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The 17 Day Diet Review – Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

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I was all set to write today’s blog, until I saw a headline reviewing The 17 Day Diet. Rrrrrrt! Change of plan… Once again, leading doctors and nutritionists have spoken: successful weight loss should be based on eating healthy foods in reasonable portions; limiting sugars, alcohol, and refined starches; and getting plenty of exercise. In their expert eyes, The 17 Day Diet falls short in its beginning by requiring limits and restrictions on certain fruits and vegetables.

Thank you experts! Randy and I, both, tried The 17 Day Diet and couldn’t agree more. Truly, the above medical advice is the base line we follow for our good health. Oh, we have tried a few diet trends. But in the end we always agree, “Let’s just stick to eating healthy and exercising.”

Randy and I may agree with the experts, but that’s not to say that The 17 Day Diet is a flop. We did learn some new and valuable information we’ve added to our eating habits (probiotic yogurt is awesome for you, but that’s another blog). Let me tell you a little about this diet and our experience on it…

The 17 Day Diet is Doctor Michael Moreno’s strategy for rapid weight loss. It’s based on 3 cycles, each lasting 17 days, plus a 4th long-term maintenance cycle. Moreno claims whether it’s 10 pounds or 100 pounds, this plan can help you lose weight quickly, avoid the dreaded plateaus, and revamp your metabolism.

Cycle 1 is what Dr. Moreno calls the “accelerate cycle”: includes eating lots of lean protein, cleansing  vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage, and low-sugar fruits such as berries and apples (no fruit after 2pm), healthy fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil), low-fat yogurt, water and green tea.

It prohibits many foods including most fast foods, fried foods, processed foods, starchy carbohydrates such as bagels, pasta, crackers and white bread, and fruits such as pineapple and bananas.

Moreno writes, “Most people can expect to lose 10 to 15 pounds during the first 17 days.” And I do think this is true for the most part, if those people have the will power to follow cycle 1 to the tee.

Randy and I started out on cycle 1 “ok,” but truthfully, we gave up after day 4. The menu was too restrictive. Both of us were physically tired and drained of energy. This was terrible, considering we have 2 little kids and a baby to keep up with. We were moody, even a little shaky sometimes (I think from low blood sugar). This had to be the result of lacking in calories and cutting too many healthy varieties of foods. It was obvious that this cycle wasn’t balanced nutritionally for us, and as a result, we caved.

Those 4 days were not without some success though. We did lose weight. I lost 4 pounds and Randy lost 2 1/2. But, 4 pounds in 4 days? That’s a pound a day and to what expense!?!

Needless to say, Randy and I did not move onto to experience the next 3 cycles. Kathleen M Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, an expert at WebMD, offers a detailed explanation of these cycles, how they work, and how to eat while following them, please see WebMD. I found her review to be very informative and on spot when describing the book.

Please check out the link provide above, read more information about the book, and decide for yourself if this diet is right for you. With some preparation and serious dedication, it really could help you lose weight quickly. I will give Dr. Moreno credit for addressing such willpower and other issues like emotional eating, portion control, and identifying food triggers.

the-17-day-diet-reviewAll in all, Randy and I do think if you are determined to lose weight fast and are mentally prepared for the rules of The 17 Day Diet accompanied with lots of support, you can lose weight and fast! For some of you, Dr. Moreno’s plan may fit. I cannot say we didn’t lose weight, and in all fairness, Randy and I did not see it through to the last cycle. Considering our 4 day experience, though, even with the success of losing weight, we still agree, “Let’s just stick to eating healthy and exercising.” :)


P.S. If you want to check out The 17 Day Diet for yourself Amazon has it for half the price of the official website

The 17 Day Diet on Amazon

The 17 Day Diet Review – Dr. Moreno describes his book to Dr. Phil

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  1. Jacque says:

    Started four days ago, down four pounds, but even better, am not using any insulin at all! Sugars are perfect! Did have headache yesterday from caffeine withdrawal, but today I am fine. If you use variety you will not get bored. If you can not even stick with something for 17 days, you are not very commited! This diet works. Even if I have only been on it four days, I am excited and learning to eat better.

  2. Jana says:

    I have packed on 50 pounds in the past 20 years and carry too much around my midsection. It’s my own fault. I was not making good choices. I wanted to get back to a healthier weight so I could feel and look better. I am on day 8 of Cycle 1. So far? 12 pounds down. Here’s what I’ve assessed thus far. I am super busy- many skipped meals = grabbing some high sugar carb food to stave off the low blood sugar cravings and crashes. (I own a tea room with lots of baked goodies) Carbs + sugar= stored fat when not burned up as energy. This diet formula has allowed me to re think my eating habits. It’s sensible. The first 2 days were pretty tough. I WAS HUNGRY. I had to get my meal choices back in check.This plan keeps me disciplined. I printed out some worksheets to keep track of what I consume- it really helps me more to keep a visual tracking as opposed to an app, but I have that also. Many years ago I was on the Diabetic Exchange diet. It worked really well also, so I knew I could commit to this one as well. What I did need to do was get creative with what was allowed. I made stuffed bell peppers with ground turkey breast and added spices,mushrooms, onions, celery and carrot shreds to the meat. I also made cabbage rolls the same way. I made XL batches so packaging them in freezer bags to heat n eat is really helpful for those times when I have had a busy day and do not care to fuss much. THOSE were exactly the times that got me in trouble to begin with. I made the soup and the turkey chili the same way so it is also at the ready. Keeping packs of pre cut veggies on hand to drizzle with balsamic or low fat Italian makes great snacking. Be cautious of the sugar content in the yogurt. I love Fage- but Chobani is lower in sugars. READ LABELS being mindful of carb and sugar numbers. Also with tomato based products. I am very fortunate to live in the Pacific NW where we have an abundance of fresh produce and fish. It can be pricey to get started, but with such a limited list to work with you deserve to buy the best and freshest you can. If you keep the foods as tasty as they are nutritious, it will soon seem like you have simply modified your diet to eat REAL food, rather than placed yourself on a restrictive “diet”. Good luck…. YOU AND I? WE GOT THIS!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It totally works !!!:) In one month I lost 16.5 pounds and it was sooo easy. Its easy to follow and you start seeing results right away. Which is great because it makes it even easier to stick to the diet. I feel so good now and I would absolutely recommend this diet to anyone. It teaches you how to eat good and it makes you realise what you are actually putting in your mouth. I say give it a try to anyone who is struggling with their weight or anyone who just wants to start eating properly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am always skeptical when everything is so secret unless you spend so much money and all of a sudden Dr. Phil gets involved. I am sure the diet is good but do we really need to spend that much money for it? It is common sense and a variation of Atkins. We all fall for these “new” diets and yet we are all still fat! I don’t know . I feel used…

  5. Debi says:

    I am lactose intolerent. What can I eat instead of the yogurt?

  6. Lily says:

    Hi everyone,

    I had tried this diet once before 6 months ago, to great success. However, I gained the weight back once I got back to school (nothing against the diet of course, it was just me not being attentive enough/stress of school). I got back it 4 days ago and have not lost a single pound; I’m getting worried. I remember the last time I was on it, I had lost 2-3 pounds by the 4th day! So this second attempt is proving to be a bit discouraging. Nothing has changed from when I followed it the first time; in fact, I am MORE strict and have been exercising more.

    I am 5’6, 19 years old, and 145 pounds. As you can see, I don’t actually need to lose too too much. I am just confused, as I just came back from a foreign country where I was binge-drinking 3-4 nights a week and eating carbs on carbs on carbs. I’ve been home a full week and have not touched alcohol, and haven’t eaten breads/rice/pasta, and yet still weigh the same!!

    And by the way, I’m having my period. DOn’t know if that changes anything. I wouldn’t even call this a weight loss plateau, because i’m not plateauing!! I just haven’t been losing!! Has anyone had this problem/explain this phenomenon? Does this being my second attempt have any bearing? I heard somewhere the more often you start a diet, the less effective it becomes.

    • Kathie says:

      dont exercise alot i didn’t exercise at all

      • Lily says:

        Oh…well, I want to change my lifestyle to becoming much more active…and I want to be toned, so I’m going to be exercising, haha. Thank you for your input though!

      • Kathie says:

        It’s been almost a yr for me I stay around 136-138 and I’m not strict but yesterday started the diet by the book over again because I want to loose that 6-8 lbs, and I’m not going to exercise. if any moderately

    • Amy says:

      Hi Lily,
      You’re probably building up some muscle which weighs more than fat, thus you may be canceling out the fat loss with muscle gain which is a good thing in the long run. You said this time you are exercising more? That’s probably the difference this time around, that and having your period will help your body retain fluids = most likely your lack of weight loss currently. I’m 5’6 as well and have been at your weight. Your experience sounds very similar to how my body first begins to lose or not lose weight… Give it a week and within that time, you may see a significant loss all at once.
      Good luck and hang in there.

  7. Bernice says:

    Am I supposed to eat from each of the category everyday?


  8. Belle says:

    Hello! I am so thankful to have found this site and been very encouraged by the comments and suggestions. Today is day one of Cycle 1 for me. I am very excited and determined to lose the weight. I am 209 lbs (yikes) all gained within the last 3 years and been trying to lose it on my own to no success. The 17 Day Diet was suggested to me by a co-workers whom has lost so much weight! I cannot wait!!

    Anyway back to day one, after I ate breakfast this morning I felt good but after it all wore off, I admit it was tough! I had to remind myself over & over to be strong. I can do this so I went surfing and stumbled upon this site, very helpful.

    My question is… can I drink at least one Dasani bottle (16 oz. – 20 oz.) water with one packet of Crystal Light??? Is a little Crystal Light okay to have (in moderation of course) like maybe once a day? What do you think. I couldn’t find anything about it in the Q&A of the book. Any ideas?

    I look forward to hearing from someone, please. Thanks.


  9. Michelle says:

    I just have a quick question. My friend and I are both really determined to lose 20lbs this summer and we’re looking around for the best diet option. This diet seems great, but we’re both about 5’4″ and 140lbs, so technically not overweight but still a little chubby. Will we still see the same amount of weight loss as the other reviewers?

    • Michelle says:

      Oh! And if not, does anyone recommend any other diets for us?

      • S.N.B. says:

        The diet that makes the most sense is the one you design yourself. First make a list of all the vegetables, fruits, and sorces of proteins that you like and look up their caloric values. Next figure out what your BMR number is, it is very accurate in indicating how many calories it takes to maintain your weight at its current level. To lose weight a conscious effort to go below the BMR must be made. 3500 calories= 1 lb of fat. If you can effectively remove 500 calories a day you can expect to lose one pound a week, for a person that weighs only 140 pounds that is a lot!

        At first the scale will show remarkable results…it is just water weight…after a few weeks it will creep back to a crawl. Since you have designed a program with foods that you like the days will roll on into weeks and then months and will seem effortless. Keep a journal; it will help you through the tough times, and there will be times where you aren’t rewarded for your efforts. 20 pounds will take you a half of a year to lose, but the good part is you will continue on beyond that because the foods you have selected are the ones you enjoy.

        Tips: Don’t eat after 7PM, have a yogurt each day, drink water instead of diet anything, instead of cakes and pasteries eat strawberries, cherries, grapes, oranges, and apples. 93% lean hamburger meat has only 170 calories for each serving, forget the bun, a little bit of ketchup will not kill you. Good Luck!

  10. Christina says:

    Ok.. I have a question… I am REALLY interested in trying this diet as I am about to be 32 next month. I have a 13 year old and my daughter just turned 4 this month. Needless to say I am STILL carrying around baby weight that only seems to get worse. My boss’ wife had wonderful results and she is about 10+ years older than myself. I had my gallbladder removed back in ’06 and I’m lactose intolerant.. Is there anyone out there doing this diet that does not have their gallbladder and who is lactose intolerant like myself? If so have you had problems with the yogurt? What kind do you use? Does anyone have an suggestions for me to make this easier?? I would GREATLY appreciate any support!

    Thanks a ton!!!

  11. Vidya says:

    Also can I eat soup while on this diet? Hot and Sour Soup has only tofu, and flavouring and some seafood. Is that okay?

  12. Vidya says:

    I am 18 years old, 5’4 and 143 lbs. I have prom coming up in 15 days and I hope to lose some weight by then. Hopefully something close to 10lbs? I have tried the eating healthy thing and exercising for months but been at a plateau of 142lbs for nearly a month or so. I hope to get some great results, seeing these comments I am soo excited to try it. I actually purchased this book last year but it seemed too restrictive in terms of what I could and couldn’t eat. I mean NO BREAD? I would surely not survive and am still doubtful but am inspired to try and see if this book will help or was just a waste of money :)

  13. Sunnie says:

    Hello Sasha.

    Try Stevia powder or Truvia which is a brand name of Stevia powder.

    (I agree with you on Splenda not being that great for you as your body does not know what to do with it.)

    I at first did not like Stevia because of the “smooth” feeling it has, but I have gotten use to it. I have Stevia leaf from a tea shop to sweeten my green tea.

    In my opinion, I think honey has too much sugar for the 1st phase at least.

  14. Sasha says:

    Hi everyone! My mom and I just started this diet today and we are totally stoked. We have completed the first day and feel great! Although we just need to shed a couple pounds we have a goal of 10-15 pounds to loose, we are following it to the letter. I do have a question though, Dr. Moreno deviates away from sugar because it turns into a carbohydrate and then stores itself into the fat cells so he recommends splenda (or some other form of sweeteners) and I can’t stand splenda! Being a major in Health Sciences, I know how bad artificial sweeteners are for the body and that it doesn’t know what to do with artificial things so it ends up storing as well. I’ve wanted to use honey and I know honey is still sugar, but it is the purest form and is REAL, is it still OK to use or no? Thanks!

