercise daily. I purchased Sensa (at Costco) in hopes to not over eat. I was “always” hungry, but not anymore! I’m very happy with taking Sensa and I do not feel any bad side effects from this product. My goal is to lose 15-20 lbs. Since losing 2 lbs, I finally feel like I’m on the right road. Thank you Sensa!!

  63. Demonic Dandruff says:


  64. debbie harris says:

    This is the beginning of y second week and I was gaining weight. I am not a come cup of coffee and there I go, I did not notice at first but when I tried to use the commode nothing would bulge. I took stool softners and laxatives.Finally on day 4 I went to the emergency and had them “unplug” I had the shaker of Sensa in my purse and told the doctor this is the only thing I was doing different. He told me Maltodextrim is a thickening agent of filler and a binfing agent in drugs. He stated Silica can cause dehydration so lots of fluid intake is essential. Also silica will mainly be found in small plastic pouches to control humidity, so is an absorbant. After much pain, agony and money, I will never try another weight loss remedy.

    Has anyone else had the same problem?

  65. Ben says:

    Its frightening to know FDA hasn’t reviewed this. I had to cancel my credit card so they would stop billing me as they made it difficult to stop the orders.

    Then there are the dozens (if not hundreds) of fake “sensa scam” websites written with the same horrible grammar.

  66. sande says:

    I tried sensa for 6 weeks – and actually gained 3 lbs! I am not sure if something like this would have worked on me, since they say it affects something in the brain to make you think your satisfied, or full. I have a VP shunt and think that this causes my brain to react differently to certain things. Prior to being shunted 12 years ago I was a size 4 my whole life, but since being shunted I have gone up to a 12 and 50 extra lbs. tried this to help lose about 20 lbs but just gained 3 instead – oh well, it was worth the shot. I would never order on line – what everyone is saying is true about trying to return or discontinue the automatic shipping – if you want to try it just buy it at GNC, you can still return it within 30 days to the store if you are not satisfied.

  67. Anonymous says:

    This product doesn’t work, and the will try to bill you even after your “Free” trial. Any attempt to dispute this will fall on deaf ears. The only way to keep them from taking your money short of going through the hassle of returning everything they supposedly offered to you for free is to contact the better business bureau and file a complaint. then your account will be funded the money and they will tell you to go ahead and keep the containers after all.

  68. Traci says:

    What if you take this stuff and it’s works, but later on in life you find out that you put something into your body that causes cancer. Why would anyone put something like this into their body, even as a trial. There’s prescription drugs (that have been tested and approved by the FDA) that have lawsuits being filed because of the issues or even deaths that come from taking them. Why would we take such a chance with our health?

    • musicmama says:

      Im already taking a risk with my health, being overweight. Everyday it comes out in the news that something causes some kind of health issue. Milk and butter and cheese cause high cholesterol, sodium can cause strokes, nicotine and alcohol cause all kinds of problems, over the counter cold medicines cause drug problems, workout machines cause injuries everyday, obesity cases heart disease and diabetes. I personally believe we are given a number of days to live, and when that number is up, its up. I beleive in God and that He is the one who governs my days. He sees the motive behind what I do, he knows my heart. I will trust him . If I hadnt researched the ingredients,,I wouldnt take it. This is safer than herbal remedies, it doesnt cause any side effects like jitteriness or heart palpitations. I will take the chance. Not being rude, just giving my opinions. I refuse to live in the fear of What IF…

    • Baracs says:

      Traci I still believe that no matter where you are, what you’re doing, if it’s time for you to go, can’t stop it, you’re gone. Everyday we hear it, this and that cause cancer what else is new? If they want to try and use sensa so be it, Leave them alone….

  69. John Rieth says:

    I ordered the 4.95 trial on line. After I had given my credit card info, etc. I was “welcomed” to the
    Sensa “family” and told if I didn’t contact them when it was used up, they would automatically send me
    2 months supply and bill my credit card for $89.00 (approx) I forget the exact amount. Then after two more months I would get an automatic refill again!

    Of course I panicked and cancelled immediately! I have been trapped before on these automatic offers
    and learned my lesson.

    • Betsy says:

      I signed up for the 4.95 trial online as well, but first I read the part about the 89.99. I decided to try it for a month, went into my account online and cancelled any automatic shipments. If it works , great, if not Ill send back the second month supply long before the deadline.
      So far I have been using it for three days,,lost 1.75 pounds. Havent changed my eating, even sprinkled it on my McDonads chicken last night and my popcorn later. Couldnt eat all the chicken, and gave half the bag of popcorn to my husband. Was it the Sensa? Not sure,,time will tell though. Usually have two peaces of peanut butter toast in the mornings, but the last two mornings only wanted one, gave the other one away.
      It really doesnt have a taste or smell. and ya dont even notice it on your food when you eat it. I even put it on my banana. No side effects that I have noticed either. So far so good.
      Ill update in a few days.

  70. Sharon says:

    I have not tried sensa so I cannot say one way or the other if it works. I may try it just to confirm one way or the other. What bothers me is people posting here trying to make others think they are crazy and it’s all in their head if it does work for them. Most of the ones complaining about the customer service and the billing scam should not order something like this off tv when you can get it locally. If costco carries it there is no other place I would buy it. Buying from costco is totally no risk whatsoever. You can return anything there totally hassle free so it’s the best money back warranty you can get.

    • randy says:

      Yeah, we even had to delete some of the more inflammatory remarks… My opinion of SENSA is pretty clear, but I’m always willing to keep an open mind. Too bad not everybody works that way.

      I strongly second the idea to get it from somewhere other than direct from SENSA. Not everybody has a Costco nearby, but you can get at GNC as well and everybody can get it on Amazon, which we have the link for above. Any of those will keep you from getting caught up in their rebilling scam…

  71. jane says:

    it works, it works, Hallelujah, it works!

  72. Shelly says:

    I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer Wilson Co, LPA. We are investigating a potential case regarding alleged misrepresentations about the product Sensa. If you purchased Sensa, through a retailer, and would like to assist or learn more about our investigation, please contact me at 614-384-7030 or Thank you.

    • No more cravings says:

      Ok, I have been using Sensa for a week. I do not nessasarily feel full like when I eat to much which is what I usually do, what Sensa does is take away the desire to go back for more. I also do not find myself craving that snack at all hours of the day and if eat something sweet I am good with a small portion “I can stop at just one with Sensa” and that is amazing just ask my husband. I always have cravings and I no longer feel like I am battling the cravings, they are pretty much gone and if I do want something sweet with Sensa one is satisfying. I hope I have continued success! Lost 3lbs in week one… We will see 3lbs is nothing I can do that any week on my own, but the lack of cravings that is something awesome!!!!! I will bookmark and let you know.

      • Toni Lindley says:

        Please do i like to know. The stuff in Sensa Is it safe???

        • Betsy says:

          I looked up the they are:
          Maltodextrin is a family of products not a single ingredient. It is any chain of glucose molecules that are between three and 19 units. It is from corn, rice or potatoes and used to artificially sweeten a product without sugar. It gives the shaker some of its flavor and sweetness.

          Create an Exercise Plan Build a Custom Plan Here Based on Your Goals and Favorite Activities.
          Sponsored Links Tricalcium Phosphate
          Tricalcium phosphate is a tasteless odorless additive that has many uses. It can be used to marginally increase calcium in the formula. Other uses include being a firming agent, an anti-caking device and a gastric antacid.

          Silica is natural mineral made up of silicon dioxide and is used in food as a dehydrator. Another use is as a flow agent (helps things move without sticking together). When eaten like this, silica is passed through the intestinal system without toxicity or nutritional value.

          FD & C YELLOW
          This is a synthetic water-soluble food coloring used to give the shaker powder its color. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has concluded that FD&C yellow 5 is safe for use in food and other agents.

          A natural food coloring it is generally considered to be non-toxic. Carmine is red in color and is made, according to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), from 70,000 female cochineal insects being killed to make a single pound of dye. Although it is listed as a non-toxic item, it can give allergic reactions.

          Read more:

          Read more:

          Read more:

          Read more:

  73. Andrew says:

    SENSA DOESN’T WORK and they are rude when I call them. They won’t even get return for the product that I didn’t even open after 30 days. This is a stupid mistake that I purchased Sensa.

    don’t buy i don’t recommend!