  15. Sunnie says:

    I am a vegetarian (I allow eggs, dairy and only wild Alaskan salmon) lacto-ovo-pescetarian.
    And I just want to let people know you can be this type of vegetarian on this diet.

    I am also letting you know in case you are not vegetarian, but maybe you enjoy these type of foods, as it can give you more options. If you have ANY questions ask the web site.

    Here is what they said I could sub for protein:

    1 half cup of tofu (any type)
    1 half cup of beans, lentils, or any legume
    1-2 vegetarian or black bean burgers (made from textured vegetable protein)
    2-4 ounces any vegetarian cheese, including soy cheese
    2 vegetarian “sausage” links
    2 scoops vegan rice protein powder (great for smoothies, blend with 1 cup unsweetened almond milk and a fruit) for a quick 17-Day Diet vegetarian breakfast
    Any type of vegetarian meat substitute made from textured vegetable protein (TVP)
    “These subs will work for all cycles as meat-protein substitutions.”

    Also I would like to note on the yogurt. I believe milk has natural sugar and this type of sugar is ok. For instance Chobani plain non fat Greek yogurt has 7 grams sugar. But not added sugar. It is from the natural sugar from milk. Read the label and buy yogurt that does not have ADDED sugar in it.
    Also most sugar subsistutes are not good for you such as sweet and low and the stuff in most diet drinks. I think the only fake sugar that is ok would be Stevia (Truvia). Although do not quote me on that, do the research.

    (Other names for sugar….
    •barley malt•beet sugar•brown sugar•buttered syrup•cane-juice crystals•cane sugar•caramel•carob syrup•corn syrup•corn syrup solids•date sugar•dextran•dextrose•diatase•diastatic malt•ethyl maltol•fructose•fruit juice•fruit juice concentrate•glucose•glucose solids•golden sugar•golden syrup•grape sugar•high-fructose corn syrup•honey•invert sugar•lactose•malt syrup•maltodextrin•maltose•mannitol•molasses•raw sugar•refiner’s syrup•sorbitol•sorghum syrup•sucrose sugar•turbinado sugar•yellow sugar)

  16. Lisa says:

    This “diet” isn’t a diet–it’s a change in lifestyle. Yes, it cuts out fast food (Duh!), but it essentially removes the foods that we shouldn’t be eating, at least, not all the time. I know people that LIVE on fast food! This plan is tough in the beginning, but unlike diets, it changes and adds food back in. Not all foods, not at first, but if you follow it, you get to a point where you can eat anything you want…within reason. I lost 4 pounds the first week. Not very much, I know, but more importantly–I lost 5 total inches off my body in that time. After 1 week, I was able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in a couple of years. I feel better about myself, and I have discovered how much i like to cook! I did not follow the plan to the letter (yes, I cheated), but 95%of the time I I did. I have several friends that have tried the 17 Day Diet, and they have all had great results. The trick is to stick with it. The best part for me was that I didn’t have to count ANYTHING–points, calories, fat grams–and I still lost weight.

    • Kathie says:

      Yes this diet is a lifestyle changed I love the foods that I eat now verses what I use to eat even on weight watchers I threw WW out. I need to lose 8 more lbs and it is getting hard to do this….I’d like to lose the belly fat??????

  17. S.N.B. says:

    My wife went on the 17 Day Diet and she lost 10 pounds in seven weeks! I went on The Fat Man’s Diet and have lost 75 pounds in ten months. The difference is I eat red meat instead of chicken or fish, I have whole milk in my coffee, and I make it a point not to exercise. Even a simple walk around the block is considered exercise by the Fat Man. My wife gave up on her diet long ago, I’m still going strong.

  18. Nan says:

    Hi all: Great to read all the comments. I found out about this diet just before Easter weekend – I did 5 full days with no problem but then the darn Easter Bunny came …. and I lost it to the chocolate calling me. I have saved this as a favourite so I can refer back when I feel the urge to cheat. To be honest – I did not find the 5 days hard to do. I am starting back tomorrow on cycle 1 and am determined to get the 17 days in.
    I did feel healthier and I had lost as well.

    • Laura says:

      Every diet has its shortcomings. Do what works for you. I had no success until I came upon the 17-day diet. can’t let that chocolate get you!!! But if it does — and it’s the ultimate temptation– then do what you gotta do and then go back when you’re ready. (try to start when Halloween, Easter, Xmas isn’t lurking!!) And keep in mind..(as said in my earlier post), you may be able to have that “good” chocolate very soon (85% cocoa)!!

  19. Laura says:

    I have been on the 17-day diet for about 7 months, and I am very happy with it. I had practically given up, because I was unable to lose any weight following (strictly) several other diets. I had even travelled to South America in search of slimming down–even if it had to be surgically accomplished. Truly, I was at my wit’s end.
    This diet has been wonderful. I pretty much stick with Cycle One since I travel extensively, and have had to make some food adjustments. It’s just lately (after a loss of 25 pounds) that I’ve included a few other foods. But I almost never eat breads, candies, cakes, cookies, rice, pasta, potatoes..though I have occasionally had a couple squares of Lindt 85% cocoa dark chocolate. Always have my eye on the sugar content..and try hard to stay with low low sugar (the Lindt chocolate has very little sugar).
    I am so pleased that this has worked for me–and honestly can not determine why it has. Is it drinking the hot lemon water in the morning? Is it having the green tea after meals? Whatever it is….it has saved me from spending thousands on having surgery..and I’m thankful.
    I have found some foods that make it so so easy to enjoy my meals. The no-fat greek yogurt is outstanding..over a bowl of frozen (partially defrosted) wild blueberries and topped with some Splenda it is deelish!! I have also been marinating raw ahi tuna (in soy and other low-fat,low sugar asian sauces)and adding scallions and sesame seeds–then rolling it up in roasted seaweed..simply FABULOUS. I feel like I’m indulging in great deprivation here!! These foods taste better than anything I’ve eaten before, and give me incentive to go on. And I have NEVER had any trouble following this plan in any restaurant.
    I’ve also become a regular at Jazzercise, which I find to be fun and energizing. TRY IT…YOU’LL LOVE IT11

  20. Trish says:

    I disagree. This couple only tried it for 4 days so how can you evaluate a diet when you did not even finish the first cycle? I am going on it again. I went through the first cycle and lost 13 pounds and was not hungry. You have to be creative. You have chicken breasts, turkey breasts, turkey burgers, fish, eggs, that’s plenty of protein to deal with just for 2 1/2 weeks. After that you add on more. I had to go off because I went on two vacations but I am going back on to square one and going to go through all four cycles. I think this diet is workable. It’s the first one I ever liked. I just don’t think they gave it long enough chance and eventually you get to eat from all the food groups on it.

  21. Bert says:

    I’m getting ready to start his diet and have read the book. As I read your comments I see where you all are referring to Probiotic (yogurt) needing to be “sugar free”. I am not seeing that. In the book on page 45 he says:

    “Yogurt, any type, including Greek-style, sugar-free fruit flavored, plain and low fat”.

    I am reading that sugar free IS an option but so is low fat. I have chose low fat. Am I reading this wrong?

  22. Taylor says:

    i’m not sure if my last commented posted.. just a couple questions.
    Am I able to use fat free shredded cheeses?
    For the green tea, can it be diet bottled green teat or should it be brewed?

    Thanks so much:)

    • Amy says:

      Hi Taylor,
      I’ve looked through my book and it doesn’t say this isn’t ok anywhere that I can find. I think you’ll be ok with both FF cheese and diet tea.. Though, the fresh brewed green tea may contain more active fat burning ingredients that the bottled tea.
      Good luck!

  23. Taylor says:

    Okay so i fell offthe wagon a while ago.. I just wasn’t ready to commit to changing my lifestyle. But here I go again.. starting on a sunday and on the first of them onth so it seems like evreything fell into place. I just had a few questions, for the fat-free cheeses, could i use fat free shredded mozz or chedder? As long as it’s fat free, right?

    • Taylor says:

      and for green tea, could it be diet bottled green tea?
      Thank so much and this is truely a wonderful blog!!

    • Trish says:

      I believe you can use fat free cheese. I use fat free feta. I make a turkey burger in low sodium soy sauce and sautee mushrooms and onions and then put some fat free feta on it. It’s delicious!

  24. Amy says:

    I’ve been posting this link to some of our more popular posts in relation to weight loss and diets. For those of you interested in watching a FREE online, new food documentary called HUNGRY FOR CHANGE from the makers of FOOD MATTERS, check it out:

    It’s an inspiring movie with great information, both Randy and I loved it.
    Have a good one :)

  25. Carolyn says:

    Hello all,

    I’ve read some of the comments and I am feeling enthused about some of the responses. I am actually on Day 12 today and have lost about 11 lbs. Of course, after reading that this is probably water weight, I am feeling a little deflated. I don’t want this weight to come back. My ultimate goal is to lose 70 lbs (59 more to go!), so I am hoping this is the “diet” that does the trick. It’s been amazingly easy to stay on thus far–though I admit, last night was difficult. I got through it, though, and all is well. Today I woke up and had an upset tummy and it killed me to have the gingerale that I knew would settle my stomach but I finally caved (and felt better). I have “cheated” and had a rib–but I keep forgetting that I am not doing Atkins or South Beach, where you could have these foods early on. Still, I have not had sugar or other contriband foods. As someone else said, this diet makes me a little more conscious of the foods I am consuming and making for my husband, which I can only consider a good thing. My toddler obviously is not a part of this diet plan.

    I am doing the exercising and trying to walk during the day at my lunch hour–the book suggests two 17 minute sessions each day (AM and PM) to keep the metabolism pumped. I try, but don’t always do it twice each day. A coworker has done the diet and has (frankly) gotten a little too thin, but I guess I would have to consider that a success. I don’t want to be a fanatic about this but I do want to lose the weight. And, losing the 70 lbs will still have me 20 lbs. over what “the charts” say. I am determined to keep healthy, though, and I do think this diet will do it. I agree with the person who says to eat this way during the week and have the weekend to treat yourself. 80/20 is supposed to be the ratio of eating healthy and eating not so healthy. But I want to complete the 4 cycles to see if I actually can.

    Ultimately, I guess I just really want this diet to work so I am doing all I can to stick with it. I don’t know if it’s my age or the fact that I have so much to lose this time but I used to be the one who would quit at Day 4, so I understand why the author opted out. But, I’d like to see this through to see what will come of it. Good luck to everyone still on the journey!

  26. Ken says:

    I first read your review back in January when first starting the 17 day diet and decided to come back and add my two cents now that I have been on it for nearly three months and have gone through the 3 cycles + repeat cycles.

    I dedicated myself to this diet for the first 17days and followed it to a T. Wish I could report how much weight I lost in those first 17 days but sadly I was in fear of my scale and did not weigh myself until the first day of cycle 2. What I can report on is my overall boost in energy. I immediately noticed a difference in my energy level and felt great. I think its really important to remember that in cycle 1 you are allowed UNLIMITED amounts of the cleansing veggies and lean proteins. I love to cook and search for new recipes and this diet made me rethink everything about the way I was cooking. It’s a challenge to find recipes that either fit into the diet or make changes to recipes to make them fit. My number one piece of advice for making this diet work for you is to not get stuck in “salad” mode. There are a million and one different ways to prepare chicken and vegetables. Its just a matter of time and a little creativity. The internet is a great resource and has helped me immensely with my personal diet and weight loss.

    I’ve gone through almost 5 cycles now (1,2,3, back to 2, back to 1,) the reason I went from cycle to 2 to cycle 1 is because my second attempt on cycle two became very similar at the end to cycle 3 and I was really feeling the need to re-motivate myself and cut back on some of the things I had started to allow into my diet. While on cycles 2 and 3 I do allow myself alcohol 1 day a week. Once in a while I also have some cheat meals, but always try to make those as healthy as possible. I have noticed a steady weight loss since beginning to weigh my self on the start of cycle 2 and have lost 15lbs. This may not sound like alot for about three months of dieting, but i’m happy with my progress, new view on food, and healthy lifestyle all around. At this pace I should reach my goal weight in about a year. It took me 7 years to get where I’m at………so a year to take it off sounds reasonable to me.

    All in all………its not that I follow the diet perfectly, but it did help me re-evaluate my food decisions. I am happier, healthy, and completely satisfied with my eating habits now. I could live the rest of my life eating how I have been the last 3 months and I think that is what any diet should be about.

    • Amy says:

      I’m glad this is working for you Ken and that your happier and healthier. :) We’re all different, for sure…we have to do what works for us.
      Good luck to you in the future!

  27. Jennifer says:

    My husband, daughter, and I started the diet 15 days ago. Of course, it takes some time to get used to the system, but it’s definitely “doable.” One thing I noticed right away was I didn’t have cravings (maybe I’ve just matured a little), and we’ve all lost between 8 and 16 lbs. I feel like the menu is one I can live with, especially as we move on to Phase 2 and 3, so I can comfortably look at the future and keeping the weight off.
    I’ve been trying for 2 years to watch my diet (not necessarily be ON a diet) and exercise, with little change. This has been huge, and it gives me incentive to continue.
    The other big thing is my husband, who has high blood pressure and on medication to keep it normal, took his blood pressure last night and it was 98/68. It was always around 120/90 before the 17 Day Diet. We’ll keep an eye on those numbers, but he’s looking forward to possibly quitting BP meds, and that can also be attributed to the diet. We aren’t rushing in, but we are full of optimism.
    Thank you for a diet that works!

    • Anonymous says:

      I know you posted this comment a while ago, but I do not see how you can state that your husband had high blood sugar at “120/90″, when 120/80 is a perfect blood pressure…. 98/68 is really low and very dangerous. You need to educate yourself and your husband a bit more, and I would talk to your doctor about those numbers.

      • Krista says:

        Actually the accepted blood pressure is 110/70. 120/80 is considered pre-hypertension, and the 120/90 she is reporting was most likely on the antihypertensives. My blood pressure is consistantly in the 90s/50s and I always get an “excellent” from my doctor. As long as you are asymptomatic a low blood pressure is just fine. In fact many elite athelets have very low blood pressure and heart rates. Hope this clears up any confusion.

  28. Lea says:

    Hello, I just started this diet today. Is it ok to cook the meals in advance and then freez them?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Lea,
      I sure would think so, as long as you’re cooking with the approved foods for that particular cycle. I do think it’s important to eat as much fresh vegetables as you can, though, to get optimal value from what you’re eating.

      Have you heard of preparing salad in a jar? You can prepare mason jars of fresh layered veggies and store in fridge for up to a week. Put fresh greens on the bottom of your jar (very important), then layer on veggies, with a drizzle of dressing on top and seal jar. The veggies keep the dressing off of your lettuce keeping it crispy, and the jar itself helps lettuce remain fresh.

      You could keep your dressing on the side as well, if you like. Make your salads Sunday night, and have them ready all week long. This supposedly works great and people really like it. I have yet to try it myself though.

      Best of luck to you!

  29. Maggy says:

    With all due respect-you gave up on day 4? This says more to me about your willingness to follow through on something. How you decide that you are equipped to review this diet is beyond me. I’m on day four-I am cranky-but I’m not giving up. There’s nothing wrong with what I am eating-it just isn’t fun.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Maggy,

      Lol…yes, we did give up at day 4, and after reading several comments soon after I published this review, I learned why we were feeling so poorly and learned about how the body detoxes and so on. I actually learned quite a bit from others as this thread grew and have commented positively about this diet in return.

      I’m glad I wrote the review the way I did, because I was honest. I did hope that others who had moved on with the diet would comment, like yourself, and thus create a beneficial, mutual learning environment leading us all to better health. I think that is happening right here.

      As for not following through with the 17 Day Diet, you are right in part. Following the diet for only 4 days should not be enough to write a review. But…keeping up with every comment, looking up information in the book to help others, and offering encouragement and support to almost every commentor for the past near 10 months, in my opinion, does. That to me, is my follow through and what stands more so in weight towards my character.

      I’m sorry you are cranky. And if taking it out on me motivates you to make it through, then by all means…

      Good luck to you.

  30. Malis says:

    I am on my 12th day in the first cycle. I was losing about 1 pound a day for the first 3 days and then just went up and down from there. In total, I have only lost 1.6 lbs. as of today. I am getting frustrated because I’ve read so many reviews in which people have lost 10 to 15 lbs. during the first cycle, but I was not getting the same result. I disciplined myself to the tee this time but just did not see those weight loss like everyone else. Therefore, I cheated yesterday and had some desserts and fries with my kids and husband because I felt that if I wasn’t losing, then what was the purpose of keeping the diet so strict. I felt really bad afterwards, of course, and did more exercises. However, I am still disappointed in that I am not seeing the same results. I think it is due to my working out at the gym because I have been lifting weights also. I may have to decrease on the amount of weights I am lifting. In my opinion, though, I am not lifting that much weight but then can’t think of anything else that may be holding me back. My other thought is that I have been trying to lose weight even before starting this and did lose some. Therefore, is it because I’ve already lost some weights before that now I am not seeing any weight loss? But then I am still not at the suggested weight for my height and bone mass. I still have 23 more lbs. to lose. What am I doing wrong, or what am I suppose to do differently? I am at the edge of giving this up.

    • Amy says:

      Malis, don’t give up.

      Something I’ve learned from reading the comments here: the diet works, but works differently for everybody. We all lose weight differently, so cut yourself a break and quit driving yourself crazy with that scale. :)

      Next, ditch that scale girl. Not completely of course, but stop weighing yourself for a while and start measuring yourself. Tomorrow, measure your waist, tush, thighs, and arms. Have your hubby help you, and then write the measurements down. Begin the week a new, and follow the diet to the tee just like you have been. Continue to exercise too. Then, after 1 week (this will drive you nuts and be very hard), then weigh yourself. AND, before you freak at that scale if it doesn’t deliver the results you want, re-measure yourself again. I would give this two weeks. See what happens…

      Just as people lose weight differently, people gain muscle differently. You may be one of those lucky people that gain muscle while losing fat. I know it’s frustrating when you are working so hard to lose, but it really is a good thing in the long run.

      When Randy and I first started at the gym, he was losing weight and I actually lost a few pounds, stalled for 2 – 3 weeks, and then started gaining. I started out at 127lbs, dropped to 124, and then went allll the way up to 140lbs. I freaked out! By the time I hit 130lbs, I was ready to smash the scale, but Randy suggested measuring me. This didn’t give me the daily results I would have so enjoyed, but it did help me make sense of things. I, also, noticed that my clothes were loose in the waist, but getting very tight in the shoulders, arms, and legs……made for interesting shopping.

      BUT… was a good thing in the end. I slowed down on the weights, and focused more on my cardio (it took a while for me to learn what worked for me), and now I rest in-between 125 and 130. I will never be one of those thin model types. I’m just not built that way. And seriously, I’m ok with that.

      Now for you… Give the diet another fair shot. Give it 2 more weeks and see what happens. Pay attention to your measurements and how your clothes fit. If after two weeks you see no change, and you’re not happy, try something else. Try the Mediterranean Diet or check out Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat to Live (it’s what I’ve been following) or how about the new PINK Method? I have been checking into trying this out myself and reviewing it. Try anything else that will lead you to a path of better health, cuz girl those fries mad you sad…and nobody wants to be sad…

      Hang in there, I can soooo relate… Just don’t give up on yourself

    • Maggy says:

      Have you thought about having your thyroid checked-a low thyroid can sabbatoge any efforts to lose weight. good luck!

    • Newcomer says:


      I’m new to the 17 day diet…in fact I am still waiting for the book to arrive. But prior to deciding on committing to this new plan, I lost a considerable amount of weight by eating healthy and hitting the gym 4-6 times a week. One thing that I’ve learned after nearly killing myself going to the gym 2-3 hours those days is that lifting weights slows the weight loss process as seen on the scale; since we are building muscle and muscle is denser than fat. As we lift weights blood engorges our muscles and they swell. Doing so many times a week, not only will cause the scale to go wacky but can also cause damage because our muscles are not given ‘recovery time’. My advice, lessen the strength training and isolate it to 2-3 times a week then follow up your strength training with a chocolate protein shake to restore any nutrients lost and improve the ability to establish definition.

      Hope this helps :)
      Happy Weight Loss

  31. sarah says:

    I ordered the book and will start this diet soon…but with caution. My nutrition teacher at college says too much protein will make your kidneys work overtime, and it’s not good for them. So I will try to keep an eye on the protein level. I’m 5’6″, 250lbs and only 27 years old. I am sick of looking like this. I’m a busy college student and mom so I’m hoping I can successfully do this program!

  32. Amanda says:

    I started this diet April 25th, 2011. I have since lost 50 pounds. At first I thought it too restrictive, but as time went on, when I did go back to “normal” eating, I felt horrible. I made a deal to implement the diet monday thru friday. It helps that I have a job where I can control my environment and not have to travel or depend on external lunches. I did lose weight very easily and I was still able to attend social eating gatherings.

    This is not my first diet. In 2000 I had a gastric bypass. Lost 40 pounds and just stayed there. I would have to say that this is not a fad at all. I got a blood test at the start of the diet and last month. The results were astounding. I have the blood of a twenty-something!

    I am 53. And for the first time in a long while…very healthy. Good luck to all.

  33. Lauren says:

    In cycle one can i have any kind of nuts? like almonds, pecans, etc

  34. Lauren says:

    I’m just getting started in the cycle one, me and my mom are doing this as a team but I’m the one having a hard time with it. Day one was extremely hard for me, but I find it easier with more things you can eat or use(like salad dressings) that are fat free. It’s also hard because when my friends wanna go to dinner or go out to lunch, I can’t because i’m on a VERY strict diet. What if I go to Panera and get a Grilled Chicken Ceasar salad? Would this be okay, its lettuce, chicken, and ceasar dressing. Also on this diet i don’t find anything appetizing and i feel hungry a lot, or i don’t enjoy what i’m eating or don’t look forward to it which makes it harder.. HELP!

    • Amy says:

      All I can tell you Lauren is to keep an open mind and think positive..the more you focus on what you don’t like, the more unhappy on this diet you’ll be.
      Oh, and I can’t be sure about the salad, because I’m not sure of all the ingrediants in the dressing and salad itself..
      Good luck and hope it gets better. :)

  35. Ange S says:

    So today is day 1 and I’m excited to do this but as to be expected day 1 is difficult. I need to find out more foods that I can or cannot have. Can I have no bread at all or is wheat or whole wheat acceptable? Also, it’s hard to imagine only having a big pile of meat and a big pile of veggies for dinner, no sides? But I guess, nothing worth having will come easy!

    • Amy says:

      That’s right Ange, no bread of any kind for 17 days. And yes, it’s hard to imagine at first, but you’ll get used to it after a bit. Time to get creative with your veggies! Lol.. Good luck girl! :)

  36. Samia says:

    Hi, I started the diet 3 days ago. I don’t feel too hungry but tired, espacially today on my 3rd day. I hope I will manage to carry on at least until day 17 of cycle 1. I thought coffee is not allowed in this diet but just read some comments and found out that some people do. Usually I do drink coffee with skimmed milk once to twice a day. Would that be OK if I do so when I am on this diet ? Sometimes I get headaches and it might be due to luck of caffeine.
    Cheers !

    • Amy says:

      I’ve read that a few people have been drinking coffee as well. I think as long as you’re using fat free milk in it, you should be ok. Hope you’re feeling better now :) Good luck!

      • Samia says:

        Thanks Amy. I am on day 11, I am so happy I managed to get to this point. The 1st 3-4 days were hard and I was thinking to stop but when I stand on the scale I just my mind, I am impressed how fast you can use weight with this diet. I have 3.7 kg so far !!! Yuppiii !!!
        encourage everyone not to give up. Good luck to all !

  37. bridget says:

    I have been struggling to lose 10 lbs for months. I currently exercise (cardio intervals and weights) 6X a week for 60-90 minutes. Is it crucial for me to exercise for only 17 min a day? I’ve heard that working out too much while not eating enough calories can hinder results.

    • Amy says:

      True, it can. But, if you exercise less and cut your calories as well, you may lose those ten pounds at the expense of losing a lot of muscle. Try going with the diet but adding more lean protein to compensate for your work outs maybe… Good luck!

  38. Jenn says:

    okay im on the 2nd phase of this diet, i follow it to a T and i have only lost 10 pounds, i dont understand, i have 30 pounds to go and im getting no where. Any suggestions?

    • Amy says:

      Hey Jem,
      I’m not sure how your comments slipped my eye, but they did nonetheless.. :(
      How’s it going for you? Did you make any more progress in the past few weeks?

  39. Marizol says:

    BTW, Thank you your time and efforts putting together this very helpful blog!

  40. Marizol says:

    Hello, I’m planning to start the diet next week, trying to get all my ducks in a row and be prepared with everything I need. I only have 10 stubborn pounds to lose, will I have a hard time losing this in 17 days? also I know we can’t have fruit past 2pm, I feel like I need a little dessert after dinner, can I have my yogurt after dinner with sugar free jelly? I know that he says it’s ok to have sugar free jelly but I didn’t read anything about when it wasn’t ok to have your second yogurt. Any advise and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • Amy says:

      Hey Marizol,

      If you follow the plan to the tee, I think you will see the results you are looking for. I lost 4 lbs the 4 days I was on it = 1 lb per day! And, I only had 10 lbs to lose just like you. Though, I do think a lot of the first few pounds lost are fluids and toxins and such.

      As for the yogurt, some one else may have a better answer so feel free to chime in, but.. I wonder if as long as your yogurt is sugar free and jelly is sugar free, maybe it would be ok? From the way i read the book, he wants you to limit as many sugary carbs as possible and have none after 2pm. Check your food lables and see what the ingrediants are on your yogurt. If there’s sugar in it, I would say avoid it.

      Also, did anyone ever find out the pending question about whether or not skim milk is allowed? That one is driving me nuts. Where is it listed in the book? I would think if skim milk is ok with meals, then maybe a sugar free yogurt would be too?

      Hope this helps you out girl.
      Good luck and thanks so much for your kind words and reading. I really do appreciate it. :)

      • Marizol says:

        All this very helpful thank you, I hope this works fo rme as I’m just coming off HCG diet, and I just couldn’t do it any more, I’m on the last week of Phase 3, next week I’m suppose to start introducing carbs but I still need 10 lbs gone to feel accomplished! I will continue to look for the answer as to if it’s ok to have yogurt after dinner as a dessert.

      • Rhonda says:

        I emailed their website and they said that skim milk is not allowed in the first phase. That being said, I was on this diet last summer, lost 22 lbs. I have gained 10 back so I am starting again today. While I am on it I have one cup of coffee (with half and half) every day. I just can’t give it up. I also do not drink the hot water and lemon or the green tea (don’t like it) I still managed to have great success. My best friend also lost over 30 lbs on it and did the same thing I did. We followed the rest of it to a T. It works, if you stick with it!