    • HH says:

      How do you know it doesn’t work if you haven’t even opened the package?

    • Gela says:

      My mother has been using SENSA. I am not sure how long she has been using it but when I went home for christmas I was in total shock. My mother has always been a heavy set (250 pounds) person and she is not a lazy person. She is a full time nurse and is always on her feet. Anyways my point is this works I did’nt know my mother was taking this until I asked her what she is doing to lose the weight. So I am very much interested in this for I know this works. Hope this helps amyone.

      • Damara says:

        See. Like the reviewer above said. The Sensory Satiety works for some people. Perhaps your mother is one of them. However, you have to take into consideration that she is A) Very Active because she is a nurse. B) Did her shifts change to where she got more hours? (More hours mean longer activity.) C) She could also be one of those people who once they believe something will work, their brain automatically tells them it is and so it changes how your body acts. There are just too many reason. Lol. I think that it wasn’t Sensa’s doing I just think your mother worked harder and now she is bearing the fruits of her labors. ^_^ Pat on the back to your mother for her personal success.

        • Jackie says:

          My grandma has been using it for 2 months and has lost 18 lbs. She weighed about 220 before. She is very sedetary and is retired. She can’t workout because of a knee surgery. She gets no exercise at all. So it worked for her! I’m going to buy it at a retail store just to try it and see if works for me. Right now due to back injury I can’t workout so I’m going to try it.

      • stefani says:

        Did not work … Its a scam!

  74. Amanda says:

    I was researching Sensa because a customer came into my establishment today talking about how it has done wonders for her. She said that she has lost about 60 lbs due to Sensa. She is in her mid 60s and is a self-proclaimed lazy woman. She claims that she has not changed her diet and that she does not exercise.

    I am disappointed by all the “product reviews” actually reviewing their (Sensa’s) customer service. We understand that their customer service sucks and that ordering off TV isn’t the smartest route. What I want to know is whether or not people are seeing results from using this product!

  75. Georgia Smith says:

    If Sensa seems too good to be true, it very well may be for some people! For those who eat meat, egg and dairy products, this product will give you a false sense of eating healthier.
    I think it’s rather good marketing that they chose the name “Sensa” because it sounds like “sense”, which makes people think they are smart for using this product. You would have more sense if you would just stop eating the meats, cheeses and milk which is bad for your health and just eat less.

  76. Jesse says:

    I felt like I should add a comment, 4 months ago I started sensa after reading reviews like this one online and trying virtually every other diet out there. I am a grad student but I exercise regularly (around 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week) but I havent been able to get under the 190 lbs hump for years. Currently I am 169 lbs, without having changed my workout significantly (maybe a little less weights but thats about it). Everyone asks what I have done to lose so much fat and i tell them I tried Sensa. I have two more full months left and my goal is to be down to 165 lbs. I havent been this small in 5 years. So for any of you out there who are like me who exercise a lot but have not been able to see an effective diet you really have nothing to lose except trying this out.

  77. HH says:

    I have been on sensa for 2 weeks and lost 4 pounds. I decided to write a review because I was trying to find reviews before I bought it and all I could find was either people criticizing without even trying or complaining about the return policy. I bought the double pack from costco and had one at home, one in my purse. I think the extra pack is worth the extra cost because there is no way I can remember to take it with me all the time. Side effects are close to none, first few days it gave me brief headaches only for a few minutes right after I take it and it makes my nose wet and runny, again only for a few minutes after I eat. I agree commercials are stupid, it actually makes you eat less and helps you change your habits. I am already reasonable with my portion sizes and I’m trying to lose 10 pounds. I could skip my morning snack, have one bowl of pasta instead of going through half the pack, passing on the late night cravings etc. It helps if you watch your what you eat but I don’t think it would work if you are a food junkie. Also I didn’t have to work out, I hate working out!

    • stefani says:

      Don’t see how anybody lost anything. Sensa is a scam, its mind over matter.. all in someone’s mind. It does not work. People eat less because they want to not because of Sensa. Trust me .. a scam

      • Betsy says:

        I just want to comment, I got my package in the mail today . I purchased this simply because it SAYS it is mind over matter. It effects the sensory part of the brain to signal that we are full. OK. thats what I need. I dont expect a few sprinkles to cause the pounds to melt off, I still intend to eat healthy and exercise, but I need that signal to tell me when to stop. If it does that,,it will be worth the money. I can go online and access my account to stop any automatice shipments,,which I have already done. I spoke with a rep who was in no ways rude or hateful.
        I believe when someone is satisfied they dont always post a review, they get so caught up in their success they see no need to vent as people who are unsatisfied do. Any diet works, its the person who has to work it. If we choose to work it with a little sensory help,,thats up to us.
        I will keep you all posted as to my success or failure. Stay tuned!!

      • sue says:

        I’m sorry you think ths product is a scam and it didn’t work for you, but it is working for some people and that can’t be denied. I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now and I think it is the best thing I’ve ever tried to help curb my appetite. I could eat 1/2 a large pizza and not feel full. I could eat all day long and never felt satisfied. It was like food was a drug and my brain wanted more and more. Now with sensa I have a feeling of being full all day long. I can pass up desserts, chocolate, fried foods and pretty much all junk foods and I don’t feel deprived like I did on other types of diets. I just got back from Bible study. On my table there was a cake, cookies, strawberries and candy. Before Sensa I would have had a big piece of cake, several cookies and the candy. I ate 2 strawberries and I was fine passing up the rest. When you have a disconnect between your stomach and your brain, eating can get out of control. With Sensa my stomach and brain are talking to each other again. It’s so nice to NOT be thinking about food all day long.

        • sidd says:

          Wow you guys are dumb if think this works…….its called a placebo effect. But hey if you want to spend 89 dollars to lose weight that’s fine. They have done multiple studies on placebo effects….Google it.

          • la says:

            Have you tried it ? Get over yourself. Like all weight loss programs everyone doesn’t have the same results. As long as those who it works for are happy who are you to judge them. Maybe you aren’t too bright.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just started Sensa a day and a half ago. I used it the night before last and all day yesterday with no noticeable changes in how I felt or ate. This morning I awoke with stomach pain and diarrhea. It has been happening all day today and I am afraid to continue with the product. I checked the site on line and they said it is definitely not related to Sensa but a lot of the reviews I have found on line say differently. I see that you have had no problems and a lot of the posts on this site say the same thing. Is there anyone else you know that has tried it?

      • sue says:

        I was told there was nothing in the product that would cause these types of symptoms, but I have read several other posts and they have had the same problem you are having now.
        I’m not having the same results with month two as I did with month one, but my eating habits have improved and I’ve lost around 13 lbs. I’m going to take it for one more month and see what happens.
        Sorry to hear you have had a problems.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I know that sensa is a total scam and that no one should buy it, but i know one weight loss plan that really works. 2 actually, One of them is call BGE or something lie that. My mom was on it and in 30 days she lost like 25lbs. They are these little drops that you put under your tounge twice a day and it wakes you lose weight. But there are cerain things that you can and cannott eat and there are certain things that you cannot use, such as cetaphil because there is animal fat and aperently the hormon is all wonky and absorbes that fat. Also the other weight lss program that works, is Weight Watchers. I know it works because there is nothing special, they just sell you food, only it is smaler portions and it has thier name on it. Not like Jenny CRaig, which doesn’t work, and is that wonky, nasty food that isnt real. There is one more way that s GARENTEED to work: EAT RIGHT AND EXCERSIZE!!! MAKE THAT YOUR 2012 RESOLUTION!!!!!!!! Nothing can beat it and you will lose weight! I swear! If you don’t, your not exersicing enough or you are eating too much… its quite simple really. You eat healthy, you dont take in too many calories, you exercise, fight off diabetes, and you burn off those calories!!!1 It’s a triple deal!!! You cant beat it!!1 So Next time your wasting your time ordering that soda, or weightloss program, save your time, money, and energy and just be HEALTHY!!!! Just so you know, I’m 13 and I’m saying this!!! Just putting that out there!!!!!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Weight Watchers does not sell any food.

    • Anonymous says:

      I watched the Sensa infomercial and I’ve been online for the past hour reading reviews, trying to determine if I want to purchase this product or not. I DO exercise regularly and I DO eat healthy (but I think maybe I eat too large dinner portion because I’m sooo hungry! ) I’m 5 foot 5 and someplace around 150 pounds. I started working out 5 days a week in May 2011. I ran a 5k in July 2011 and I work out usually 4-5 days a week, depending on my schedule. I lost about 4 pounds between May-November 2011, even though I was very active. I gained it all back over the holidays. So I’m looking to change my eating somehow. I eat whole grains, oatmeal, brown rice, Greek yogurt. I only drink water and one glass of orange juice per day. I have fruits and veggies eat day. I hardly ever eat out. So I’m a little down because I have no results. I have nice definition thanks to the weight training but no getting smaller, no change in weight. The fat just stays on top of the muscle! It took 6 months just to loose 4 pounds!! I’m a size 8 but I’m happy with a 4 or 6. I’d like to know if anyone else out there is like me–someone who isn’t obese and relatively healthy but who just wants to loose 10-20 pounds. If I were to try Sensa, I would definitely NOT buy it from the company, thanks to all those bad reviews! :)

      • Anonymous says:

        If you really want to lose the rest of your body fat, eat like body building competitors do before a competition. Lean protein, protein supplements, leafy greens, eggs and nuts. No sugar. That also means no oatmeal, rice or fruit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for your reply, but I’m a little confused. What about fiber? Staying regular? Fruit is supposedly good for you, full of nutrients. What about the five fruits and veggies a day? Needed amounts of whole grains? Doesn’t the body need these things as well? Wouldn’t my body be deprived of necessary nutrients? And could I maintain that type of eating forever?

          • Vicki says:

            You definitely need complex carbs in your diet. The carbs turn into glucose or other sugars and this is the ‘food’ that makes your brain work. It is never a good idea to cut carbs completely out of your diet. Although the leafy greens will give you a little carbohydrate, it’s not enough for a balanced diet. Fiber is also important for your digestive tract. It binds to fat and helps to move along the intestines and out of the body. You were absolutely correct to be curious. But don’t overdo it on fruit – even though you may feel that it’s healthy, eating too much fruit translates into eating too much sugar. Limit yourself to 3 pieces of fruit a day, and don’t eat bananas or grapes too often – they are high in sugar. You can have them, but I wouldn’t indulge more than a few times a week. Apples are a ‘medium burn’ fruit – you expend calories eating it, it takes longer to eat which encourages satiety, and it’s packed with fiber. Good luck!

  79. Susan says:

    The old saying ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t’ would apply here. I have a friend that is using this product and she purchased hers from GNC. She’s lost about five pounds. When we go to lunch which is quite often, she always sprinkles and then shortly after eating pushes her plate back and says I’m full.

    Now, do I believe she lost this weight because the product helps her to feel full? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I believe she lost the weight because she’s pushing the plate back and has starting using her treadmill again. She’s losing weight because SHE THINKS it’s making her feel full.

    No way this little dusting on her food has time to get into her blood stream and do all these miracles. If that was the case our doctors would be telling us fatties about it and we’d all be thin.

    Have I tried it? Heck no. I only had to try a couple of weight-loss miracles over the years to realize it’s a great big pant-load. The reason I’m fat is because I eat too much and I’m not moving enough.

    I believe we can eat anything we want if we use some common sense. Yes we can have chocolate cake, but not all day long until the cake is gone. Can we have chicken Alfredo? Sure, but not loaded down in the biggest plate we can find with a loaf of garlic bread on the side.

    I’ve lost myself right up to carrying around an extra 50 lbs. You know how it is, lose five, gain ten, lose ten, gain 15. It’s a nasty cycle. This time I’m going a different route. I’m going to through my doctor and use an appetite suppressant and then when I get down to the last ten lbs, stop the appetite suppressant and go to a counselor, shrink or what ever you want to call them and see if I can find out why I have developed this love affair with food.

    If this doesn’t work I’ll resign myself to being over-weight and dying before my time. Good luck to all of you looking for that miracle.

    • stefani says:

      Thank you… Someone with common sense. Sensa does not work… You can sprinkle the entire box and it will do nothing. Friend pushed food away because she wanted to not because of Sensa.. I know because I tried it and nothing. Tried it for 3 months … And was not feeling full at all. Its a scam .. its all in someone’s head or maybe person was full but it wasn’t because of Sensa!

      • jane says:

        you need to stop, what you are doing is not productive, sensa may work for some people and it may not for others, it is as tho you are on a hate campaign, i am totally turned off by your comments! they are verging on hateful!!!!!! so, it did not work for you, fine, one comment would do the trick, you do not need to keep on commenting, by doing so, you are telling the world that you are some kind of wacko on a mission, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease stop!!

    • sue says:

      I read all the negative reviews and I have to speak up. This product may not work for everyone, but don’t discount it because of that. Before I started Sensa I would eat all day long. My stomach never sent a message to my brain that I was full. I was drawn to bread, desserts and lots of cheese. I’ve been on Sensa for 9 days and it’s a miracle. I feel satisfied all the time, I’m don’t have any cravings, I stopped snacking throughout the day and night. I haven’t had any dessert for 9 days and I don’t miss it either. I don’t even think about food anymore and I’ve started eating smaller and healthier foods. Whatever Sensa does, I’m just glad I tried it. I’ve had a problem with my weight and eathing for 20 years and this product had done wonders.

  80. Kat says:

    You can purchase this product online at the Costco website. They have all of the months available.

    Costco will not be ugly should you want/need to return the product. You buy the month you need, when you need it…no auto-ship anything! (I don’t work for Costco, lol, just offering a suggestion for those wanting to try this product!)

    I’m just starting, but will report back. Flippin’ menopausal weight gain!!

  81. Kat says:

    Just a thought, but try getting online from Costco. I purchased it in store, but their website apparently has all the various months available and returns at Costco are not such a hassle.

    Just starting, but will report back.

  82. Wanda Simons says:

    Not only is Sensa a scam, you can gain weight very quickly using it, but the company sends accounts to their collection

    company, RGS (877-322-1698) even when they have been paid and cancelled. They do nothing to rectify what they

    admit are their errors and watch out – your credit score takes a dive. I’ve spent hours on the phone and gotten no

    where at all. Also, the supervisor at RGS is rude and tries to add even more to their collection charge than they are

    supposed to. Two of my worst experiences with these companies in all my years of using the internet to buy products.

  83. mikeuss says:

    I tried Sensa for Men DID NOT DO ANYTHING …….. Tried to cancel would NOT give me a RMA number.

    I had to cancel my debit card, CHANGE THE NUMBER, what a hassel……….

    • Wanda Simons says:

      I’ve had the same kind of experience. Just wait til they send you to collections AFTER you’ve paid by credit card. That’s when the real trouble starts.

  84. Joe B says:

    Those who say it doesn’t work. You betcha.

    It’s a marketing scam, all they want is your money, and they’ll keep debiting you and sending you this worthless crap. Probably nothing of any value in their product, and honestly, do you really want to consume a chemical without knowing what it is or what it does?

    Sensa makes money, that’s their game. Suckers see a way to lose weight and buy into it. Sadly, no one regulates these preditors.

    Want to lose weight? Read the South Beach Diet, free at the library, walk, drink water, eat the right foods, and you’ll lose weight.

    Just don’t pay for the Sensa owner’s new Mercedes or new house while he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  85. Kimberly says:

    Been using it for 4 1/2 mos.,have always worked out and eaten right,but had weight to lose from a messed up thyroid. This is working. Don’t care why–it is.

    Personally I feel anyone stating an opinion should be able to back it up by trying the product first.

    • Liz says:

      Did you change your diet at all since starting Sensa? Did it really lead you to eat smaller portions and feel full for longer?

    • stefani says:

      Its all in your mind. If you are working out and eating properly thats the reason and not sensa making you think that you are full. Product is worthless

      • Sharon says:

        Stefani you really need to cut it out commenting on everyone’s post that said it worked for the. You keep suggesting they are crazy and it’s all in their mind. Maybe you are the one who thought when you tried it you could eat anything you wanted then and it would make the pounds melt away. If this product helps people then I suggest you say it didn’t work for you and leave it at that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi Stef!

      • BLT says:

        What Stefani says is correct. As a fitness instructor/personal trainer, nothing will “make you lose weight” YOU are the only thing that can make your body a better vessel. The mind is a powerful thing. USE IT!