  41. Lauren says:

    Hey! So I’m in to the third day of this diet. Going pretty well, no weird cravings or anything!! I am a bit worried though, I’m following everything pretty strictly (I am drinking broth though, but thats to try and get rid of my cold faster!) but I’m not seeing ANY results. actually, I’m afraid I’m not eating enough calories! When I look at everything over the day, I’m only getting about 800-900 calories, and I’m pretty active! Any advice or anything?

    • Amy says:

      Yes, I think you’re right Lauren. Bump up your calories. Your body may be in starvation mode and a bit of like, “WTH?” Try that for a few days and see what happens. Good Luck!

      • Lauren says:

        Thanks! What kinds of foods would you say I do that with. More protein? I already feel like I’m eating SO much of it!

        • Amy says:

          I would add some more lean protein and more veggies too. You can never go wrong with vegetables, especially raw. Try adding some side salads to your meals. Let’s see what happens in the next few days…

  42. Denise says:

    I am on day 12 of the second cycle…..I had good wieght loss with the first cycle 9 lbs total. But I am finding the weight loss to be very low on this 2nd cycle….At 14 days in I have only lost 2 lbs. I am following the plan, eating my 2 friuts and yogurt before 2:oopm.. Eating the veggies on the list and just adding the carbs in or substituting for a vegetable serving. I am at a loss as to the reason for the low loss on cycle 2. Any suggestions? I am exercising 3 – 5 times per week, and keep an active schedule.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Denise.
      Hmm… I’m sorry to say that I didn’t make it into the second cycle, so I’m not familiar with this territory. Are your exercise routines increasing in strength and endurance? It could be that you are adding muscle mass. Try to keep track of how your clothes feel. My weight does this – lose at first, then level off, then actually goes up..but, my clothes keep getting looser so… Any one else have a similar experience in the 2nd cycle with more input?

      • Jenn says:

        I’m having the same problem, I still have 30 pounds to lose and I have gained 2 and I work out every single day! Very frustrating!

  43. Rene says:

    Day 9: I started this diet after I could no longer take the constant battle between what I was not eating and the question why I was gaining lbs.

    I have gone from 215 to 204 in 9 days, what an amazing easy and wonderful way to boost ones self into not just a diet but a lifestyle change. The transformation should be amazing at the end of cycle 4.

    I gained lbs over the last year due to thyroid issues, no matter what I did I was on that scale every morning, and could not figure out why I was gaining at a rapid rate.

    The easy part about the first phase is getting past day 3 stepping on the scale and seeing results.

    If you eat the suggested diet I believe this diet is revolutionary
    Forget jenny craig
    weight wathchers
    and diet pills

    follow the diet to the max, and tweak it so it works for you.

    I add the yakult to my coffee, I cants stand green tea
    I eat the fruit it keeps the sugar cravings down that are at their worst on day 5.

    Once you get past day 5, the hunger stops, the energy kicks in and you are on your way

    The probiotc easiest to use: Yakult

    I have even flubbed a bit and kept my diet coke

    Good luck to all!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m on day 6 and have lost 10lbs already. Ive tried this diet lasy year but couldnt stick with it and gained back what I lost and then some. I feel like I’m at a much better place this time and its been so easy. Day 4 was a little hard, I wanted bread so bad but by day 5 I felt so much better. Today I woke up not hungry at all. This time I planned ahead better. I cooked enough for a few days so it’s ready and all i have to do is warm it up. Hoping to lose more 40lbs.

  44. Sandra says:

    Day 3 – feeling pretty good. I have been a little hungry at night. I haven’t weighed yet, planning to do that on day 5. There is a diabetic friendly yogurt that is sugar-free. I think it is by Dannon. It only comes in vanilla and strawberry. I can’t find it anywhere but walmart. I hope this helps some of you looking for the yogurt. So far, I am using the Breakstone cottage cheese. Seems to be more satisfying than the yogurt.

  45. steph says:

    I cannot find a plain yogurt that has 0 grams of sugar!!! any suggestions!

    • Sandra says:

      There is one that is made by Dannon (I think), that is called diabetic friendly. Only 50 calories and no grams of sugar. I have only been able to find this at walmart. Good Luck!

    • Jenn says:

      I use Activia light, tastes much better and ive lost 7 pounds in 8 days

    • dee says:

      i just bought some at sobeys tonight, i am in canada but source makes one its plain yogurt and sugar free!

  46. Jenn says:

    I substitute Activia yogurt for the plain yogurt for a probiotic. I only eat one in the morning, it has 70 calories and does have sugar, 8 grams, will this decrease my weight loss if I’m following everything else strictly? Or will I be okay substituting this. I’m only on my second day.

  47. Brad says:

    I’ve been on this diet for 20 days now. Its true you have to be mentally prepared for this diet especially for the first 17 days. The first 5 of those 17 will be the most challenging. You have to decide for yourself how committed you are to achieving your goal and what you’re willing to give up. I love starches, bread being my favorite but I had forego bread to get healthier. I draw a parallel between this diet and working out in the gym. There are those who go to the gym and push themselves past their comfort zone and endure some discomfort and these are the people who see great results. Then there are those who go to the gym step up on the tread mill walk at 2 miles per hour while watching Jerry Springer and then whine about not achieving the results they wanted. Well nothings free and yes the old saying goes “no pain, no gain.”

    That being said I’m off my soap box and back to facts of my experience. I work shift work for a living, however my shifts get earlier each day (two afternoon shifts, two morning shifts, and one midnight shift) this cycle can wear you down very quickly. Before the 17 Day Diet, on my two day shifts I used to come home and take a nap or at least feel like I wanted to. Since about a week into the diet I have so much more energy. I haven’t altered my sleep habits, I just have more energy and I no longer feel like I need a nap. at almost three weeks into the diet I’m down 17 pounds. As far as hunger pains, there’ s a slight feeling of hunger but I like that, it lets me know I’m doing good and loosing weight. When the hunger feeling get too intense in between meals, I eat a snack that’s allowed by the program. I’ve found that if you’ve already eaten your fruit servings for the day that a few baby carrots, some celery, or broccoli dipped in salsa or light pasta sauce makes a great snack and staves off the hunger till meal time.

    In short I’ve found this diet has shifted my eating habits for the positive like they were in high school and college, given me more energy with a better overall feeling of myself, and allowed me to get on a good path to achieving my target weight goal.

    • Lori says:

      That is a great way to put it. I am on day 1 of the diet and your comment is very motivating.

    • Missy Johnson says:

      I am on day on day 7 of this diet and have lost 6 pounds. I went to a nutritionist and even the plan she gave me didn’t work. I was running a mile each day, 45 minute of step aerobics and strength training and not losing weight since December 2011! This diet is the first time in years that I am seeing results so quickly. Thank you for your positive comment. Two of my friends lost 100 pounds and kept it off so far on this diet. I did cheat and add honey to the yogurt. I was tired the first few days, but getting all of the sugar and starch out of my system feels really good right now. I’ve cut back on my workout. I will meet my weight loss goal probably in the first week of cycle two. This plan has healed my emotional eating issues and chocolate addiction. I am thankful there is a plan like this.

  48. Amy says:

    I just started this diet yesterday. I Have to admit, I have huge hunger pains. I wanted to ask that in the beginning of the book for Cycle 1, Dr. Mike mentions in the food list under cleansing veggies that we can have as much as we want. I am assuming this is throughout the day? If you look at the daily menu suggestions nowhere in there does he mention (if you are hungry eat some veggies). I am trying my best to follow this to the letter so just wanted to verify this. I cannot stomach the oil/vinegar on my salad greens. I have a low fat dressing that is only 25 calories for 2 table spoons, is that okay instead? Also, any suggestions to make steamed veggies taste better without low fat butter and salt? Thanks so much for your time & suggestions! Take care :)

    • Ellen says:

      You shouldn’t EVER be hungry on this diet. You are allowed unlimited vegetables from the approved list. You are allowed unlimited protein from the approved list. I sometimes use low-fat dressing instead of the fat-free. I just skip the olive/flaxseed oil requirement for that day. Try pepper? I’m not great at cooking with spices.

      • Amy says:

        Hi Ellen,

        Thank you for your reply and for the advice. That must be my problem, need more protein. I’m so afraid of eating too much that I am actually eating too little. Chicken and salmon get to me sometimes, have had too much of it during my lifetime I guess. I’m looking forward to Cycle 2 where I can include shrimp. I can always increase the egg whites I guess.

        Thank you again, I want to succeed on this plan so I hope to check back in with a great weight loss!

        :) Amy

  49. Jacqui says:

    I at Day 8 of cycle 1 and so far I have lost 6 and half pounds, my daughter has lost 6 pounds and my son just over 9 pounds. We are extremely pleased with our results and can’t wait to finish the 1st cycle to see how much we have lost. I must admit the 1st two days were abit of a struggle, my body must have been going through detox. We are going to continue with phase 2 where we can look forward to more variety of food in our diet! Reading this ‘blog’…TOTAL INSPIRATION!!! :) :)

  50. Lily says:

    Just a quick question about the snacks: He says you can’t have carbs after 2:00, but both yogurt and fruit have carbs…so does that mean I can’t have anything at all to eat from 2:00 to dinner? and then nothing to eat from dinner to sleep??

    • Amy says:

      No. As far as I gathered, you are to avoid fruit after 2pm. So, you could snack on some vegetables in between lunch and dinner, and then after dinner as well if you really needed to.

  51. Sally says:

    I started the 17 day diet last March and have lost 50 pounds to date and am now in the medically healthy BMI range of under 25. I plan on losing 15 more pounds. Some tips for those who are struggling in Cycle 1… I would encourage you to eat a lot more vegetables. Raw and steamed–have them always available in your ‘frig. Japanese vinegar, low sodium, is a good dressing. My MD also encouraged me to add a little olive oil, when I’m eating vegetables without protein, to improve absorbtion of the nutrients. Also, do eat both probiotic servings each day. I started this diet as my LDL and 3 month blood sugar levels were heading into unhealthy- heart territory. So, I mostly eat egg whites and little yolk. The frittata recipe in the book is good. I like it with artichoke hearts and tomatoes. The chicken soup recipe has been a mainstay. Needs herbs–I use thyme, rosemary and a little cayenne powder. I poach boneless, skinless chicken breasts in low sodium chicken broth and always have that available for protein. Eating out is a challenge. If you can limit it to Cycle 3, that will make the weight loss quicker and easier. It has taken me this long to lose 50 pounds as I have purposefully moved to Cycle 3 for weddings, vacations, holidays and partys. Feeling sorry for myself tends to lead to falling off the wagon. Hope these tips help. My Dr. is so pleased with my cholestoral and blood sugar numbers. I feel great!

  52. Jenny says:

    I am on day 5 of this diet and thought I was doing everything right, but was hoping to lose more weight than I have. I’ve lost 3.5 pounds so far–on my third day didn’t lose anything and this morning woke up and hadn’t lost any more than the 3.5 pounds I had before. I get a little bit discouraged because this diet is a HUGE adjustment for me, and think I’ve been following it closely. I know this might sound silly, but was hoping to lose more than I have, especially because I feel like this has been a really difficult.

    The only things that I can think of are:
    1. For one of my servings of probiotics, I have been eating Dannon Light and Fit yogurt–after reading some of the replies to others’ comments, I checked to see if it said that it had probiotics on the label, and it didn’t. Does anyone know if this type of yogurt counts? I sure hope so, because I’ve been eating it each morning along with a piece of fruit!

    2. For one lunch and two dinners, I’ve eaten a taco salad consisting of approved veggies from the list, and lean ground turkey that had been cooked with McCormick’s lower sodium taco seasoning. I also put a small spoonful of fat free sour cream on top along with a small spoonful of organic salsa. Do you think that is where I have gone wrong?

    Otherwise, I have tried Dr. Mike’s turkey chili recipe (with no beans, since I am in cycle 1), and it is delicious! I’ve gone to lunch and dinner with friends this week, and it’s been very difficult not to pick my favorites, but I’ve been really proud of myself! I went to Panera Bread and had a plain salad (just lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions), no dressing, and a small piece of grilled salmon on the side. I also went to a restaurant with a coworker yesterday, and had the salad bar–LOTS of approved veggies and a small bit of grilled chicken (with a small bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar). It was hard not to get my favorite pasta dish!

    I feel like my progress hasn’t been as good as I would like, but I am really proud of myself for sticking to this and am determined to see this through! Any feedback on if the yogurt, taco seasoning, or fat free sour cream are holding me back would be appreciated!! Thanks!

    • Ellen says:

      I think all yogurt is probiotic. Make sure it is sugar free. I find that I lose a pound every 2-3 days, so maybe don’t check every day if it’s going to bother you. Drink lots of water and no fruit after 2 p.m.
      That’s all I can think of. Keep up the good work!

  53. Christine says:

    I just finished phase 1 yesterday and when I woke up this monring I was 15 pounds lighter, it was such a great boost for me to continue this diet. I refused to be obseesed with the scale and promised myself that I would’nt weigh myself until Phase 1 was complete so this was a great surprise. It hasn’t been easy, well at lleast the first couple of days but after that it seemed like my hunger dissapated. There were times that I couldn’t even eat everything I was suppose to. The only thing I didn’t do was work out. But I do have a busy schedule during the day so maybe that was where I got my exersice in. Overall I am very happy with the diet and will definitley check in when Cycle 2 is over with my latest update.

  54. George says:

    I’ve been on The 17 Day Diet for 17 days and I’ve lost 11 lbs. so far but the big thing is that my doctor has taken me off insulin (was taking 34 units once per day) because my blood sugars dropped so low! Because my blood sugars are running from 3.6 to 5.2 during the day, I’ve also reduced my metformin from 2000 mg per day to 1000 mg. Needless to say, I love this diet (and I hate diets). Besides walking, I’m lifting weights so maybe that’s why I haven’t lost more weight or it could be my age of 67. Yes, I’m really happy with this diet and I have 30 more lbs to go and, you know, I honestly feel that I can do it!

  55. Jim says:

    Day 18 on the 17 day diet :) Well I was 5’7″ 215lbs today01/18/12 I’m 201lbs.. 14 pounds!!! still got several to go. I haven’t worked out and I actually went on a snow vacation over last weekend and left the diet, My Mother in Laws food was just to good to pass up. I’m gonna stay on the first phase for one more week as long as the pounds come off.

    First two days definatley detoxed but had energy in that my body wasn’t trying to process all those carbs. Not totally following the menu,can’t stand the vinager and oil salad dressing (thousand island) might eat a apple around 4… and I eat more than two yokes a week. WHAT THIS DIET DOES DO… its taught me to make good food choices as a priority, meaning meal planning and prepairing for the days and weeks ahead. Good luck!!! oh yeah, drink water and man I got to PEEEE often!

  56. Jennifer says:

    I’m on my 3rd day today and I have an interesting observation and question. The first day I was really hungry most of the day.. I ate my 2 servings of fruit and probiotics, along with my main meals without a problem and still had bouts of hunger through the day.

    Yesterday (day 2), I noticed I was not hungry in between meals.. in fact, I did not eat the 2 fruit servings because I just wasn’t hungry for them. I did eat my main meals and average amounts of protein.

    Today, again, I’m not really very hungry in between breakfast and lunch. I don’t really want a piece of fruit, but I haven’t had a serving yet.

    Should I eat the fruit if I’m not really feeling hungry? Does anyone know if it’s essential to the diet? I would think if I’m not hungry for them, I shouldn’t consume the calories.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I do not think the fruit is required to be eaten. If you’re not hungry and you’re getting plenty of good nutrients with all your other meals, I would say don’t eat it. Good luck :)

    • Ellen says:

      I disagree, to an extent. You are only eating about 900 calories on this diet. How can you not be hungry for the first fruit, which is to be eaten for breakfast with a probiotic dairy, if I remember correctly? Even if you are not hungry for breakfast, you need to eat. I sometimes am not hungry for my second fruit, or I run out of time to eat it before 2 p.m. (part of the guidelines). If you don’t eat enough, you won’t lose weight either.

    • Marie says:

      Hey Jennifer:

      On day 4 and Im hungry in mornings but gets better it seems. Im tired in morning but actually felt great last night…Ive lost 4 lbs in 4 days. Also, I have a question for anyone. Does the yogurt have to say probiotic or can low-fat yogurt do? And Im eating my eggs (boiled) in morning. The way I understand is you DONT eat egg yolks if cholesterol is high. Thoughts???

      • Ellen says:

        I think all yogurt is probiotic? You want live active cultures. It should be low-fat and sugar-free. Author recommends two egg whites instead of the whole egg, if your cholesterol is high. Mine is high, but I’m eating the whole egg anyway. We’ll see how that works out!

        • Marie says:

          Thanks, it says low-fat on my yogurt but it does say it has high fructose corn syrup and also SO FAR cholesterol not elevated so i will continue to eat my boiled eggs in am. Thanks again.

      • Carolyn says:

        This is coming a little late, but I thought you could only eat up to four yolks in one week? Dr. M does say that you can have egg whites, though–but I can’t remember if you can have as much as you want. I am pretty sure on the four yolks, though. I have to remember to just use one yolk in my omelettes and fill with milk and egg white for bulk.

        • Amy says:

          Hi Carolyn,
          “You may eat up to two eggs per day. But stick to no more than four yolks per week if your physician has diagnosed you with high cholesterol. Egg whites can be eaten without restriction.” Dr. Moreno
          The 17 day diet was not my cup of tea, and as we all know, every one is different. We have to gear around what suits us best as individuals and families. However, I have no doubt that you will lose the weight you are hoping for, if you follow this diet correctly.
          Good luck to you<

    • Jim says:

      The fruit gives your muscle the boost and carbs for energy… eat fruit!

  57. Ellen says:

    I’m posting this again because I messed up my name and my email address. There’s some little “Like” box in the way!

    Anyway, part of your problem could be your exercise regimen. There is such a thing as too much exercise. This guy wants you to do 17 minutes twice a day, especially since your calorie intake is going to be pretty low. Your body could be hoarding fat because you are starving it…calorie intake is much too low for how many calories you are burning. Just a thought. Are you drinking enough? Eating enough? You can’t undereat, or you won’t lose either.

    • Lily says:

      Thank you very much for your input Ellen. I am going to continue with the diet and hope for the best. I am not often hungry, so I don’t think my body is going into starvation mode. I kind of wish that I had started out sedentary so that the 17 minutes a day exercise would make a difference! As it is, I think the reason I push really hard at the gym is because I’m afraid my body will have already gotten used to the hour or so workouts and I will need to continue to up my difficulty (running faster, for example) in order to see the results gotten from exercise.

      Also, instead of eating meat at both lunch and dinner, I’m going to try to keep it to just dinner…

      • Janette says:

        I would be concerned about cutting out one of your major calorie sources. Your protein is what’s going to keep building your muscles and help you get rid of your fat. I agree that you should try drinking more water if you can, but I would definitely keep eating your lean protein. Good luck!

      • Lily says:

        I can’t have a hypothyroid at my age, can I?? Just a thought haha

        • Amy says:

          I just want to add too Lily, that when I work out that much and try to eat right at exactly the same time, I burn fat and gain muscles all at once…could be that you are doing the same. You may be doing a balancing act and not even know it. Have your clothes been feeling less tight?
          OH, and girl, you can have a hypo-thyroid even at your age, lol. I am hyper and have been for some many years 😉

          • Lily says:

            Ah, that actually could be it. I have been seeing some positive changes in my body (i.e. outline of ab muscles, jeans feel a little looser, calf muscles are more defined) so I know it’s not all in vain! I just want to share in all the positive results that everyone else has been experiencing. I also think it might be because I am not overweight to begin with, so my weight loss process may be slower than for others. My goal weight is around 115-120 (I am of Asian descent and have a tiny frame).Thanks for the prompt and thoughtful responses. I’ll continue and see where I am at the end of the first cycle!

          • Amy says:

            I’m betting it is for sure.. I am 5’6 and with a medium to large frame. When I do just what you say you’re doing, the exact same thing happens to me. Good for the muscle, but it is a little less exciting when it comes to getting on the scale especially when I want to trim down. 😉

            Keep up with the program and don’t skimp on the protein – your results ARE great results! More muscle is awesome!

        • Luci says:

          Hi Lily, You can develop thryoid conditions as young as birth. If you think you may have a thryoid issue, contact your doctor. I was 35 when I was diagnosed, but I may have been experiencing one form of another (symptom wise) for 10 Years.

  58. Lily says:

    Am I the only one not losing weight? I am 18 years old, 5’6 and 140 pounds. I put on 10 pounds or so during my first semester at college (figures) and am now on break. I got this book in hopes of losing the weight I gained during school, and then some. I started exercising for about 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week (mostly cardio) a few weeks before even starting the diet. When I started the diet, I did not change my exercise routine. It is really discouraging when I shed all my clothes to get on the scale in the morning, and nothing budges. I might have lost a pound or so but I don’t see what I’m doing wrong. I’m currently on Day 7…

    • diana says:

      Lily keep in mind that with such rigorous exercise you are gaining muscle and muscle weights more than fat. Do you see physical changes ? Does your clothing fit you better ?

  59. JanetteJanette says:

    I had a question about know which foods are allowed. I am in phase 1 and understand the veggies, fruits and proteins that are allowed, but I was under the assumption that no dairy was allowed except probiotics. Then I saw the recipe using FF feta, and that confused me. Any idea on what dairy is allowed, and is it considered a protein?

    Also, are we allowed unlimited protein? That’s what the book says, but it seems like you’d gain weight by sheer calories if you at as much protein as you want.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Janette,
      I believe that yes, you are allowed unlimited amounts of protein and veggies, but Dr. Moreno emphasizes that your weight loss will be slowed if eating too much. And yes, one could gain weight by eating too much meat protein. He does strongly advise followers of the diet to pay attention to their hunger and full signals and to stop eating when you first feel full. I think this will help determine portion control.

      I too found the lack of input on dairy confusing. It’s not clearly stated in the book, so I’m not sure what Dr. Moreno intended. If you do consume dairy, I would go for low or fat free.

      Good luck!

      • Jennifer says:

        I noticed that in the condiments section of phase 1 foods, he lists fat-free cheeses there. I took that to mean that fat-free or low-fat cheese can be used as a topping or flavoring agent, but I wouldn’t use it as a main ingredient in something. For example, a tbsp or two of cheese on top of a large salad is probably okay, but I wouldn’t go making mac & cheese on this diet.

    • Kathie says:

      FF Eta is a protein

    • Jim says:

      ground turkey, chicken, I even made Turkey Chili! it has saved me on this diet!

      Find different ways to make food fun, plain chicken breast wont cut it for me! You just got to plan ahead and make it a priority! gooood luck!

  60. Jennifer says:

    I just ordered the book on my Kindle and will be starting this on Friday (after my regular grocery shopping routine).

    My main questions are, I drink 2 “cups” of coffee every day (but my mug is large, it is 6 cups according to the markers on my coffee pot), is that too much coffee? I don’t think each cup marker on the pot is a true 8 oz cup.

    My other question is, I drink my coffee with a little Stevia and a slosh of fat-free half and half. Do you know if the FF half and half will still be ok to use? It is 20 calories for 2 tbsp serving, and I use 1-2 tbsp in each mug of coffee.


    • Amy says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I think you may have a bit too much coffee there, try to cut it in half (believe it or not, since I cut my coffee consumption down to a few cups here and there, I have more energy). I think you should be ok with the stevia and ff half and half too.

      Good luck!

  61. Michelle says:

    I have been following the diet for 7 days now and have not lost 1 pound – no exaggeration. What is going on? My in-laws started at the same time I did and they have lost 7 and 10lbs respectively and that is with my mother-in-law “cheating” and consuming 2 bottles of wine over the course of the week. I’m getting very frustrated, but don’t want to quit. Has anyone else had such a stall to their weight loss progress at the beginning of this program?

    • Kathie says:

      Just keep on doing it

    • Amy says:

      Hi Michelle,

      I agree with Kathie, keep on with it. There are a few reasons that your weight loss could not be in high gear: Are you eating to few calories? – it could be that your body went into a saving mode. Or are you exercising/weightlifting? It could be that your body is replacing fat with muscle – this happens to me and I almost never lose weight fast right off the bat, my body has to get use to the changes and then it accomodates… Certainly there are specific reasons to each person that determines weight loss, so just keep following the program as closely as you can, and I think things will fall in the right direction for you. 😉

      Good Luck and have a great day!

      • Kathie says:

        Michelle, I just follow the menues in the book don’t eat anything else, drink my water. I don’t exercise because I work long hrs, working, cooking our meals, keeping up with my house is all the time I have, and I have lossed 23- 25 lbs. I have been on this since Aug. The holidays were tough but only gained 4 lbs back and I have lost 2 of that in just a few days by going back to the first 17 day cycle. I want to lose 13 more lbs and I know that this will be slow, but I’m going to keep trying. Cause if I get of course I know I can gain 10 lbs in no time the first 10 lbs is water weight anyways…

  62. Charlotte says:

    Hi I just bought the 17 day diet book along with the work book. I was wondering if I can subsatute truvia with splenda? Also I eat alot of chicken anyways but I was wondering can I sub the turkey for chicken because I am not to fond of eating turkey burgers and turkey bacon. I will eat all the veggie and fruit thou. Plus I take 1 a day vitamins just to make sure I get the proper nutriants. Alos is skim milk ok to drink threw all the stages? Thank you!! I hope it helps me. I need to drop 40+lbs by summer. :)

    • Amy says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      I’m sure you’ll be ok substituting chicken vs. turkey. Splenda vs truvia I’m not as sure about along with skim milk. I have not found any information about either specifically in my book. Maybe some one else has, and I keep missing it?

      Good luck, I’m sure if you follow the diet, you’ll lose the weight :)

    • Kathie says:

      in the back of the book has a question and says it’s ok, buy no science stuff known, I read it yesterday. I use splenda.

  63. Debbie says:

    Way to go Natalie! I am almost done with cycle 2. Lost 14 lbs. Feel great! It isn’t easy but my husband and 2 kids (13 & 16) are doing this with me. We are all amazed with the weight loss. Although, we are a little sick of turkey and chicken, the occasional hamburger or steak is so worth the wait. Hang with it!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Debbie!

      How are you doing currently with your loss? Were you able to maintain keeping it off during the holidays?

      I’m getting ready to start cycle 1 this week.


  64. Natalie says:

    My father and I started the diet 17 days ago today using only the workbook since it gave a general idea of what to do each cycle. When we first started out he was doing great and I was slightly hungry at night. After a few days our portion sizes were significantly less then what we previously were eatting and we were full! I’d say the first 17 days are the hardest because we do not like fish so it’s been chicken and turkey every night, but we tried to mix it up by eatting ground turkey with homemade taco seasonings (no sodium or sugar that is often found in prepacked seasonings) and turkey burgers. I also found turkey sausage that the ingredients were just turkey, seasonings and water so we did eat that. I did stray from the diet the past few days (my excuse is my finals coming up in school). My dad, 6’3″ starting at 210, has lost 16 pounds total. I have lost 7 (it was 9 up until a few days ago). He is moving on to Cycle 2 but since I have strayed for about 4 days I am going to do Cycle 1 for one more week to try and cleanse my body. That is another nice thing about this diet, I have not craved chocolate! I have tried calorie counting, weight watchers, and many other diets. There were days I would eat all my calories or daily points allowance in chocolate. This has eliminated the constant craving. I just received the actual book in the mail and am ready to go at this diet head on.