  86. hugh jorgan says:

    If you want to lose weight you can do it for free. Just full up on a ton of water and plain old salad (light dressing or better mustard and olive oil), and then have your regular meal. You will be so stuffed from all the water and salad you won’t want much more. Also the salad and mixed vegetables as well btw have lots of fiber that help to buffer some of the calories from other foods you may have afterwards. Common sense but it works. Stuff like this will never work long term because if nothing else you’ll go broke having to order more and more of it.

  87. Jan says:

    DON’T USE THE 30 FREE TRIAL IT IS A SCAM! They don’t send you 30 days worth of the stuff they send 4 months supply which will be billed to you for $89.95 at the end of the 4 months. You have to call them for an RMA number then you mail the package back to them within 7 days so you have to mail it to them by Priority mail at my cost. So I am out $11.00 and still don’t know if I can trust these people. I thought this was a reputable company but I was WRONG!

  88. brenda says:

    whats the number to cancel its all automated

  89. Bela Walker says:


    • YJ says:

      it probably is a scam but copying and pasting the same review with fake names on every sensa ad makes you look dumb.

      • Bela Walker says:

        You are the dumb one… HELLO… I’m trying to warn people. If you don’t believe me then look at their full commercial and then google Daianna Koren. You will see that it is the same girl from the commercial and she is a professional dancer. She has NEVER been fat, but is lying in the commercial to everyone. I’m trying to help you out, but you want to be an ass about it. Obviously you have weight issues and that is why you are reading all the reviews on the product. You should be thankful that I am trying to help people out, but I know that when you are fat and have a low self esteem it’s hard to be nice to people. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Maybe you will stop being bitter one day.

        • Tiffany says:

          wow some friend u are lol….. u said she is your friend for 10 years and look at what you’re saying ….. ok so what if its a scam, you sound like an immature person to air out your friends business like that if you know shes just doing a job…… grow up.

  90. robin says:

    i thought i was paying for a trial but my credit card was charged $89.95. I called and was told if I return the merchandise my account would be credited. I plan to do that. It is unfortunate the deceptive advertising.

  91. Janice says:

    I too got scammed. I specifically told the operator only the trial price, I didn’t want to commit until I knew it worked. I did not want to remember to call and cancel, trial only. She said of course, I understand. Not even 30 days later…the trial time. I was charged the 89.95 on my card. I had to call them to cancel. It’s now been a month or more and the Sensa DOES NOT WORK! DON’T COMMIT!

  92. j says:

    Its a scam. It doesnt work and its impossible to cancel and return. Nobody answers the phone to get an authorization number from and they automatically enroll you in their program and will send it and bill you every month!!!

    DO NOT ORDER it doesnt change your appetite. havent lost a pound all month.

    • Nadine says:

      My sister had the same problem and she called the BBB and got a refund within days. If more people did this it might help.

  93. cj says:

    Scam, scam scam. One guy in the commercial lost over 100 pounds? Are you crazy? And I would say some of these chicks they have sitting by the pool in the commercial have never had a weight problem to begin with. To be honest, the most weight I ever lost in my life (30 pounds) came when my girlfriend broke up with me. Try that, guaranteed weight loss!

  94. Butterfly says:

    …well crack works to lose weight without changing your diet or exercise n it’s a powder like form, so do other salt looking things….. Sensa is a powder looking salt, see the resemblance???? It’s a legal drug!!!!

  95. jane says:

    I bought the trial for under $10 for 30 days (they send a 2 month supply). I can’t tell you if it works or not but I will say that I can seriously taste the “salty” side. It’s has a peppery but very nasty after taste almost like bad Mexican seasoning. Perhaps the foul taste prevents people from eating their food. For this reason alone I am returning it.

  96. Blance says:

    My review is on Sensa. I ordered the product, called after 3 weeks to inform I was not experiencing what the product was suppost to be doing. I was told to sprinkle a litte more on the food, which I did, called again a few weeks after, (twice trying to return product). Each time convinced to keep the product and continue to try it. the last phone call, I was told they would send Sensa for males, again told to sprinkle on food. Once you order it they refuse to give you the return number needed to send back. Long story short, this product stinks, all it did was increase the area around my stomache, which I have not been able to get rid of, it has been 2 months approximately that I was finally given a number to return product.
    I would not recommend this product to anyone. Oh by the way I do zumba 4 times a week I am now stuck with a large stomache that sticks out and larger love handles. All after using Sensa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  97. The plain truth says:

    Hey guys. The reason you are losing weight is because YOU are dialing back on your portion size!!! Guess what. You don’t NEED to sprinkle your food with ANYTHING to do that!!! It’s easy to do, with even a shred of will power. It is all about CALORIC intake versus BMR and exercise. 3500 calories equals a pound of body fat. Simple. Easy to calculate. Here’s an example (not exact). Let’s say your daily BMR is 1800. Including mild daily activity that takes you up to about 2400. Let’s say you exercicse daily, and burn 500 more calories. So, your calorie burn is up to 2900. Eat anything less than this daily and you’ll lose weight. Add that up by 7 days, and you can tally up how much you’ll lose. Let’s say you comsume 800 negative calories a day. Times 7. That’s 5600 calories burned per week! That’s well over a pound. You don’t need some “magic sprinkles” to do that. You need a calculator and to count your calories. Or, better yet, get an iPhone app. Here’s my advice. And it’s FREE!!!! Eat less, exercice more. Count your calories. Figure out your daily caloric needs. Take a walk or get on your elliptical machine. You WILL lost weight. There is no way that you WON’T. And guess what, you’ll have alot more money in your pocket – to spend on something worthwhile. Save your money. I guarantee you could sprinkle ANYTHING on your meal and you’ll lose weight if you wanted to. It’s called a placebo effect. Sorry for the tough love comment, but it really irks me when companies take advantage of people.

    Cravings are controlled by what you eat. Cut out sweets and salty junk food. You will stop craving them. Cut back your caloric intake. You will stop craving food every minute of every day. Eat small meals througout the day. Your stomach will be full, and your blood sugar levels will level out. Exercise to increase your metabolism. It’s not that hard.

    • randy says:

      Funny, I’m posting about our natural weight loss strategy right now and you’re saying pretty much the same thing I do about controlling your diet Natural Weight Loss. I’ve got a lot more to put up about avoiding plateaus and dealing social and emotional situation, but you might be interested in what I have so far…

    • Anonymous says:

      finally the truth its all a scam its not fda approved the reason it works is because ur mind beleives it does the mind is a powerful tool and it bothers me how they scam people for money over dieting its also known to be the highest scam place just eat less exercise more and drink more water its simple. water fills u up so u eat less…

  98. John says:

    I lost around 35 pounds in the last three months but it wasn’t with Sensa. It was with my iPod. yes, my iPod. Humana, my health insurance company sends a monthly newsletter and in August was a mention of I signed up (free) and began recording what I eat and stayed within the calorie limits it calculated for me. I now watch what I eat so I stay within my limits and will walk my dog each day so I get excersize credits, so to speak. I was on Redux years ago, gained it back. I was on South Beach, lost 60 p0unds and gained it back when I went off the diet when I hit my goal. With this recording of what I eat, it will be a lifelong effort but the last few months have probably been the easiest weight loss that I’ve ever had and with the best promise of keeping it off.

    I saw a Sensa infomercial today and am always interested in an easy way to keep the appetite under control but unless they find a safe Redux, it’s going to take discipline.

  99. M says:

    I have been on Sensa for about 2 weeks and have lost two pounds. I bought a 6 month supply thru ebay and have been happy with the product. It truly does curb my appetite and helps me to eat smaller portions. I barely taste the product, and have had no side effects. I am using it as a boost, combined with renewed exercise walking program, and hoping for the best. Maybe it does not work for everyone, but I am satisfied with the product for sure. With portion control and exercise, I plan for slow but steady weight loss. Been up and down my whole life, lost weight easiest on Atkins, but I don’t have the energy to do that diet again. Good luck everyone.

  100. Jacqueline says:

    Okay, you guys scared me so bad that I just cancelled my order, which was only 45 minutes after I placed the order. I will go the GNC route, probably, though I’m not totally sure since some of you mentioned migraines. If I do give it a try I will be sure to let you know what happens. Whoever does their marketing is a genius! I never heard of the product, saw a snipet on MSN Live and then got sucked in. . Hmmm….maybe next time I should check out the reviews beforehand.