  65. Debbie says:

    Hi Maria,

    Hang in there – I felt the same way! I was also very tired. I believe it had something to do with giving up the sugar and flour initially. It did get better. I am in the final week of cycle 2 and feel great. I do get hungrier at times but no where near as bad as first week. Take care!

    • Maria says:

      Thank you! It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one who is having a hard time this first week. I bet it does have something to do with the sugar and flour restriction because i have also felt a lot more tired than normal. I can’t wait to finish this cycle and move on to the next. Thank you again for your reply!

  66. Maria says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m on cycle 1 day 5 and i was wondering if any of you have just felt hungry all of the time. Even 20 minutes after eating. Is this how the diet works? Am i supposed to feel hungry? Does this mean I’m doing something wrong? I know his scare 1234 and i fell like i’m always a 3. after eating and a 1 20 minutes after eating.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Arrielle says:

      Are you very active? If so you may need to make slight alterations, The customer support number can advice you n this. You can also contact them through the website,

      You may want to try eating more vegetables, I started this diet in April. I ate a salad at every meal (even breakfast) the first week and a half. It made a huge difference. I reached my goal by July ( : You are not supposed to be hungry all the time, it’s really hard to stick to anything if you are hungry. The vegetables fill you up without adding a lot of calories. I hope this helps and good luck. ( :

      • Maria says:

        Yes, so i think that is where i’m making the mistake. I run twice a day for about 20 minutes. So i will try and increase the amount of vegetables that i eat. I’m 4 days away from finishing cycle one and i have lost 8 lbs. :)

        Thanks for the advice.

        • Janette says:

          Try drinking more water. I know that 8 glasses is a lot, but try to drink even more, and with lemon. It really fills you up and lessens the hunger – I find anyway. I’m on day 7 of first phase. Been tough and haven’t lost as much as I want at this point, but I feel great!

    • Shelley says:

      I am on day 6 and I rarely feel hungry. I think it’s the extra protein that keeps me full. When I try to eat mostly just veggies thats when I feel hungry. The green tea and water are filling too. I eat plain fat free greek yogurt with berries for breakfast. The greek yogurt is very filling! lots of protein in it.

  67. Susie says:

    I was unsure about this. My brother’s girlfriend looks great after using this diet. Now, my sisters and mother are about to start it. I like to research things thoroughly before doing anything. After reading these reviews, I’m definitely going to try it out. Thank you all for all of the posts here!

  68. Debbie says:

    My husband, 13 year old daughter, 16 year old son and myself are half way through cycle 2 – so far so good! My husband is down 15 lbs. My daughter is down 11 lbs, my son is down 14lbs and I am down 11 lbs! It has not been easy, but we are eating better than we ever have and we are exercising!. It is important to note that my kids are participating voluntarily. I never realized just how much pasta, flour, sugar and just plain crap we were consuming. This has been an eye-opening experience for all of us. My kids will “cheat” on occasion (perhaps a piece of a candy bar or perhaps putting low fat ranch on a salad) and I don’t want them to feel they are completely restricted. The first week is by far the hardest but now we feel we have more energy! It’s much easier when all are doing this together.

    • Amy says:

      Oh my goodness this is fantastic! You are all a whole family of inspiration, great job 😀

      I know I was so surprised too when Randy and I first started changing our diet. Most of what we ate was based on flour, noodles or potatoes. Wow, how that’s all changed now…

      Good luck on the next cycles. You MUST drop in again and give us an update on your family!

  69. Rodney says:

    I am a 5’7″ male and on Day 4 of Cycle 2. Started at 188lbs and now I’m 175lbs. I’m good at following directions so this diet has been perfect for me. I’m fine sacrificing these tough times for the end result – a thinner healthier me! My one piece of advice to people is, while on the diet, don’t put yourself in situations where you may fail. Don’t go to parties with food/drinks. Get rid of all the junk food in your fridge/cupboards. It’s a huge sacrifice/time commitment. But if you focus on your ultimate goal, you’ll realize it’s all worth it.

  70. Taylor says:

    Okay, I have a question. Can I only eat three meals a day and the two snacks? Or if I get hungry before I have dinner am I able to eat one of the proteins allowed?

    • Amy says:

      Hi Taylor,

      I went back and skimmed through my book quick and from what i can tell, you could go ahead and eat an approved protein before dinner, but your results will not be as rapid as others. Those who are following the recommended diet plan, are dropping the pounds much faster than those who are more relaxed about snacks and such. It’s really up to you and how fast you want to lose the weight.

      Good luck to you, Amy

    • Arrielle says:

      If you are hungry in between meals raw vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers are great to hold you over, and they do not have as many calories as the meats do. Good luck ( :

  71. Sarah says:

    Hi Randy and Amy! I just bought this book for my mom and I to try. We are both 250+ and need to make some changes to our lifestyles. I have a concern though… I keep seeing people say that their bloodsugar bottomed out on day 3, my mom is a type 2 diabetic… Do you think this could be potentially harmful for her?

    • randy says:

      Hey Sarah, that’s great that your giving this a shot. So many people have come on and said that this systems works if you follow through, that I think it’s one of the better programs out there. I hope you have the same success as them.

      As for your mother’s diabetes, she should definitely talk with her doctor. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the nature of the 17 diet in the beginning could have and adverse effect on her. It’s probably just a simple matter of including a few extra things in her diet, but like I said, her doctor would know best. After all, it’s good to get in shape, but we don’t want anybody to die trying!!!

      Let us know it things work out for you.

      – Randy

    • Wendy says:

      I am a type 2 diabetic too and I am not too worried about my blood sugar going low. I take medication (not on insulin) though. My suggestion would be that she definitely needs to check it often and if it does start going really low a lot then talk to the doctor about adjusting her meds. Eventually if she loses enough weight her diabetes can be under control without meds anyway. Just a thought.

  72. Nicole says:

    I’m very skeptical with this stuff. I’m at a decent weight now but I’m seriously wanting to lose another 20lbs so that I can have some “play” area and still not jump a size. As of now if i gain 5lbs I jump a jean size and i can’t handle that. So do you think this is ok for someone who doesn’t have much to go or should i just try something else. As of now its been 9 months since I lost anything thats a long plateau! lol

    • Amy says:

      I would give it a go. I didn’t have much weight to lose when Randy and I went on the diet, it was under 20 pounds, and I lost like 4 lbs in the first 3 days… A lot of people have commented about the 3rd and 4th day being groggy or light headed, but then feel great after with significant weight loss to follow. You just have to stick to the plan and follow through it. Look in just a few of the comments of those below who have tried it..It’s working for them. Good luck!

  73. Taylor says:

    I’m starting the diet today.. so far, so good! I definitely need those words of encouragements. Everything I’ve read made me really want to try The 17 Day Diet. Hope it works for me!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Hi Everyone- I am on Day 15 and have dropped 10.2 pounds! The first 2 days I was very hungry. Even woke up at 1:30 am on day 2 with my stomach growling from hunger. I really think it was an overall cleansing of the sugars and foods I ate the few days before staring 17! You know eating chocolate and sweets since i wouldn’t be getting them for a very long time :)

    I am loving this diet.! I have tons of energy and am realizing how addicted to carbs and sugar I really was. I am in control of my eating and it feels great. I’m looking forward to Cycle 2 in a few days. Before beginning I had decided to enjoy each phase for what it is and the changes going on at that time and not be so focused on the finish line that I forget to enjoy the journey!

    One thing that is helping me is I write my weekly menu out and put on my fridge. Right now I am following the suggestions in the book with a few variations when needed. Every once in a while I feel hungry while cooking dinner so I just pull out a few chicken strips and I’m good to go until dinner is ready.

    I too will say the strangest thing for me is only having a BM every few days but my stomach doesn’t hurt so I guess I’m ok.

    I’m going to make the power cookies this week so I will let you know how they are. So far I ha e loved the other recipes and can’t wait for the new cookbook to come out in 2012!

    BTW I am 53 years old so it works on us older gals too!

    Good luck everyone and for any newbies hang in there you will get more energy after a few days!

    Take care. BB

  75. lb says:

    I’m in Australia and have recently bought the book, my mother and i are up to day 9. I too have felt a bit giddy, shakes and lightheaded but was determined to break my bad eating cycle, and im pleased to say i have lost 1 stone which is 14 pounds… I’m very proud although have an awful long way to go but i finally have hope! good luck to everyone giving it a go

  76. Cathy says:

    I am 59 and have NEVer attempted a REAL DIET before, but have always thought that I ate very healthy, loving vegetables of all sorts, fruits, whole grains, fish, yogurt, etc. I just completed day 5 of the diet and have had soooooo much energy every day, am sleeping better and already looking much much healthier and rested. It is like a total transformation, and the best part is that I absolutely love the recipes and/or suggestions for meals to stay within the guidelines. In my opinion it is not restrictive at all considering each cycle is limited to a 17 day period, before more of the known major weight attributor items begin creeping back into the daily allowance. I did find that during the first few days, if i felt hungry and/or weak for a moment that that is exactly why the designated snacks are included. I have lost 2 lbs. in these first 5 days and am feeling that tomorrow will be a nice surprise on the scale since my appetite overall has declined nicely in the past two days and maybe that adjustment period has been completed!! Glad everyone on here has had great results, encouraging to me. The lack of BM has been the most suprising thing about this diet to me, totally unexpected with all it’s fruit, fiber and water, and I have followed everything to the letter. I do feel that my body is using up the food and there really isn’t much left for breaking down. I have not had constipation, only a major reduction in number of bowel movements, which is what brought me here, by the way!! (Wondering if I was alone with that issue!) Apparently not. :) It just feels good to be so healthy, with very little sugar, grease, bad carbs and no alchohol. Our bodies deserve it, and will reward us for the TLC!! I had never before heard of Kefir, if you have not tried it, do! It is my new “cocktail.” Love it, great alone or make yourself a smoothie! Tastes like liquid sour cream to me, and that is a very good thing! Supposedly it has quite a history and reputation for giving a feeling of “well-being”….works for me! Read about it on line, just google it. Cheers to everyone’s success!

  77. Brad says:

    Today is the 17th day for my wife and I, the end of cycle 1.

    I am down 14.5 pounds and she is down 13. I nearly quit after three days because I wasn’t feeling well, but kept at it and didn’t cheat.

    Never in my life have I looked forward to getting on the scale every morning like I do now. Trust it and stick with it…it works.

    I am a type 2 diabetic and my blood sugar levels haven’t been this low in years. I have cut my diabetes medication in half on the advice of my doctor.

  78. Giselle says:

    I just orderd my book but found some information online about what foods to eat. I’m on day 3 and have already lost 2 1/2 pounds. Can’t wait to read the book.

  79. Nise says:

    I am getting married in December and have gained 25 pounds that I so desperately need to shed. I just have some questions to ask please. Does the yogurt have to be fat free and where will it say whether there are probiotics in it? Never really eaten yogurt much. Never really thought about it lol. If I can’t eat fruit after 2pm besides breakfast when do I have the next serving of fruit? Can I have it with my lunch? I really want to do this the right way. I am currently doing turbofire and zumba classes everyday. Will I have to stop my classes because the book says to only exercise for 17 minutes at first? I am starting this diet as soon as tomorrow so please let me know so that I may get the right things lol. Thankyou so much!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Nise,
      Looking in my book here, it suggests low fat dairy, so I’m assuming it does not have to be fat free. The yogurt should state someplace on the package about it containing probiotics, where it’s stated is up to the manufacturer. I usually buy Activia.

      You could eat your next serving of fruit with your lunch as long as it’s before 2pm.

      As far as the exercising goes, I do think it is just a suggestion of 17 minutes. I would continue the exercise plan that your body is familiar with. Be aware that you could be feeling a bit weak or worn out by day 3 or 4, so you may want to compensate giving your body a little slack during this time if need be, and then once you feel better resume your activities at your usual pace. Both Randy and I felt pretty pooped out by day 4 and quit, but now after several people commenting, I wonder if our bodies were going through an adjustment period and toxin release. Most people felt much better by day 5 and great by day 6 – just a little bit I wanted you to be aware of and to prepare for.

      I hope it works out for you! I’ve had only one not so positive comment on the 17 day diet, so I’m guessing if you stick to it, you’ll lose that 25 pounds and be feeling great for your big day!
      Good luck and much congrats,

    • Kathie says:

      Lite yogurt, active cultures will be on the container yoplait is a good one and kroger brand if you shop at kroger

  80. Vickie says:

    Hi there. I have been on cycle one for 5 days. The diet was recommended by a friend as being the “easiest things she has ever done”. I disagree. I am craving carbs and feeling very very tired. I have done weight watchers in the past with very good success (40 lbs.) and founf it MUCH easier. I am not sure how much weight I have lost on this so far because I do not like the scales. I do know my clothes are fitting looser already. The weekend is upon us and this will be a challenge as we have a party to go to, however I am going to try to stick it out.

    I believe this is a good way to jump start your weight loss and get you on the road to good eating again if you have strayed very far and started to gain previously lost weight. I do agree with Dr. Kathleen Zelman that the basic premise of eating clean and healthy food is good and that fruit should not be limited. I will continue on with the rest of the 17days with more fruit.

    Wish me luck.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Vickie,
      Your experience on the 17 Day Diet and your thoughts on eating are very similar to mine and Randy’s. Though, after reading the flood of positive comments here, I think you may change your mind later on. Almost every single person commenting as had a very good, positive experience on it. It’s Sunday now, and I’m hoping you made it through the weekend. Touch back with us and let us know how you’re doing.
      Good Luck!

  81. jeanine says:

    i am starting this diet on sat..and i have already bought non fat greek yougurt not sugar free ….i dont want to waste them..would that be ok

    • Amy says:

      Hi Jeanine,
      Looking through my book, I’m reading that probiotic yogurt is recommended. I am not sure about your yogurt. If it contains probiotics, I think it would be ok.. If not, I would would make sure to get some next time. You may, also, not experience as much weight loss in the first cycle. I am not for sure on this though. Good luck!

  82. kathy says:

    I am on the first cycle day 12, have lost 11 pounds. its easier if you have friends and family on it with you.
    we encourage each other and share recipes. Yes, its tough not to eat at night, but you are not hungry.
    I got shakey one day and took some emergenC. I was fine after. PMS time you can have a piece of dark
    chocolate to get you through. Its hard to change old habits. Like a glass of wine or beer at night, and snacking on breads or sweets, but then again thats why I have 50 pounds to lose. I have tried many diets and this seems to be working so far. Cant wait to have some grains on cycle 2.
    Yes, it is hard, but at 57yrs I am thankful for someone to tell me once again how to eat right. Can’t wait for Cycle 2,3,4 where I learn to eat moderately.

  83. Shan says:

    This is a great resource! I have struggled with weight loss for 12 years. Clearly, eating well & exercising is the answer. I lost 105 lbs March 2009 – Feb. 2010. I ate less more often. I did not eat – sugary foods, fast food, fried food, heavy starches, pasta, etc. I looked and felt amazing. After my wedding 2/20/10 – let the celebration begin!! I went on a bender of eating “bad” foods!! After I gained the first 10 lbs back I thought, that’s ok…my body is adjusting. 50lbs later, I see I’m just eating poorly and really need some additional supports. My brother is the epitome of good health & often doesn’t understand emotional eating. I find myself searching for a pick me up – FOOD! I like the way the 17 Diet is laid out. I also believe if you take away the 1st Cycle – it mirrors EATING WELL! :) for me I feel this book will be a means of support and I do much better following something in writing. I love hearing all the reviews and hope I can help support someone else.
    I’d love to hear more tips.
    My biggest downfall may be cheese. I will miss it greatly. I feel it is a vehicle for all other foods.
    Wish me Luck!

    • randy says:

      Good luck Shannon! I hope it works for you. We’ve said it several times in here that just because we didn’t like it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I still think there are better ways to go about it, but everybody’s go their own way of doing things. So if it gives you what you need to succeed, give it 100% and go for it.

      Let us know how it goes!

      – Randy

      • Shan says:

        Randy – I welcome your suggestions and guidance. Although I’m pretty certain I know what to do. Eat Healthy, right?! 😉 I truly believe for me it’s mental and emotional. I want so bad to just eat well all the time. I wish we could post before/after pics here. You would be AMAZED at the results of my first 105 lbs…yet now, after the 50 lb weight gain I’m disappointed, ashamed and embarassed.
        It bugs me to think that all I need to do is eat healthy foods, yet at times I choose unhealthy options. When you break it down it “sounds” simple. I wish my brain would start hating cheese. lol!

        • randy says:

          Yeah, one of these days I will post my before and after pictures when I dropped 120lbs. I still can’t believe I was ever that big. I’ve managed to keep the weight off for about five years now, but it’s always a challenge. There always seems to be something trying to drag you back down. Work, parties, holidays, etc… it just never stops. I’ve been sick as a dog for the last two weeks with the weirdest cold/flu of my life. Exercise was almost impossible, sleep was terrible and all I wanted to eat was comfort food. I managed to maintain my weight, but I’m afraid it’s at the expense of some muscle loss vs fat gain. I’ll get back to where I was, but it’ll take a couple weeks and then there will be another obstacle coming my way soon I’m sure.

          Those obstacles can start to pile up after a while. That’s why I like the idea of a “reboot” like they did in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. It gives you time to refocus and get back on track when you notice things getting to far out of hand. It really helped me straighten things out.

          Anyway, like I said let us know how you do with The 17 Day Diet. Some people have had some success with it and I’d like to hear how you do.

          – Randy

          • Amy says:

            I think “one of these days” should come sooner than later. I’ve been asking about this for weeks Shan. Come on Daddy, you look good! :)

  84. llh says:

    Im on 4th day and did feel very tired on 3rd day but kept going. I am having the same issue as someone else mentioned. The constipation issue. Im working the diet almost to the letter. ??

    • Amy says:

      Glad you made it through day 3. I’m not sure why this issue occurring for you, but I’m guessing its the change in diet. Maybe adding some prune juice and plenty of water will help? Good luck and keep us posted.

      • Kathie says:

        I have added dried prunes metamucil, Good Belly juice, apple sauce, rasisans and still like marbles and hard to have a BM.
        This diet is just about what I ussually eat minus the junk food

        • Kathie says:

          My Aunt said constipation comes from no grains, I added Metamucil and going regularly now. I have lost 16 lbs, did and extra week on the stage two, but start stage 3 today, it is nice to have some toast, even though I did add some wheat bread to my diet last week. I’m feeling healthier now.

  85. lori says:

    Hi, Had a few questions re: this diet–are you allowed vegetable soups? Any caffeine at all? How about skim milk? The diet looks interesting and, I can stomach green tea but would not do well without coffee!!


    • Amy says:

      Hi Lori,
      Yes caffeine is allowed, so you can have coffee. He recommends 1 to 2 cups a day. Vegetable soups are ok. I think fat free milk is ok… Randy and I questioned this one, because its never stated that it is or isn’t. Anyone else know for sure?

  86. Anonymous says:

    This diet has leveled out my sugar levels – lowered my blood pressure and allowed me to loose fat that I just could not get off with any other diet. I am looking forward to the final phase to allow me a plan to keep the weight off.

  87. Kathie says:

    Has anyone tried the •Dr. Mike’s Power Cookie? I have not ventured into mixing up a batch, don’t want to spend the money on whey protien to big of container for so little to use, and cannot find almond paste. If anyone has made it how does it taste

    • Debbie Wason says:

      I have made a double batch of Dr. Mikes Cookies and will make them again. I put them in the freezer in plastic bags. I like them very much, I took a bag of them to my Family reunion and all my siblings that tryed one thought they were great. Ask someone in the grocery store where to find the Almond paste I could not find it either but when they asked me if I found everything I said mater of fact , I could not find Almond paste, one call and I had it in my shopping bag ! If you check out 17 minute diet receipies you will find lots of use for that large container of Whey powder ! enjoy !

  88. Ellen says:

    There is an unfortunate mindset among some people: fat people wouldn’t be fat if they would only exercise and STOP eating so much. I think that is oversimplifying the problem. As most of us fat people could tell you, eating (or not eating) isn’t just about willpower. Eating involves emotions, psychology, self-esteem, traditions, lifestyle, metabolism and more. Not to mention the fact that our bodies don’t want us to lose weight in the first place — they’re made to be fat storing machines. Yet, there are people that have to be reminded to eat. I have even read that food tastes better to fat people. And we all know someone who can pass up a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie. For some, that’s willpower (maybe); some just aren’t hungry; but others would ask, “What does being hungry have to do with it? It’s a fresh chocolate chip cookie!”

    If I could “just stick to eating healthy and exercising…” I wouldn’t be reading this book! In fact, if everyone could JUST do that, we wouldn’t need any books like this, would we? So it must not be quite as easy as it sounds.

    I need to lose 40+ lbs. I’ve done WW successfully, but it took 6 months, and they offer little maintenance support. Meetings are all about losing, not about what to do after you’ve lost it. I put the weight right back on. I couldn’t face doing that again. This diet offers quicker results up front, which means most of us won’t feel like giving up after four days. There is NO WAY you can feel hungry or weak if you’re following the rules (Rule 1: Eat before you’re starving.). If you START to feel hungry or tired, reach for lean protein instead of carbs, have a salad with no-fat dressing, and an extra glass of water. Now you’re full, right?

    Many diets are prep-intensive or want you to eat off-the-wall foods. This diet allows a wide variety of COMMON fruits, vegetables, probiotic dairy, poultry, eggs, and fish in stage one. I lost 12 pounds in the first 17 days!!! (I went on vacation, ate whatever I wanted, and only gained 2 pounds, which I lost within 2 days after resuming the diet.) Stage two allows lean red meat choices and the addition of 2 (healthy) carb servings every other day. This guy is ALL ABOUT teaching you to eat right and exercise (17 minutes, twice a day). Sure, you can have as many vegetables and as much lean protein as you want, but after eating the REQUIRED 2 probiotic dairy products, 2 fruits, unlimited vegetables (no starchy ones) and 8 glasses of water, who has room to stuff themselves with meat?

    This is for people who are ADDICTED to sugar and carbs. It reduces cravings, and knowing that you will eventually be able to indulge in your favorite foods is an added incentive. Maintenance allows some splurging on the weekends (there are rules), as long as you continue exercising and follow cycle 2 during the week. I can’t see anything UNhealthy about this diet! I would guess that many people reading this book are JUST desperate to find something that will work for them, and right now their diet does NOT consist of fruits, probiotic dairy, lean meats, and vegetables…more like Starbucks coffee (or frappucino — my personal favorite) and a snack bar for breakfast (or no breakfast), a frozen microwave meal (or fast food) for lunch, a diet pop and candy bar pick-me-up in the afternoon, a big dinner, followed by Cheetos in front of the t.v. I’m not stereotyping here, this is me, and lots of people I know.

    So far, I have lost 17 lbs. I haven’t done everything perfectly, especially the exercise portion, but I’m working on it, and I figure some is better than none. I couldn’t stand drinking the green tea (optional anyway) and most days I only make 6 glasses of water. I went “off” the diet for a week while I went on vacation. I went off for a weekend trip to a Renaissance Festival. You don’t have to be “perfect” on this diet to see results, just keep coming back to it. Best of all, it’s possible to follow the maintenance plan forever, and still enjoy your favorite foods!

    • randy says:

      Wow Ellen, that’s awesome. It looks like you’ve found something that really works for you. I hope you continue to enjoy your early success all the way through your 40lb goal. The 17 Day Diet didn’t work out too well for Amy and I, but there have been several commenters who have said it worked great for them. Hopefully yours will inspire someone to have the same success as you!

      • Cathy says:

        Gee Randy…maybe you guys ought to give it another try.

        • Amy says:

          Hi Cathy,
          Yeah right, lol… We’ve already lost the weight needed to be lost though. It just took a few weeks longer, doing what we do here, and its stayed at bay… Though, the holiday season is upon us again. Who knows what will happen??? 😉

          • Cathy says:

            Congratulations! I love your blog, by the way. I am getting inspired and can feel that I am gearing up to try the 17 day diet. Thanks for the tip about Amazon having it for half price. I have a Kindle, so I will download it. Good luck during the holidays. They are always in the way, aren’t they?

          • Amy says:

            Thanks so much Cathy! Glad you’re going to try the 17 day diet. It’s working for lots of people. Yeah, those holidays are a real bugger, especially for Big Daddy over here…he luvs the cookies you know. Lol.. Good luck and check back with your results. :)

    • Amy says:

      Oh my Ellen, you seem defensive, upset, and I think you may have taken my review a bit too personally. I am so sorry for that. It is hard sometimes to create just the right meaning and emotion behind text you know…

      I certainly did not mean to trivialize weight loss or insult you or anyone and their personal issues. Really, if I felt that way, I wouldn’t be working so hard on building this website with Randy. You should read through the list of comments here and our replies and then look through other posts we’ve shared on emotional eating, weight loss, motivation, how to stay positive and such… Believe me, living through Randy’s journey of losing over 120 lbs and maintaining such has us both well aware of weight loss challenges.

      As I wrote in this review, we tried the diet, because we wanted to lose a few extra pounds put on over the holidays fast. But after a few days on the diet, we decided to go back to “eating healthy and exercising” meaning we would just take the weight off more slowly. No rules, just “our” regular routine that fits well into our family – it gets tricky with many children in our house. And I couldn’t agree with you more, everyone is different, every family dynamic runs best on its own track.

      In all honesty, I was simply trying to review The 17 Day Diet, as truthfully as I possibly could from my own and Randy’s personal experience on it and keeping the post within a reasonable length for the reader ending on the note that it may not have worked for us (admitting that we did not see it through) and that it certainly could work for others out there. In fact, this post has created a great exchange of ideas and new information shedding much positive light on The 17 Day Diet. I think it has been a good outcome for the book and am happy to have received so many positive responses. Randy and I have learned much from the comments listed here.

      I hope this clears some of the confusion in the air, and I hope too that you’ll look through some of the comments and maybe a few of our other posts as well. Truly, Randy and I are not a couple “oversimplifying” weight loss. We’re just sharing our thoughts as we maintain our own personal weight loss journey. I hope you can see what I’m trying to explain to you with out having the pleasure of meeting face to face. Face to face conversation adds much more, don’t you agree?

      With that out of the way, I want to agree with Randy on your success and hope that future readers will too be inspired by it.
      Thank you for commenting, maybe this exchange of information will clear the air for any others who felt the same way after reading the review.

      • Anonymous says:

        Amy & Randy,
        You are right…I was being defensive, and I apologize to both of you. I didn’t go back and read your other posts, I just stumbled across this one while looking for reviews on the book. I subscribed so I could leave a comment and so I could hear what others had to say about the diet. Since Randy has lost 120 pounds, you guys obviously know about weight loss and are sensitive to the issues. I do get tired of people oversimplifying the problem (which you were not) and I was reacting to that.