    • Jacqueline says:

      By the way, I just check out the reviews on the website and it had good ratings. Here is the link:


      It’s current rating is 3.7 stars out of 5 with 101 reviews. I think I will definitely buy it now.

      • Sam says:

        Reviews can be fake. Be wary of too many “this is a miracle cure” comments. Simply put, marketers set up proxies so that they can post from the same computer multiple times from different IP addresses with glowing reviews of the product they are being paid to market. It’s a very dishonest and underhanded way to market a product, but this is why it is deemed “guerrilla marketing”

  101. hana c says:

    seriously VERY unsatisfied.
    i went to go try the “FREE” trial they have displayed all OVER the site, tried it, and then got billed $97.00 for it?!!??! thats a scam. i called them and they told me if i wanted my money back that i would have to send the UNOPENED package back to them and pay for shipping. luckily, i never tried it and never opened it but seriously that is ridiculous how are you suppose to “try” it for free when you have to send the unopened box back within a month or else they bill you almost $100.00, absurd.

  102. N says:

    I first wrote in around October 9th. Have been using it ever since. I have not had any ill side effects and have lost about 3lbs. It is a slow process but that’s 3lbs without exercise or changing my lifestyle. The 2 shakers have been enough to last all month, the sweet one even longer, since I’m not as big on eating sweets. The way i have noticed that it works, is that you sprinkle your meal and I have noticed that as the weeks go on, my portions are smaller as I have come to expect myself to eat less or feel fuller on smaller portions. I originally purchased Sensa at GNC. They dont advertise it but keep it behind the counter. I was able to get a discount by signing up for their memebership card. My husband is also using the MALE version and he has not had any side effects either. He has been more diligent at using it and has lost about 5 lbs.

  103. Jordyn says:

    I, like everyone else on here, am interested in finding out the truth of the ‘factual’ claims that SENSA has made. However, there are very few comments that I have found anywhere that deal with the actual product. Many of you are complaining that you were charged a fee after ordering the ‘free trial’. If you ordered directly from the website, then you should have paid closer attention to what you were ordering, and I have no sympathy for you. It tells you directly on the page where you put in your credit card number that they will charge you $89.99 after 30 days, and then the same price every two months after that, unless you cancel. As with every other online auto-billing site, they are doing what they told you they would do, and that is what these sites are all about. It is NOT their fault that you didn’t pay attention to what you were ordering.

    • randy says:

      Well Jordyn, claims of success with SENSA are a mixed bag. Some people say it works others say it’s garbage. It’s all anecdotal though which makes it hard to say who is right. Which is why, I suppose, people go ahead and try it.

      As for picking on people for not realizing what they were getting into, I think you’re being a bit harsh. The tactic that they use on their site is pretty common amongst sites using a rebilling system. On the first page they word FREE is in big bold red letter four times, twice on the second page and on the payment page it’s there again. FREE in big red bold letter and your $4.95 total for shipping is in bold as well. Then they hide the $89.99 in a bunch of small text at the bottom where it doesn’t stand out.

      They do this for one reason, because people will scan the page without reading it all and you better believe that they know it! They include the information because they have to, but it’s pretty obvious that they are trying to fool people by drawing attention to what they want you to see (FREE) and away from the important fact that you will be paying a lot more. Not to mention that they don’t make it very easy to get off the billing once you’re on it.

      Caveat epmtor and all that, but I think you’re being a bit obtuse about it. Saying it is not their (SENSA’s) fault when they have obviously used every design trick in the book to keep your eyes where they want them is pretty cold. Why isn’t the rebilling amount pointed out in big red letter? Why isn’t it even mention until you’re three clicks deep into the site and already filled out your personal information? Because they know that by that point you are committed to buying and just want to complete your purchase. They know damn well if they put that information on the front page were it should be their sales would drop dramatically.

    • barbara says:

      You are absolutely right, Jordyn. I’ve learned to read the fine print after ordering so many things. People think the information of being charged isn’t shown on the page when it actually is. People just don’t want to read the terms and conditions or the fine print. It’s their own fault for not paying attention.

      • Sarah says:

        Well what the problem here, is that they say you get a free 30 day trial. So how is it FREE if they take the money from your account before the 30 days is up? That is false advertising if I ever heard of it, and to say that SENSE is not at fault is idiotic. If you go down to the bottom of the page and click on TERMS and CONDITIONS it says it right there that you get a free 30 day trial. Well if they already got their money before the 30 days, you have technically paid for the product and they got their money. Free and clear and you’re stuck with a product that may or may not work for you. I am sure their return policy isn’t all to be desired either since you have to pay for postage to return the product as well. And I love how they say “for the very LOW price of $89.95.” Since when is $89.95 a VERY LOW price? Anyway, I agree with Randy. They do everything in the book to get you to look away from the actual deal that is going on so they can screw people out of their money. That is their goal.

        • Betsy says:

          i spoke with a representative before I ordered and asked precisely when I would be billed,,she said it would be february. Im expecting the package to arrive any day and plan to send it back if my account has been billed now. I read all the fine print,,so no, it was not my fault, if I am billed early.

  104. Mary says:

    Thanks guys read through just about everything and came to the conclusion I had coming in…IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE LEAVE IT ALONE!!! I read this blog and a lot on you tube…the thing is everyone that says it’s helped them also worked out and changed their eating habits. I notice in myself that when I eat smaller meals, eating all day no junk foods, no soda, 100% fruit juice once a day, water, jello fruit cups you know healthy stuff and try to get in 15-20 min walk 3 times a week the pounds just melt off… But I live in New Orleans and LUV food… so I’m up and down with the weight but truth be told, “you got to move to loose” cardio and weight training….don’t believe the SENSA Hype. If you got that kind of money go to the gym and pay for a personal trainer or buy the walk fit DVD and Tony Little total body weight loss. My daughter loss 2 dress sizes with that walk away the pounds DVD. Don’t let SENSA play on your emotions; Get off the couch and Get Moving!!!!

    • Amy says:

      New Orleans Food… what temptation… I love your attitude Mary!

      • barbara says:

        Hi, I was just about to order Sensa, but you said Walk Away The Pounds DVD works? I have that dvd and have only done it once. I’m bad about exercising, lol, but I really want to lose weight. I had my second child 6 months ago and I havent lost weight as quick as I did with my first one. So, Walk away the pounds dvd actually does work? I would appreciate your feedback. thanks.

  105. Nazi says:

    After I saw lots of advertising on TV and I read the reviews ,
    and I make sure that it don’t have any side effect I started to use it and
    after just one day , I had very bad side effects , I still have throat pain.
    I still var bad an I have to go to doctor!
    Please don’t try it.

  106. Mailia says:

    I have also gotten the free trail , when my first month ended I got charged with that $89 on my debit card . I was so pisssd off . Im like why the heck will Sensa just take money outta my account like that without my permission . So now , i’m sitting here thinking about closing that account because I did not approve of Sensa just going into my account && taking out that $89 but Sensa seriously gives me head aches , && migrains . Which I don’t usually get migrains . I disapprove of Sensa now , that everyones been talking about it . Sensa is a Scam to me . So others please don’t do Sensa , its helpless && unsafe . Not good for your body , I be getting head aches herd in there && when I take medicines it still doesn’t help . Im Done with Sensa ! && I Thank You alll .

    • randy says:

      Thanks for the comment Mailia. Hopefully it will help others avoid a similar fate…

      • Mailia says:

        It may have changed my weight but scamming peoples money without letting them know ahead of time is not what people appreciate . They don’t even let you know , no paper no nothing . I only saw the transaction through my bank online . So I hope the Best for everyone . I’ve done it && it has caused my account to overdraft because Sensa didn’t let me know ahead . They directly take the money out . I’ve learned my lesson , never trust a commercial that has false fact in it . Like ;; Sprinkle and loose weight . Cause I did && it caused me migraines . My heads up ! (:

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sorry Malia, but it states under the terms and conditions that after 30 days they will take the $89.95 from your account. I know it’s deceiving on what they do because no where on the first two pages does it list this information. You actually have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on the TERMS and CONDITIONS link and read the info there. It says it all right there that if you agree to the free trial and don’t cancel it within the 30 days that they will start to automatically bill your bank account/credit card on file. I don’t agree with this tactic at all however. I don’t see why they can’t just be up front and honest and put all that on the first page. We all know we’re gonna get a free trial and eventually have to pay for the product. Why have to hide that information and make it difficult for people to find?

  107. Jess says:

    I just ordered the free trial through Sensa’s website and now I’m a little nervous. I could shell out $89 and get some new Nike Running shoes instead. So should I call customer service and return immediately or keep it for a month and then return? I would like to try it and see if it helps at all. I started running about 6 miles a week about 2 months ago and haven’t lost a pound. I need to lose about 30 pounds and food cravings/sweets have been my worst enemy. Also does anyone know if there are side effects for someone that is actively running? I’m wondering if it affects people with different amounts of physical activity differently? Advice??

    • Elizabeth says:

      So please return it. Like some other folks suggested, trying buying it through GNC or Amazon. That’s a much safer bet if you really want to try it. One last tidbit, has your doctor said anything about Sensa, or given any other methods to try with the weight loss? Also, we must vary our exercise routine or our bodies will get used to it and won’t have as much benefit. So cardio alone might not be answer, try adding some other stuff in. Maybe a session or two with a personal trainer could lead you into a good direction of what to include in a workout, and then do it on your own if you have the discipline.

      Hope that helps.

      • Rafe says:

        I love sweets too, but when I have sweets cravings I hit fruit and water and occasionally DARK chocolate. The dark stuffed is loaded with healthy & nutritious antioxidants that milk chocolate doesn’t. And there is no healthier alternatives than fruit when it comes to sweets.

    • Melissa says:

      My first thought on SENSA is, if this “miracle drug” really does what it claims, wouldn’t there be a HUGE uproar about it? This product has been on the market for quite some time and if it really did what it says wouldn’t Travis Stork be screaming about it from the rooftops by now??
      That being said, your body has what’s called “muscle memory” and if you are performing the same routine every week, your body will remember this routine and become adjusted to it. For optimal results, try working out at least three times a week on nonconsecutive days (i.e. monday, wednesday, friday) with a different workout routine. It’s nice to do a combination of weight lifting and cardio; however, if cardio’s your thing, try mixing up your methods of cardio (examples being running, olyptical, cardio classes) or simply running a different route at different speeds. If two or three weeks go by and this routine is not working, it’s probably time to cut back on sweets/portion sizes.
      Also, one last word of encouragement… It takes only 14 days to develop a habit. If you can stick it out and dedicate yourself to changing your exercise/eating habits, you should be golden and start to see weight flying off! Best of luck to you :)

  108. SA Newton says:

    I purchased Sensa using a gift card which only had about 10.00 on it.. After the ttrial they tried to get more from my gift card and it of course would not let them..A not so nice lady named Michele has been making threating phone calls demanding a credit card number..Duh, I was stupid enough to order it in the first place but not dumb enough to use a regular credit card. She said I owed 89.00 more dollars and I told her to bill me for it and I would pay it.. She got so nasty about their not billing anyone and she DEMNANDED a credit card number( no red bell ringing there)

    • Margaret says:

      I was thinking about trying it and using one of those pre paid debit cards with just enough on it to get the trial and if it did not work just not return it and not use that card again. That way if it does not work then they have their trial $$$ and I am not out of any money.

  109. Karen says:

    Sensa does not work. I just want to let people know about the problems I experienced with trying to return my items. As a consumer we do have rights to be able to return paid for merchandise without a problem. This was not the free trial I was trying to return either. This was my second order with Sensa that I was not satisfied with. The customer service is seriously lacking. Be warned- don’t try to return anything, you cannot do it via the website as they claim and it will take you awhile to reach customer service (more than 20 minutes on hold). Then they will will not listen to what you are saying and try and convince you to keep the Sensa, and keep trying and trying…… it was very uncomfortable. I should not have to basically beg to return something I have already paid for.

  110. Alicia says:

    I have been doing Sensa for 2 weeks now and have already lost 7 pounds!!!!! This stuff works for me!!! it’s amazing!

  111. Pat says:

    I just ordered the free trial of this for 7.95 but I paid for it with a pre paid credit card so if they try to re bill me or auto bill me, good luck to them! I don’t mind being a guinea pig for the product. I only wanna lose about 15 lbs, either it’s gonna work or it’s not.

     I have found that with reviews on the web of anything you will always find more negative reviews than positive because people with negative things to say are more likely to put their words out there and look for a place to be heard. I’ve personally written negative reviews of products I’ve bought and I can’t remember writing a positive review of anything. 

    I also think anything you put in your body has some sort of placebo like effects. If you believe in something enough it most likely will work. I know that in all likelihood this product won’t work as well as advertised but it might work enough for my purposes. 

    • randy says:

      You’re right Pat. Most of the time the people who bother to post a review are the ones who have an axe to grind. I don’t know if that’s the case with SENSA or not. If you think of it, check back and let us know how your experience goes!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Pat,

      They will try and bill you again for a second shipment after 2 months. Make sure if you are not satisfied that you call them before the two month free trial is finished. Good Luck!

  112. JIM WALRAVEN says:

    First things first. It doesn’t work. It’s a scam!!! Free isn’t free either. Once they get your credit card number, look out. If you don’t call and cancel immediately, they’ll leep shipping and you’ll keep paying. Don’t fall for it! I never losy an ounce, period!!

  113. Marie says:

    Morning All
    Just wanted to add my comment regarding SENSA I have used it for a couple of days and at first I used it mostly on breakfast and lunch and it is like “pepper & salt” which it is “sweet & salty” which I am a woman who needs her salt and sugar ~ well as for taste of SENSA I did notice a slight taste from SENSA crystals like adding sweet n low in a meal ~I did notice I had ate less but still had the need to snack which is my down fall BUT notice that I was gradualy getting a slight headache like a migrane which I could not shake and this morning had dirreaha (sorry for the spelling detail) ~ just wanted to let all women know that if you take this product before or during you cycle please be aware will cause you to flow much heavier than you could ever imagine =( I have called and have recived an RMA # which I have 7days to get it back ~ I have not seen no activity on my debit/credit card but will keep watching

  114. lana says:





    • Amy says:

      Hey Lana,

      First off, I’m glad your not going to use SENSA. I think it’s a wise move on your part, and I agree with you that they’re scammin people out of money.

      Second, just out of curiosity, I wonder how tall you are. I only ask because I am 5 foot 6 inches tall and weigh 125 lbs and can’t afford to lose much weight. I’m wondering if you need to even lose weight… ? What you think chicky? Hey, it’s the Mom in me you know? I gotta ask girl 😉

      If you want to lose just a few pounds, I’d stick to what you’re doin babe, and eat as healthy as you can – ditch soda or energy drinks, candy, cookies and junk food. Eat good food to nourish your still growing body and brain. You want a strong body, sharp mind, and the energy to put them to work!

      I have a whole lotta respect for young girls like you dealing with all you have to deal with in school, friends, teachers, family, etc… It’s a lot to handle – I know, good gawd do I ever know. You just hang in there, keep goin with the healthy route and you’ll come through stronger and healthier, ok? Think smart and strong.. not thin and skinny – ok? And no more lookin at products like SENSA! Lol… Oh I had to go there, I’m such a Mom to all babe 😉


      • Mickey says:

        I think you are right. In addition to what you said, I would recommend to all lovers of sweet to always do research on the amount of calories that they will be consuming. And than after you eat your sweet or anything you think may have excessive calories from fat, be prepare to turn on your favorite hot music and dance it off for about 1/2 of 1 hour. After all, you won’t even noticed that you’re exercising. It works!!!!


  115. lana says:

    HEY U GUYS THANX FOR ALL THESE COMMENTS I APPRECIATE IT BECUZ IAM ONLY 16 1/2AND I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT SOME HOW AND JUST TRYING HARD TO EAT HEALTHY AND BALANCE MY FOOD …some times i dont even have time to exercise either to tired or in a hurry every were to scool ,church etc……..and i want to lose wait but dont now how to make it work it better for my self …then i tried to reasarch on wat sensa is realy about and for myself i deciede to seasrch on wat it was and just randomly found these kind of comments and diff opinions and thanx for helping satisfying my self i will not buys sensa becas it might be very dangerous for me and un haelthy ….