        You are right about face to face conversation….it’s so easy to misread someone’s tone when you can’t see their expression!

        I’m glad to see that others are doing well on the diet. I had given up hope on losing weight until I found this book, and I wanted to share that with others in the same situation.


        P.S. I have not made the Power Cookie either, but I would love to know how they taste!

        • Amy says:

          Ellen! I’m so glad you wrote back!

          I’ve been thinking much of you and hoping that you would. I figured that it was just a misunderstanding/miscommunication, and you’ve nothing to apologize for! I’m just so glad you wrote back :)

          I reread my review a few times, and honestly, I can see where you may have interpreted it so. I guess that’s why I asked you to read a few other posts.. I really didn’t want you to feel hurt or like I was skimming over the whole issue you know?
          UGH! And face to face is sooo much easier when it comes to talking about the issues isn’t it?

          Thank you so much for commenting, and please feel free to get your two cents in anytime – you’re pretty cool :) (Hugs)

          PS. I have not made the power bars either – I’m a little afraid to purchase the almond paste wondering if I won’t like them and then be stuck with ingredients I won’t use, lol… Maybe I will have to get brave.

    • Kathie says:

      I have been on the diet for a month on today, I have lost 12 lbs, in clothes that has been in my closet waiting on my wt to go away….today I got in a pair of jeans which made my day.
      I tried and tried to get back on WW’s after falling off the program. I like this diet a whole lot better. My friend who is doing this with me has also has lost 12 lbs. I work a lot of hrs, so not much time to cook and walk but I do my best. Thgis diet is doing for me what WW’s couldn’t do for me.

      I still need to know if anyone has made the Mike Power Cookie Recipe????

      • Anonymous says:

        I am at the end of day 4 cyle 1. I was successful with WW, but felt it was too slow, and expensive. I tried to follow on my own, but didn’t. I saw some friends who lost weight and attribute it to this 17 day…I struggle now and then, but stepped on the scale (at ww) and lost 3 pounds in 3 days. I will try to just weigh myself once a week like I do with WW, my membership ends in 3 weeks so I will take advantage of their scale. I think my real slow weight loss with ww had to do with the amount of exercising and muscle build up…but that is ok…I am psyched!

  89. Carmen says:

    I started “The 17-Day Diet” in May, 2011, in hopes of losing about 15 pounds that needed extra encouragement to come off. I lost 3 lbs. in the first couple of days, which gave me the motivation to continue through the very rough fourth and fifth days. After that, I had no problems keeping with it. I felt great, people started to notice my weight loss, and I was excited about all the energy I had. I followed through with the first three cycles and have been on the maintenance plan for a couple of months. It’s easy to keep up with, and I don’t feel deprived. At ALL! I lost 12 lbs. on the first three cycles and continued to lose on the maintenace cycle. I’m now at my goal weight. Haven’t seen this weight for . . . um. . . .years! Feeling great! Love the 17-day Diet!

  90. cheryl says:

    My friends and I are on Day 11 of the 17 Day Diet and last check (two days ago) I was down NINE pounds! The third day, I had headaches the likes of which you read about, the fourth day I woke up feeling clammy, but one of my friends said it was all the toxins coming out. Since then, I feel great. I am working out four of seven days, it is unbelieveable how my jeans are fitting, my shirts. Incredible. Don’t really feel like I am missing out on anything. Can’t wait to see my doctor on the 14th to get a check on my numbers. You can do anything for 17 days. give this a try.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Cheryl,
      Day 3 and 4 that you describe are exactly how Randy and I felt, and the main reason we quit. I never thought about the toxins releasing as a cause. I blamed a lack of calories. Now, I am rethinking this. Hmmm, I wonder if we would have felt much better by day 5 and 6? Thank you for bringing this up! This is good to know. :)

  91. I started the 17 day diet one week ago. I have lost 5 lbs. I cheated slightly. The pay off would have been a little better if I had not cheated but that’s still pretty good! I want to lose 20 lbs. before my daughter’s wedding. This diet work’s and it is healthy. Remember to get out there and walk! You don’t go hungry on this diet either! Good luck and get your skinney on!

  92. CAT says:

    I’m not big on fad diets but figured what the heck when my friend ask me to get on it with her to keep her motivated. I have about 20 stubborn pounds to lose so I figured what the heck. Well I just completed cycle one of the 17 day diet and I’ve lost 10 pounds so far and I feel great. The first week I didn’t really exercise because I didn’t have any energy and I lost 6 lbs. The second week I started minimal exercise I lost another 2. The final 3 days of the the 1st cycle I exercised lightly for about 20 minutes each day and lost another 2. I definitely have no complaints and will continue on until. I would recommend the 17 day diet to anyone.

    • Randy Lee says:

      Cool, glad to hear to hear its working for you. I think the 17 day diet can help some people. It has some interesting ideas and doesn’t seem terribly unhealthy, but it just wasn’t right for us …maybe it was just the timing. Apparently it does suit some people people though as evident by the comments here.

      Let us know how the next cycle goes. Maybe that other ten pounds will melt off too!

  93. Quisha says:

    I tried this but since I was going from a heavy sugar intake to almost none I had my blood sugar drop out on day three. I felt good and had a lot of energy until that happened. I feel full on it too but I’m going to add some sugar. I never want to experience that again!

    • Amy says:

      Hi Quisha,
      Wow! No I guess not! And who would want to experience that?
      I wonder if you ate a piece of fruit? Maybe that would help, and then slowly wean off the sugar vs. the quick change?
      I hope it works out for you and keep us posted. :)

  94. Triva says:

    My husband and I worked on this diet for nearly 17 days. He lost 10 1/2 lbs in the first week and I lost 1. I think because I am on so much medication (3 of which cause weight gain) that it inhibits me from losing weight. We enjoy the diet, except for the lemon juice in the morning…although we haven’t made it to cycle 2 yet. We keep starting over, I don’t think I will ever reach cycle 2.Most of my fat is belly fat, but I have several medical conditions that limit my mobility — I can’t even do an entire set of the DVD exercises. Do you have any suggestions for people with limited mobility that need to lose belly fat? I am having a hard time getting used to my conditions and hate that I am gaining so much weight. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance, Triva.

    • Amy says:

      Oh that’s a tough one isn’t it..
      Keep in mind though, targeting an area for fat loss is pretty much impossible. I have the same trouble spot and look 3 months pregnant almost always – ugh! It will decrease though, I just have to lose those last few stubborn pounds to get rid of it. Belly fat is the last place to go away for me…

      I’m not sure of the nature of your immobility, but have you considered swimming? It can help you burn calories with little pressure on your body.

      Also checkout these links for ideas and information that may help:

      Have you considered trying any yoga? Some styles are very easy on the body and can help increase flexibility which could if possible increase your mobility. You could check out our list of the different styles of yoga to help you decide what would be best for you:

      And don’t think you have to join a class or gym – though it could be helpful to have an instructor showing you the ropes with your limitations in mind – there are many online free videos, or you could purchase a video for at home.
      I hope this helps some. If you need anything else, or are looking for more information, let us know and I’ll send Randy into hyper drive on the internet… he’s pretty good at that!

      • Kathie says:

        I have belly fat also. I believe it will eventually slim down. I like this diet, some of the foods I refuse to eat, but not many. I have lost the first 10. I’m just barely in phrase 2. My problem is constipation, or not much waste there and it’s hard, black and marble like, and hard to get it out. So introduce metemucuial to my system. This is my only complaint.
        I use to do Weight Watches so much easier than trying to figure out ponits. I just follow the menues.

        • Kathie says:

          I do believe the constipation will pass as we had more food to the diet. The book says to drink 64 oz. of water, and I do do that. I just don’t think from the food that there is anything left for the body to get rid of.
          I too was very tired for about 4-5 days but now back to normal self. I’m staying on the plan. I have some friends that have lost lots of weight by do this diet, he a 100, her don’t know the exact but I can see a lot for her also.

          • Amy says:

            Hi Kathie,
            Some one further on in the comments reported that they too felt very bad by day 4, but suggested it could be to the body releasing toxins. I never thought of that and am wondering if Randy and I would have perked up by day 5 and 6 like you and others. I do think sticking to it through those tough days, we might have done better with this diet. So many people here have been leaving positive results, it’s hard to believe we wouldn’t do well had we stuck with it. Plus, we did lose weight in those 4 days and fast!

            I’m so glad we posted about this diet, because Randy and I have been learning so much from others input. Plus, I thinking it will help others to decide if it’s right for them or not and what to expect while on it.

            As for being constipated on the diet, you’re the first saying so I believe. I would think that the veggies would be helping more… Hopefully the metamucil will work.

            Good luck on the diet! It’s been working for a lot of people, and your friends quiet well from what you say – 100 lbs, wow! I’m sure you’re going to do great!

  95. Linda in St. Louis says:

    When I started this meal plan, I first noticed that I did not crave sweets after the 3rd day. Since then, choosing healthy vegetables and eating good protein has indeed decreased my hunger. As a Diabetes Educator, I tell people when they ask what I’m doing to lose weight, that getting the carbohydrates under control is vital to improving the insulin resistance so many of us have that eventually leads to type 2 diabetes. So instead of feeling the sleepiness after a meal full of bread and other carbs, I have energy. I’ve lost 12 pounds after 5 weeks and feel better now that my body needs less insulin to take care of what I eat. (too much insulin secretion from too many carbohydrates can cause fat storage as well.) So I just wanted to share my own success story.

  96. Linda says:

    I started the 17 day diet 3 weeks ago. I have lost 14 lbs so far.One thing this diet has taught me is to eat healthy.I was never one to eat many vegetables or fruit,but now I have no problem.I actually can say I do not miss snacks or desserts.I exercise about 20 minutes a day.I have alot more energy also.I feel I have finally found a diet that will work for me.

    • Amy says:

      Hi Linda,
      14 pounds in 21 days is quiet an accomplishment! Great work! The more comments Randy and I are getting on this review (so far all positive) leads me to wonder if we would have had more success following the diet separately. Currently Randy is in the middle of a fruit and vegetable (mostly vegetable) juice fast. We watched the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and were very inspired to try the “Reboot.” I wanted to do it together, but Randy thought it was better if we try it separately this time. It’s working better for us this way, and so far and Randy has lost 9 pounds in 6 days. He’s even feeling better than before he started! He says I make a better cheerleader this way, and if I want to try it later, he could do the same for me…

      Anyhow, I wonder if we would have tried The 17 Day Diet plan this way, we would have had more success. Obviously it’s working for a lot of folks!
      Thanks for your input! Amy

  97. Linda says:

    I lost 11 lbs in 17day and don’t really miss the carbs. My blood pressure is lower and I feel heathier

  98. Bonnie says:

    Just ordered the book. I have a friend who has lost 54 lbs. on the diet. I am at least going to give it a try. You cannot argue with a 54 lb. weight loss!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Bonnie,
      Wow – 54lbs… You certainly cannot argue with that at all. Good luck to you. I hope you have success! Report back and let us know :)

  99. Chuck says:

    I had recently weighed myself and found myselt at 205 pounds. I had always thought if I was under 200 pounds, then I really wasn’t getting that heavy. As I have been getting older (I’m 49) though, I had begun to put on pounds more quickly. I happened to be looking at some books and the title of this book caught my eye. I thought I could try anything for 17 days. The first week was pretty hard, but I lost about six or seven pounds that first week and decided to keep going. I set my my goal to get down to 180 ( at total of 25 pounds) for the 3 cycles. I am happy to say that I was able to reach my goal, and have kept if off. It has been six weeks since completing the cycles. I had never been successful dieting before, but something about this program made me want to stick with it, and I would recommend giving it a try.

    • Randy Lee says:

      Hey Chuck, that’s awesome. We’re always glad to hear about success. Maybe someone else will be inspired by your achievement and give it a try themselves. We didn’t feel the 17 Day Diet was for us, but it certainly seems to work well for others. I guess that’s the upside of having so many weight loss products out there, you’re bound to find something that will work for you.

  100. Laurie says:

    I have just orderd the book and am very excited about it. Sounds like this is something i can live with! I have 30 lbs to lose and am praying this book will do it for me. I am soooo ready… wish me luck!!

    • Amy says:

      Hey Laurie,
      It sounds like you’re excited, awesome! You seem like you’re pretty determined too. I do think if you follow all the instructions and prepare yourself, you’ll lose those 30 pounds. Be sure to set up a good support network for yourself and feel free to follow us on twitter or Facebook for tips, updates, or any lil thing you need. Definitely do report back to us, though. I’d love to hear your progress… gosh, I’m like all excited for you, he he.. go get em girl!

  101. Anonymous says:

    My husband and I followed the 17 Day Diet and absolutely loved it and have had great success. You couldn’t get me to eat a piece of fruit before we started it. It has taught me to learn to like and enjoy the taste of fruit as well as “taste” in general. It has afforded us satisfaction of being in control of our eating habits. Because it is quick weight loss we found it encouraging and therefore stuck with it and even have developed a routine of exercising on our “Gazelle” for 20min once to twice a day. (I have never enjoyed exercise of any kind but feel that the short bursts are effective and not time consuming so also will do it for life.) I am 52 and my husband is almost 59. We thank God for this diet. :)

    • Amy says:

      Wow, that is fantastic! Congratulations on you and your husband’s success! We’re so glad to hear it is working for people and that it helped to change the way you enjoy food and exercise. I hope you keep us all updated while you’re on the maintenance plan. Have a great day! Go Gazelle!!! 😀

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