  116. Harold Cooper says:

    Purchased SENSA on EBAY…..Used it for 3 days now and my appetite has been significantly less…..we shall see. No after effects thus far…

    • Little Miss says:

      Good for you for buying on EBAY there are also reputable places like GNC and Costco that let you try and give you 100% refund if for any reason you dont like it.
      The logic is not that it is magic but that it works on your sences. People that loose there smell sence gain weight it is science not magic.
      I did order online because I want to first try from the company. The cite has alot of support to go with everything so I dont feel dumb for buying this product. I have seen where people loose up to 100 pounds. and yes they do cut soda and junk but its amazing that they have the will power to do so after years of No will power.

  117. Lucius says:

    I get it. With an open mind , could this be a placebo? Carrying it around to sprinkle on every bite or so will in itself create a habit in the subject. It could actually work that way too. Win WIn!

  118. Tammy says:

    I purchased on-line sensa from a pop-up ad I saw. When it arrived I did not use it for 3 weeks. Now I have used the product for 5 days. I have not seen any weight loss. If I start exercising that might help. I did not get diarrea, headaches, etc.. At times my stomach felt different/strange however that feeling went away. In a few days, my 30 days trial will end. I believe I will return the items. I never checked my bank statements to see if I was billed. I would like to continue using it to make sure it does or does not work. Some foods I do not put sensa on either because I am lazy or do not have it with me.

  119. N says:

    My husband and I are both wrapping up our first week on Sensa. We have not changed our diet nor do we do any cardio. There is a mens version. Our GNC store also carries months 3 thru 6. After a week of sprinkling everything we have eaten, we do find that we are not eating as much as we usually do. There is food left over on our plates and don’t feel like having seconds. There is no weird taste or after taste. We have been using it even when we don’t eat at home. The only side effect I have noticed is a bit of an oily bm. I started at 165 and hope to drop about 30 lbs.

    • randy says:

      Cool, nice to hear from someone who has tried it. Smart move getting it through GNC instead of their website.

      If you think of it, stop back and let us know how it turns out long term. I’d be quite interested to hear how it works out for you.

      – Randy

    • Katie says:

      This is a HUGE SCAM. The 30-day FREE trail automatically comes with 60 days, so if you don’t like/want it, you have to return something within the time period or you are automatically charged!!!! Also, they highly recommend you get a return receipt when you mail back, (THAT’S RIGHT, YOU PAY TO RETURN), in case they do not receive your package back. ALSO, BE CAREFUL IF YOU STILL DECIDE TO ORDER. The website I used automatically added rush shipping to my order because I did not UNCHECK a box on the site. I ordered on Tuesday morning and received the following Monday……REAL RUSH!!!. NEVER, NEVER trust anything that says “FREE”. Lesson learned.

      • randy says:

        Thanks Katie. This is a good heads up for everyone. Like I said in the post, I’ve heard this complaint about SENSA from quite a few people. Hopefully your comment will help save a few headaches…

        – Randy

  120. randy says:

    For some reason I get a lot of e-mail from confused buyers about this product. I though you all might like to see this one before you consider buy SENSA, check it out…

    I have try Sensa for 1 week now since i used this i find out i haveing the bad headache, and weakness muscle in my neck, and i losing controling over my bladder. Nobay have been report for this kind the Side effects on your Website. I try to sending back the prodact but i lost the diraction. Can you please sent me a e-mail and give me the adrass i don’t want my mony back but i want you to not sent me any more and do not charge me anymore it was my idea to try but i have side effects on this prodact.


  121. Kass says:

    GET OUT AND WALK!!!!! Piss on all these dying to be thin BS remedies!! Change your eating habits, drop the coke’s & walk walk and walk!!! YOU have to start somehwere!! I know firsthand what it takes as I had become fluffy because after my foot surgery I wouldn’t get my butt up and do something active and keep my cardio flowing because of the pain even after it healed, but I still have to push through it because I know what I can do. It’s so much easier to just sit there on the couch, drinking a coke, eating PROCESSED junk when our bodies were not made for that…yes I still slip up occasionaly but I refuse to let it win!! Take baby steps to get where you need to be-we all have our own starting point-find it and get going-set an example for your kids and show them how strong you REALLY are!! Find yourself and love yourself enough to get out there and make YOU happy again!! Go to your healthfood store and find a whole body cleanse-get that junk out of your body and start fresh! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!

    • randy says:

      Ooooh, Kass has attitude, I like that! :) Preach on, I’m with you 100%!!! Especially about setting an example for your kids. One of the biggest pay offs I get for all our efforts to eat better is when I see our youngest (18 months) choose broccoli over pasta! All five of the kids are making better choices because we are.

      – Randy

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what I’m talking about, MOVE THOSE BODIES AND EAT BETTER!!!!

    • Khalia says:

      OK..I unserstand where your coming from BUT…I weigh 327 pounds, walk every day, drink nothing but water, and eat healthy…its harder for some people. I refuse to try this SENSA crap because it looks like a giant scam anyways. Just please remember, what may be right for some is not so right for others. Sometimes Diet and Exercsie alone doesn’t really do the trick…Thinking about getting the Lapband because my mom got that and she has already lost almost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. Better then SENSA for sure!!!

    • Mickey says:

      I really harmonize with your input. Or if you don’t like to walk you can put some fruits on your table INVITE A FEW FRIENDS OVER YOUR HOUSE TWO TO THREE TIMES A WEEK turn on your fast music like chachacha AND DANCE WITH THEM!


  122. Ty says:

    I jus bought sensa frm the gnc. Ive been using it for 3 days nw. Ive seen a slight decrease in my eating habits and I also been walkin on the tredmill for 15 a day. I feel better but ill b sure to keep everyone updated with my progress.

    • randy says:

      Thanks Ty! That would be great to hear from somebody who’s actually giving it a try. I have a pretty low opinion of the stuff, but it’s based on observation and second hand information so a first hand account would be really helpful.

      Let us know how it works out!

      – Randy

  123. Shawn says:

    Listen folks, I am as desperate as you are to lose weight but I am not stupid to risk my health on a ‘snake oil’ product that is not approved by the FDA. If you really want to committ suicide then go ahead and roll the dice. I once got tempted to buy the product but first I had enough of brain cells left to ask my doctor first. she said don’t buy it. If you want to spend $50 or $100 why don’t you go and hire a personal trainer for an hour and let him or her show you how to lose weight. Or get a nutritionist to show you how to eat and lose weight. If you risk and lose your health on a ‘Snake oil’ then you will never get it back. Don’t play doctor with your health. Always sick a professional. It is better be fat but under doctor’s watch, then to be thin with more health problems. Remember, if you get sick under sensa, your insurance might not cover you. Just do your homework and listen to your Doctor. Better be safe than sorry!

    • randy says:

      Totally agree with you Shawn. The people that market this stuff know how to push peoples buttons though. They’re very clever how they convince people to buy these quick fix fad solutions when they best answer in the world is already right in front of them. Eating right and exercising has great rewards but requires sustained effort. SENSA is easy and fast and you can eat what you want or at least that’s what they want you to believe.

      Some people have stated that they have had success with SENSA, but I have a hard time believing that that success will last. If it really does work for them, great! If not, we’ll be here to help if they want.

      • Shawn says:

        randy, the problem that I see is not just about a product regulation under FDA . But also FDA is short handed and can only do that much. The market is flooded with risky products and Sensa is one of them. If 99% of the people feel fine and the 1% die, will you still chance it? The risks are still too huge. Each person has his or her own specialized medical needs. There is no magic pills. I simply don’t get it why people take such a huge chance with their health. They might feel fine in the short run but how about the long term effect? Just remember, there is no magic bullet. People want the easy way out instead of no pain no gain. I am one of those lazy ones also! But I think twice before playing Russian roulette with my health. Don’t you think if there was a safe product approved by the FDA would be on the market by now? The is a reason that it does not exist. The risks are too great to put even one individual at risk. Now these guys from sensa are mass marking this product to millions of sick or overweight people simply because they have figured the weakness and loopholes in our laws. It is like airliners that don’t maintain their fleets. They do a cost benefit analysis and figure a way to cut costs. Once an airplane crashes, it will be cheaper to pay their families rather than to fix the whole fleet. Same with Sensa.

        • randy says:

          Yep, it’s one of our mantras around here… There are not magic bullets!

          So many of the problems that afflict people now-a-days from Obesity to ADHD to Heart Disease can be controlled and even reversed with some applied effort toward proper diet and exercise. It’s just hard to convince people to go sweat their ass off and eat kale when there’s the lure of SENSA saying “just eat whatever you want” and watch the pounds melt away effortlessly… Too often we forget that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is and to me sprinkling pixie dust on pizza to lose weight sounds waaaay to good to be true.

  124. Elizabeth says:

    I definitely will consider buying it at a GNC, just to try it. I mean if it doesn’t work, then I only spent a little money. I would not feel too bad knowing I’m buying it from a health store. I’d rather spend the money and not wonder what if. Either way, then I’ll be happy to tell folks whether or not it worked…

  125. Therlo says:

    If you’re looking for a celebrity endorsed product — and this one is endorsed by Patti Stanger and Tamra Barney — look no further. I would not trust these two celebrities as far as I could throw them. Patti has been reported to have had breast reduction and plastic surgery. Ummmm just look at the woman’s FACE. She admits to breast reduction. That she has lost weight, the pics show about 20 pounds–the rest of it was breast reduction recovery after that during which most likely she couldn’t eat. As to Tamra Barney–on the first season of RH she didn’t eat. There was a scene in her own kitchen where she was planning a huge party, and she was just about passing out. Husband Simon says “EAT” and she says you know me, I NEVER eat during the summer. For her to be touting now that she enjoys a steak dinner with boyfriend Eddie and Sensa allows her to live the social life while losing pounds….c’mon people. The only thing I can figure about this product is the placebo effect — if you think it will work, to an extent, it will work. If you’re already made the leap from eating crap to eating healthfully while sprinkling this dust on your food, of course, you’ll lose just by having chosen to eat better. God only knows what is in that food dust. Beware.

  126. Shawn says:

    This is my sixth stop on my search through sites providing reviews on Sensa. While I have read a number of reviews suggesting caution, and good solid reports indicating that the product is one of those “your experience may vary products.” I noticed a comment here recommending buying it a GNC. Does anyone know if they actually sell it? I am willing to be a guinea pig if I can avoid the credit card mess… otherwise, not gonna happen. LOL!

    • randy says:

      Yeah, they sell it at GNC, but it’s cheaper on Amazon… Sensa. If do try it, stop back and let us know how it goes. I’ve been dying to hear from someone who has used it.

      • Danielle says:

        I tried Sensa last summer. It wasn’t for me… I only used it a couple of times and decided to get my money refunded before I passed the “free trial period.” I called and spoke to someone, who talked me into trying it a little longer (she extended my free trial period). I just made sure I told her to cancel all future shipments while I decided. When I still hadn’t used it a few weeks later, I called back and requested a return authorization. I received the RA, my credit card was credited the next day and I was NEVER charged again! It clearly states in all of the information you get from Sensa that you will continue to be charged until you cancel, and the “free trial” deal is explained up front too. I am glad I read so many negative reviews after buying Sensa, because it made me really cautious of the dates to watch out for, to not lose out on the refund but I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are an informed consumer and you cancel when you are supposed to and follow the instructions, you will not continue to be charged, at least I wasn’t. Bottom line, is though, it is probably not even worth the hassle of trying Sensa-it is very inconvenient (and kind of embarrassing) to have to sprinkle something on your food before you eat it.

    • sande says:

      I purchased this through GNC, because I did not want them automatically shipping it or going through what everyone else is on the returns issue. At GNC you also have 30 days to return it to the store if you are not satisfied. I have been using it for 3 weeks now, have forgotten a couple times to use it, but for the most part am not happy with it. I am not over weight the way some people are, 15-20 lbs would make me slim, but after a radical hysterectomy and lymph node disection last year I seem to have excess around my belly that walking was not getting rid of. In the 3 weeks I have been on Sensa I have gained 3 lbs., and have been getting diahrrea for the past week that I increased the amount I was using, thinking I wasn’t using enough. I am going to continue on it for a couple more weeks, starting the month 2 to see if that makes any difference – I have noticed no difference in my eating habits, consuming less, etc., but I will let you know in another 3 weeks if I find any positive differences.

  127. Stormie Rivers says:

    I’d have to say, I am glad that I found this review. I agree with every word proclaimed here. There are many products that say you can loose weight in no time at all, and they may indeed work. The ability for a product to work doesn’t seem to be the issue, The issue is the billing system of each Informercial company. The hard hitting fees, and run-around of getting unapproved automatic payments returned are the issues that make the product , or the carriers of each product non-successful. Most of these companys tell you the 30, 60, or 90 day trial offer is free, however you only pay for shipping. The problem is at the 60 day or 90 day interval, you never called to say there was an issue. So, the automatic payment wheel is in motion already. Most often at day 91 by the time you call and want to cancel its too late, the office you call to cancel, and the office you call for billing are two seperate if not “automation only”. There is a timing issue from the time you cancel, to the time the automatic invoice was released. Sure, this would not be a problem if you were being billed. You could decline sending payment and your problems are solved. Americans are oh so credit card happy and willing to give their information out at the drop of a hat. If you give out your credit card number, name, expiration date, and SVC code on the back, you have authorized scam retailers to simply tears your financial freedom up side down. Most often this only affects the average household of men and woman who are at the last attempt of trying another proclaimed miracle drug and loosing the simplest of payments creates a web page of negative comments.

    Word of advice, if you cant buy it in the store. Dont buy it. Use your credit card, like you would use your childs personal information, don’t give it out and last if you are considering any informercial product write down the name of the product, research the product, read both negative and staged positive comment, and take the time to ask your own doctor his or her recommendation.

    I asserted stage product review because, have you ever written down the names and title of these great reviews? With the biggest social networking platforms todayk Linked-In, facebook, Monster, Carer Builder, personals and Twitter, are you telling me that not one of these reviewers can be found? I didnt find any of them.

    I am more so inclined to use a product that is celebrity endorsed because, celebrities do not want to endorse a product that will cause its fans to black list them in the movie theatres. Fans are their money-makers our opinion counts and can help of hinder their celebritism.

    Last word, before you buy it think about the monetary risks. Can you really afford to have unnecessary automatic payments for months at time while the issue is being resolved, and the refund will take even longer.

    Research, analyze and decide.

    Theresa “Stormie” Rivers

  128. Marion says:

    If you really want to try Sensa, go to GNC and buy it. DON’T sign up for it, “free trial” or not. They bury purchasing terms so far into their agreement that you have no idea what you’re agreeing to. I had this happen with another company, and it took several weeks and many, many phone calls to finally get it settled. No such thing as a “FREE” trial – I don’t care who’s sponsoring it.

    • Randy Lee says:

      Thanks Marion that’s a great tip. I had heard that there were a lot of rebilling scams around the sensa trial. Hopefully your advise will help other avoid the same headache if they insist on trying it for themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m going to try sensa from GNC also because I am another person who had a hard time getting a company to stop charging me for a product.

  129. Anonymous says:

    I guess it based on each individual. You also need to consider the BMI

  130. jerri says:

    I used Sensa for bout 6 months. I went from size 22 to 18. But i watched wat i it worked for me

    • Addy says:

      If you were watching what you ate, that’s why you lost weight, not because the ingredients in SENSA helped you.

      • Tracey says:

        Really Addy, Can you be so sure that Sensa had nothing to do with the fact that it may have been easier to “watch what you ate”?

        I have been using Sensa for a little over a week. I cant say alot yet but I can say that it really seems to be curbing my appetite, and helping me to feel full quicker.. It could be a placebo effect but if “mind over matter” works with a little help, then so be it. I will check in later when I can tell you more about weight loss…

        • jane says:

          great attitude, love that you are being positive, some of these reviewers definitely have an axe to grind, hope it works for you, placebo is good!!

  131. Katherine says:


    • Anonymous says:

      FDA does not review these products. If you pay attention to any dietary supplement it will have a stament on the box stating to that.

      • jane says:

        i thinkg anonymous is someone who has already left negative comments and is trying to skew the results, is that you, stefani!!!!

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